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Outdoor Living Courtyards, Walking Paths, Gazebos

Each one of our Inspired Living communities has been intentionally designed with the total wellbeing of our residents in mind. All the details of our outdoor spaces and the landscaping of our properties are first class. To start, we’ve taken great care to create outdoor living courtyards that are brimming with vibrant plants and inviting seating. Residents can gather in these scenic areas to sip tea with their friends or to have a quiet moment alone to meditate or read.

We’ve also thoughtfully planned our lush pathways so they’re ideal for leisurely strolls with family or fast-paced walks with an exercise buddy. As you enjoy the beauty of these pathways, you’ll notice charming gazebos dotted along our grounds. These areas provide an outdoor haven for gathering or simply breathing in the beauty of nature. All of our assisted living communities include a water feature such as a serene lake.

Our surroundings have been designed to be uplifting to our residents, for their health and longevity. After all, studies have shown that areas with more vegetation can lower mortality rates by 12 percent and positively impact overall health. We want nothing more than for our seniors to enjoy every single day, and have every mental and physical advantage for improved wellbeing.