‘Scattered Parts’

By: Luci Dannar, 2018 


Here I sit on Saturday morn,

Soaking my feet–relieves a corn.

Epsom Salt is my favorite treat,

Lavender fragrance a comforting treat.


Glancing over to my bedside table,

See my hearing aids-batteries disabled.

Neatly folded for safety are my Readers.

Waiting to read a novel-nothing sweeter.


In the bathroom my teeth in Effergrip,

Wait for denture cream to make them fit.

Hopefully no one will come to the door.

My scattered parts can’t be ignored.


Suddenly I get the urge to giggle,

Then laugh out loud-start to wiggle.

Once I put myself back together

I’m off for the day in all kinds of weather.


This lovely poem was written by Kelli Black’s mother who is 90 years old. Kelli Black is the Sales Director at Inspired Living at Lewisville. We can’t thank her enough for sharing this great poem and letting us share it with you!