Engage in Cooking Without The Upkeep

All of our assisted living and memory care communities feature an open style country kitchen for culinary programs and demonstrations. With an open design and steps away from your apartment, the country kitchen is the perfect place to engage in the art of cooking without the upkeep of a full kitchen. Cooking is an activity that’s both scientific and creative, giving both sides of the brain some healthy exercise. Being a step-by-step process, cooking allows you to focus and concentrate while relieving stress. Jump in and take part in crafting a beautiful dish or find a seat and watch the culinary creation come to life. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy each and every moment alongside your new inspired friends.

Culinary programs are extremely beneficial to seniors living with dementia allowing positive engagement with familiar tasks in a group setting. Stirring the sauce, working the dough, or straining pasta evokes familiar memories and decreases feelings of agitation and anxiety. Studies have found seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia related illnesses also benefit socially from cooking with a group of peers. Residents linger after cooking sessions to interact with friends and display increased feelings of inclusion and comfort.

So, let’s get cooking, together!

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