Take A Stroll And Enjoy A Breeze

Adventuring through nature is a fantastic way to boost and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each of our communities is designed with nature in the forefront because having regular access to the outdoors improves brain health, concentration, and mood. Physical benefits for seniors include improved heart health, cholesterol levels, joint health, recovery time, sleep, and increased feelings of happiness. Our safe and expansive courtyards include gardens, seating areas, walking paths, and more! You’ll enjoy the brisk breeze of fall on a stroll or soaking up a little vitamin d with some friends – when you make outdoor living a part of your everyday life.

A trademark at Inspired Living communities is our secure Memory Care courtyards, where our memory care residents are empowered to enjoy nature freely and safely. People with Alzheimer’s disease and similar dementia-related illnesses significantly benefit from spending time outdoors – including better sleep, less agitation and decreased anxiety.

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