There are many important factors to consider when flu season starts.


As the weather changes, many of us breathe a sigh of relief. We eagerly begin to spend more time outdoors and look forward to the approaching holidays. But this time of year also means the beginning of the flu season. And while, for most adults, this illness isn’t usually a problem, it can be devastating for seniors. So what can our residents and their families do to keep influenza at bay? There are a few things.

For starters, the CDC recommends getting a flu shot by the end of October, and we wholly endorse this for those in our care. We provide flu shots at our communities, so residents and associates can quickly and conveniently make sure they’re well protected.

Not all vaccinations are created equal, however, so here’s what we recommend.

 If you are 65 or older, we advise you to consider getting the high-dose vaccine or the adjuvanted flu vaccine. On the flip side, we suggest our residents and our senior community avoid the nasal spray flu vaccine, intradermal flu shot or jet injector flu vaccine, as these methods of vaccination are not ideal for seniors.

Beyond the flu shot, we always go to great lengths at our Inspired Living communities to encourage healthy practices from all of our residents, team associates and visitors. We believe that regular hand washing, covering coughs or sneezes and staying away from others when you’re sick can also do a lot in preventing the spread of the flu.

So as the cooler months are upon us, let’s do our part to keep our residents around us happy and healthy!