Our Workshops:

Our memory care director A.J. Cipperly brings educational workshops to all of our communities. We will empower you with proven techniques and tips allowing you to give the best possible care to your loved one. We are here to help and look forward to meeting you. Welcome to the Inspired Living family.

Positive Approach™ to Care

Positive Approach™ to Care focuses on the abilities each person still has, not on what they’ve lost. You’ll learn how the structural and chemical changes affect functioning and how to focus on, support, and champion the skills that remain. Educational content provided by Positive Approach is used with permission and based on the GEMS™ and the techniques, strategies and overall approach to care created and developed by Positive Approach, LLC. www.teepasnow.com

Normal vs Not Normal Aging

We invite you to learn some of the differences between what we call “normal” and “not normal” aging. You’ll discover ways to understand and recognize these changes.

GEMS™: Seeing Progression, Not Just Loss

Teepa Snow’s GEMS model of progression matches GEMS with states of being in dementia. You’ll learn how our thoughts, feelings and words play a role in “how” we see and care for people with dementia. PAC Certified Trainers are not employees of Positive Approach, LLC. The opinions and views expressed by PAC Certified Trainers do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Positive Approach, LLC or any of its employees. Positive Approach, LLC is not liable for any actions by PAC Certified Trainers.

Building Positive Care Partner Skills

With Building Positive Care Partner Skills, you’ll learn specific ways to support your loved one’s changing abilities using supportive communication techniques. Adjusting your approach and making a connection with the person are crucial in a Positive Approach™ to Care.

Celebrating with Dementia

We know that the holidays are a time of family, friends and festivity. However, for someone living with dementia, this time can be overwhelming, stressful and scary. As a caregiver for someone with dementia, holiday celebrations can be a source of emotional stress and anxiety. We offer guidance, so you and your loved one enjoy the holidays to their absolute fullest.

Meaningful Visits

Visiting a loved one who has dementia can be frustrating and heartbreaking. Our Meaningful Visits program has practical tips on how to make your visits more meaningful and enjoyable for both you and your loved one.

When to Make the Move

We understand that you have questions. From worrying about if your home isn’t enough anymore to just figuring out what kind of place you should look for. We’ve tailored this program to help you with not only the logistics but also with the emotional journey of this transition.

Taking Care of You

We understand that caring for someone with dementia can take a toll a person, both emotionally and physically. But, you don’t just have to just survive caregiving – it’s possible to live and live well caring for someone with dementia. Let us help you discover ways that you can take care of yourself.

Behaviors and Dementia

Unexpected and sometimes challenging behaviors are all part of living with dementia. In this program, we will look at emotional and physical needs and some reasons behind commonly seen unexpected behaviors.

Communication & Dementia

This program will help caregivers learn to understand the world of the person with dementia and tips to implement techniques for improving communication. Better communication decreases dementia-related behaviors and distress and improves quality of life.

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