My Mom and Dad have been residents of Inspired Living Lewisville since late September 2018. The caregivers and nursing staff have always been top-notch, and they treat my parents with respect and dignity. They really do a great job of taking care of my Mom and Dad and the other residents there, and the staff are always friendly and inviting to me and my family when we come to visit. Inspired Living is a wonderful place, and I’m so glad my parent chose to move there. Tommy (Exec Dir) and Pamela (Health & Wellness Director) are offering some great guidance for the location, and they are both great to talk to and are very helpful with any questions. It gives me comfort to know that my Mom and Dad are happy there and any concerns are promptly addressed.

I also got a chance to meet some from Inspired Living’s parent company (Validus) leadership team including Margaret (CPO), Zach (COO), Sharon (Regional Health & Wellness), and Nicole (Regional VP Sales & Ops), and they were all very friendly and open to help with any questions I had during my chat with them when they were visiting the Lewisville location. Not many leadership teams I’ve dealt with in the past are as open and welcoming as they are. It gives me more peace of mind to know that even the leadership team wants to build a relationship with the staff and residents. That means a lot to know that the leadership team hasn’t lost sight in the fact that each Mom and Dad their locations care for is the focus of their mission. Taking care of Moms and Dads is their goal, and I love that.

google-review-icon-e1539698749931 Jeana Bollinger