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Outdoor Pool and Tiki Bar

Always a fan favorite on Inspired Living properties, our swimming pools are also one of the best health investments we make in our residents. Picture heading outside in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air and seeing sparkling water and a picturesque tiki bar before your eyes. You slip into the pool for a gentle dip, or maybe you start swimming laps, feeling your heart beat stronger with every stroke. Either way, you’ve arrived at your own personal oasis.

It’s not an accident that swimming is one of the exercises we love to encourage our seniors to try; it’s gentle on the joints, improves heart health, reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis and strengthens muscles. And, best of all, being in the water is an immediate mood booster, known to put a smile on the faces of our residents. Whether going for a dip alone or splashing around with friends at the tiki bar, our pools tend to have a magnetic pull for those in our care.