Luncheon at “Skillets” Restaurant

By Walter Redden

After Rick made sure that the dozen residents riding the bus were secured and seat belts snapped in position, he looked back and said, “we are ready to leave!” Someone said “let-‘er-rip!” The bus, driven by Rick, left Inspired Living for a cozy restaurant for the residents to enjoy an outing as well as a pleasurable lunch.

The ride was south on 41 and then a short drive on Bonita Beach Road. The turn was into Sunshine Plaza then the bus parked right in front of Skillets. Joanna and Pollie directed the folks departing the bus and they walked directly into the restaurant. The maitre’d was waiting for this small crowd.  The residents were all seated together. Skillets serves only breakfast and lunch, and they are open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This restaurant is a perfect place for lunch or breakfast.

Each is given a very large menu. One of their specials for lunch is a half sandwich with the soup of the day or a salad. The small group of residents had super service.

The walls in the restaurant were decorated with pictures of the foods on the menu. There were also tiny skillets hanging from the posts around the restaurant. In the Pioneer Room, an attractive display of plates and, also, a colorful display of pots were high on the wall and could be seen from any seat as you ate lunch.

  • The beautiful walls in the restaurant were designed by light-white knotted pine. The table tops were made of the exact same pine.
  • The entire restaurant was charming because of the light view from the walls and table tops.
  • Ceiling fans were whirling to keep the area cool.
  • The eating area outside on the porch had some 12 tables and on a day when the temp was 80 degrees, a delightful atmosphere to dine.

After everyone had been served and enjoyed lunch, Joanna and Pollie made sure all were aboard the bus, ready to head for home to Inspired Living – only a 10-minute drive. A wonderful day out, a good place to have lunch, but all good things must come to an end. Thanks for the safe journey, Rick!