Safely Enjoy The Outdoors

Our communities are purpose built with outdoor living in the limelight. Nature has a restorative and transformative impact on our health, happiness, and wellness. From reducing stress, stimulating the mind, to improving mood and cardiovascular health; regular access to the outdoors is essential at any age. Did you know that people with chronic illness, depression or memory loss dramatically benefit from regular, unrestricted access to the outdoors? Even a quick stroll outside can dramatically increase feelings of happiness and reduce feelings of agitation.

Our outdoor amenities include gardens, seating areas, walking paths, pools, water features, gazebos and more. Learn about how each of our outdoor amenities is purpose built to make you thrive. Stop in for a tour to see the unique features at your local Inspired Living.

History of the Gazebo

The thought may have never crossed your mind, ‘Where did gazeboes actually originate?’. But, now thinking about that question, wouldn’t you like to know the history behind it? It’s actually quite [...]