My aunt has THRIVED in the month she has been at Inspired Living after staying at 2 other places over the past year. It’s a lovely place but nice decor is nothing without love. I am there a lot and I see the compassion and attention all staff at all levels give to the residents. They smile, they say hello, they put a hand on a resident’s shoulder when walking by. I am amazed at the attitude of ALL who work there as I compare them with the staff I’ve seen at other places. It is also designed with the need of the resident at heart: chairs that are easy to push, glasses that are narrow enough to comfortably hold without dropping, no disturbing overheard florescent lights in the units, and more. I’ve heard the nurses check on residents during the night with flashlights so as not to wake them! Truly a caring place!

facebook-review-icon-e1539698765443 Maria Spelleri