Kudos to Inspired living of Stuart. Joseph, Kathy and I have been living here for sometime and I want to pass on to you are appreciation for all the help your complete staff has been. Let me start with the food service, it could not be better, every single staff person has been wonderful. The food has been great, the chef has made 3 personal visits checking things out. The House cleaning staff are really with it, they seem to know how we like everything without even asking how. They are wonderful. The aids, who help us all day long whenever we ask for help are at the door in a New York minute. They are to the lady just the most friendly, compassionate people. The morning starts with a smile. The maintenance staff are wonders, they have taken the worry load off my mind. I thank them very much for all they have done to help us here. The administrative staff are all of the same delightful demeanor as our Executive Director Mr. Brown. Thank You Mr. Brown.

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