[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Our Unwavering Mission[/trx_title]

Welcome to the Inspired Living community. We lovingly curate and trail-blaze inspired communities for seniors across the country. Our culture is happiness captured one brilliant smile, one listening ear, and one helping hand at a time. Our unwavering mission is to take care of, champion, and empower moms and dads.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Forever Pricing[/trx_title]

Enjoy our cost-saving and convenient Forever Pricing program, which allows you to lock in your monthly apartment rate with your daily living care services. Monthly standard rates for most Senior Living Communities are increased sporadically, based on changes in care-level and market fluctuations, leading to frustrating rent increases. We know it is important to give you peace of mind to plan your finances, and all your next adventures, for the long term.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Person Centered Culture[/trx_title]

Laugh loudly at Joe the concierge’s latest joke. Sip your morning tea as you chat with Kaitlyn, your vivacious breakfast waitress. Immerse yourself in a deep conversation with your favorite nurse, Katie. Inspired Living is carefully built on a foundation of kindred spirits – each passionately and unequivocally interested in building lasting and genuine relationships with you.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Vibrant Engaging Lifestyles[/trx_title]

Jump in the car for dinner and a show with a friend. Play a royal flush with a perfect poker face. Enjoy the pool with a bevy of like-minded friends. From cultured study to the happiest of happy hours – discover mentally, spiritually, and socially fulfilling events pioneered by our energetic team of programming and community outreach experts. We are here to empower you to design a life without limitations – a life that truly brings you joy, every day.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]State of the Art Community[/trx_title]

We lovingly craft each of our communities to seamlessly integrate with the natural ambience of each carefully selected locale. You can personalize your apartment into your own private sanctuary. Immerse yourself into our bustling community. Enjoy resort-style amenities including a state-of-the-art rehabilitation and wellness center, salon, walking trails, a fishing pond, a Tiki Bar with a heated swimming pool and gas fireplace, putting greens, a dog park, stand-up planters, a pier, gazebos, and screened porches.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Outdoor Living[/trx_title]

Stroll our walking paths through butterfly gardens. Lounge in our shaded gazebos. Watch the sunset from our beautifully crafted courtyard. Our communities are strategically designed with outdoors in the limelight.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Pet Friendly[/trx_title]

Pets are family – we welcome your four-legged friends! Cozy up with your little guy in your spacious apartment, or let them play in our dog park where you and your best furry friend will have the freedom of our off-leash areas. 

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Maintenance Free Lifestyles[/trx_title]

From keyless door entries to concierge-level services, you can truly enjoy resort style living. Your maintenance-free lifestyle includes laundering, bed-making, housekeeping, chef-prepared meals, and chauffeured transportation.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]All Day Chef Prepared Dining[/trx_title]

Just like at your favorite hotel, eat chef-prepared food – anytime – all day long. You can eat dinner with a group during formal dinner hours or pop in with your favorite book for a solo meal at your leisure. 

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]MINDfull Choices[/trx_title]

MINDfull Choices is Inspired Living’s total nutrition lifestyle program that uses delicious chef-prepared food specifically for brain health. We offer this expertly curated program for free; it is based on clinical research showing that MIND, DASH and MEDITERRANEAN diets can lower the risk of dementia by up to 53% and slow cognitive decline associated with typical aging by up to 6.5 years.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Grate Eats! Dine with Dignity[/trx_title]

Our trailblazing Grate Eats! program embodies the Inspired Living mission – to take care of, champion and empower moms and dads. Grate Eats! is expertly designed for individuals with cognitive or physical limitations who have difficulty using utensils to eat. With the Grate Eats! solution, we revamp our succulent and nutritious chef-prepared meals into bite-sized appetizers and beautifully plated finger foods. Grate Eats! meals are as delicious as they are appealing to the eye, and they have the added bonus of being easy to eat. Re-experience dining with dignity.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Restaurant A La Carte Style Dining[/trx_title]

Our culinary initiatives set our communities apart – far apart – from our competitors. Say goodbye to the days of limited availability, 5-week cycled menus and say hello to delightful choices. We employ passionate chefs who carefully curate seasonal, regional culinary experiences for our residents.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Health and Wellness[/trx_title]

Inspired Living communities are a place where you can emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically thrive. We make it easy with complete mind and body care. Join our MINDfull Choices program and receive a hearty helping of brain food with your morning oatmeal. Feel the breeze as you bike our gorgeously crafted outdoor walking paths. Stretch your tension away with Aquatherapy in our heated pool.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]24/7 Nursing and Telehealth[/trx_title]

Compassionate 24/7 nursing care and Telehealth technology allow our seniors to live happy and inspired lives. Our team of specially picked nurses are available – on site – around the clock. We also work with a local, tailored team of medical professionals for your comprehensive physical and psychosocial needs. And using our trailblazing Telehealth system, our Assisted Living residents can see different specialists and doctors – right from their room. We even have the ability for family members to join visits remotely. 

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Trailblazing Memory Care[/trx_title]

We have a vibrant memory care community within Inspired Living. Residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory impairments have the ability to lead purpose-driven lives, to experience joy, to be empowered by what they CAN do. Our personalized care is expertly and compassionately tailored to each of our residents’ individualized interests, abilities and needs. Our care is well beyond physical – caring for the mental, social, spiritual and emotional wellness of our residents embodies our unwavering mission – we curate joy every day.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Freedom Centered Technology [/trx_title]

Along with our personalized care and enriching programming, we integrate freedom-centered RFID technology, a keyless entry system and discreet security cameras to empower our residents with independence, dignity and – most of all – safety. Our memory care residents can feel the sun on their face in our butterfly garden and stroll our walking paths freely and securely as we take care of, champion, and empower moms and dads.

[trx_title color=”#00a9a0″]Individualized Opportunity[/trx_title]

Ever dream of learning to dance? Have ideas for giving back to children in your community? Thinking of rekindling your tennis career as a coach? We are here to help you kick start your next adventure. Your goals and your ambitions are now ours. We believe in you, we advocate for you, and we are here for you.

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