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Marketing Submission Overview

Resident Stories – Click Here to Submit

Turn-Around: Varies based on publication schedule

We need your help to show others the JOY you and your teams bring to our residents. Please involve your entire team: program directors, care directors etc. to provide us with this powerful content on a regular basis. This will allow us to bring joy to more seniors. Current stories we are looking for: Love Stories, BFF Stories, Pet Spotlight, Amazing History, Best With Age (Amazing things they are doing today) and Care Success Stories.

Mass Email Blasts – Click Here to Submit

Turn-Around Time: Scheduled or immediate weekday turn around available

Are you looking to send an email to a large group of people, for instance, all of your professionals? These emails will be blasted by us, just as if it were sent from your outlook account. All of the replies will go right back to you.

Mini-Campaign Kits – Click Here to Submit

Turn-Around Time: 10-day turn-around

Are you looking to get a message out to your local market that includes collateral such as an outreach flyer, email blast, social post, and news story?

Event Kits – Click Here to Submit

Turn Around: (60 day turn-around)

We require a 60-day turn-around, so we can effectively manage volume and allow time for a “series” of emails to help traffic your events. This series starts 30 days out and helps handle “heavy lifting” so you can focus on your personal invites/outreach efforts. We will design creative based on your theme and also handle “inviting the masses.” This way you can laser-focus on your top prospects and most important outreach efforts. Your kit comes with 3 part email series to your database, interactive event calendar listing, and social post.

Logos and Branded Templates – Click here to download

Do you need a powerpoint presentation or logo? Simply click the link above to access branded items.