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Walking Past Alzheimer’s

Walking Past Alzheimer’s

Walking has been proven to slow down cognitive decline and the onset of dementia, like Alzheimer’s.


Today, Alzheimer’s affects over five million people in the U.S., and experts expect that figure to double in the next two decades. However, more and more studies are showing that regular exercise is good for brain health, helping slow down cognitive decline and even delaying the onset of dementia. That means something as simple as a brisk walk will help you avoid Alzheimer’s longer.

In fact, a recent study that looked at blood flow in the brain showed that a one-hour walk, three times per week, made senior participants’ brains function more efficiently. Even more recent research shows that the benefits of walking are supercharged when nature is added into the mix. So, a nice walk in the park or alongside a pond is proven to make people happier and more attentive.

This is one great reason why we feature beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces and walking trails at our senior living communities. We love to encourage our residents to get out for a walk as often as possible to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty and stay active. Now, we know that walking regularly outside isn’t just fun and good for the body. It’s good for the mind as well! So, get out and walk, and you’ll leave Alzheimer’s in the dust.