Increase Mobility, Reduce Stiffness, And Stay Limber

Putting is a relaxing form of exercise that increases mobility, reduces stiffness, and keeps the joints limber. Plus, it requires more walking than you might think!) In addition to the physical benefits of this hobby, Golf is well-known as a sport of the mind – You need to focus and concentrate, watching the ball glide along the green towards the hole. Regularly exercising your brain and learning new skills helps seniors maintain memory and problem-solving capabilities.

You’ll find a putting green in each of our assisted living communities and Alzheimer’s and dementia care communities. Putting is an excellent sport for seniors with dementia-related illnesses and many studies highlight interesting research with powerful results. A few reasons include a golf swing relies heavily on muscle memory, the activity takes place outdoors, and unlike most sports golf does not require reaction-time. You can play at your own pace, successfully.

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