Life Outdoors

Flourishing and full of life, our community gardens are truly unique – representing the residents who live there. We have a community known for its delicious, ripe tomatoes and another community that cultivates rows of gorgeous orchids. Whether you are test driving your green thumb for the first time or bringing a specific passion to the table, gardening gives you a natural way to cultivate a healthy, active lifestyle.

Gardening has long been known as a therapeutic intervention improving functions and increasing sensory stimulation for people of all ages and in various stages of health. Our seniors enjoy a wide variety of health benefits including increased feelings of happiness, ownership, and rejuvenation. Seniors that require specialized assisted living services or dementia care dramatically benefit from gardening. In addition to the benefits of the outdoors, the sensory needs met while gardening increase appetite, distract from fixations, and provide a sense of ownership.

Let’s grow together!

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