Start A Conversation, Play Games, Listen To Music, Or just Enjoy Atmosphere

Supporting a social and life-enriching lifestyle, we offer many communal lounges and life stations that promote engagement among residents.

Our communal social lounges are a hot spot for you to meet and socialize with your new neighbors. Head to the bar for a happy hour.

Challenge your neighbors to a match of poker or a round of pool in the billiards lounge. Even enjoy an outstanding piano performance in the grand piano lounge. It’s important to stay social as it keeps your brain healthy, improves your mood, and even boosts your immune system.
Searching for a break from the hustle and bustle of the community? Find a quiet place to read your favorite novel in our reading area or lounge in a comfortable chair in one of many private area lounges overlooking the water feature. A little peace and quiet go a long way by reducing stress and letting your body and mind rest from the day’s chaos.

It’s important for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias to engage in social and familiar tasks. That’s why we’ve incorporated our life-enrichment stations for you or your loved one to participate in meaningful everyday tasks. Things like, creating fashion in a boutique shop, filing paperwork in an office, or sharing opinions during a meeting, allow a way for seniors to have valuable interactions. It also helps stimulate the brain through memory when performing these tasks. Being able to initiate activities with or without supervision also brings a sense of control which is vital to seniors living with dementia.

So, whether you want to join a happy hour or sit alongside friends on a resident counsel; it’s all about engagement and adding to the community’s vitality and spirit.

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