We are preparing for my sister-in-law to move in next week. The whole process from our initial visit to present has been a very positive experience. They have a well organized system, offer a number of activities and provide all the desired amenities. Most importantly, the staff are nice and seem to genuinely care for the residents. Renee Wagner, the Sales Director, has been wonderful! She has helped so much not only to answer questions and accommodate requests, but she visited my sister-in-law several times while in rehab to bring her favorite foods and get to know her better. Rosalyn, the receptionist, has also been so nice and helpful while we are moving in furniture and seeking assistance.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for the attention and support we have received. My sister-in-law is looking forward to moving into her new home.

 google-review-icon-e1539698749931 Linda Fiore