Accessibility And Exercise

Seniors who need assisted living services can regain and retain their independence through regular, restorative exercises in the water. Water exercises are low impact, safe and gentle on the joints while being an outstanding cardiovascular and muscle-building workout. An aquatic environment is also ideal for seniors to exercise as there is minimal risk of injury from falls or strain. Plus, we make sure to install safe, high-quality ADA-approved lifts. So all of our residents can enjoy a nice, relaxing swim without having to worry about a disability or immobility holding them back. Whether you’re swimming laps, doing a guided water aerobics class, or just splashing around with friends, you’ll enhance your health, increase your flexibility, and even improve your bone density.

Not in the mood for a work-out? Kick back and relax by floating in the buoyancy of the sparkling, blue water. Floating is another medicinal impact of the pool, providing relaxation, increasing circulation, reducing pain, stress, and anxiety. Floating provides natural decompression of the spine and joints all across the body, soothing aches and improving pliability.

Inspired? Get in the water! You’ll find a wave of opportunity to physically and mentally thrive!

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