Tackling Training Gaps for First Responders to Help Seniors with Dementia during Emergencies

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Inspired Living at Jacksonville Leads Dementia Training for Local Fire Department

Inspired Living at Jacksonville, a new state-of-the-art senior living community, hosted a three day educational dementia series for Jacksonville’s Fire & Rescue Department as part of their community outreach and dementia advocacy strategy. The Dementia Workshops tackled training gaps for firefighters and paramedics on how to communicate with people living with dementia during emergencies.

Seniors living with dementia are a vulnerable population during emergencies as they require specialized techniques for safe and successful de-escalations. Dementia can affect portions of the brain that are responsible for communication, mood, behavior, judgment, and memory. This can make interactions among seniors living with dementia difficult, especially during emergencies. With the number of seniors living with dementia estimated to reach nearly 23 million in 2050; the focus to fill this training gap is critical.

The series focused on key ways to improve communication and help first responders understand what it’s like to live with dementia. In teaching these techniques, first responders in Jacksonville will be better equipped to handle emergencies that involve people living with dementia.

Inspired Living is committed to providing continued education and support for community of Jackson through monthly support groups, educational dementia workshops, and respite programs. In addition to public resources and education for the surrounding community, there is a laser focus on continued education for their own staff and residents families.

Inspired Living at Jacksonville is now accepting residents has a dedicated portion of the community strategically designed to elevate the quality of life for seniors needing dementia care. Inspired Living takes a multidisciplinary approach to dementia care through specialized training, personalized care plans, and a wide range of stimulating programmed events. The new resort style community also includes a variety of luxury amenities such as an outdoor secure memory care courtyard, a putting green, and a country kitchen. Among many other amenities, each one is purpose-built to support, engage, and help seniors living with dementia thrive.

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