Featured Amenities

safe expansive courtyards walking paths

Safe, Expansive Courtyards & Walking Paths

Adventuring through nature is a fantastic way to boost and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each of our communities is designed with nature in the forefront because having regular access to the outdoors improves brain health, concentration, and mood. Physical benefits for seniors include improved heart health, cholesterol levels, joint health, recovery time, sleep, and increased feelings of happiness. Our safe and expansive courtyards include gardens, seating areas, walking paths, and more! You’ll enjoy the brisk breeze of fall on a stroll or soaking up a little vitamin d with some friends – when you make outdoor living a part of your everyday life.

A trademark at Inspired Living communities is our secure Memory Care courtyards, where our memory care residents are empowered to enjoy nature freely and safely. People with Alzheimer’s disease and similar dementia-related illnesses significantly benefit from spending time outdoors - including better sleep, less agitation and decreased anxiety.

tiki bar

Tiki Bar

Live the resort life – poolside! Our tiki bar is a favorite social gathering place for our senior resident and always in the limelight - when we throw a big party! Our communities feature lots of fun, fresh places to gather because social interactions lead to greater feelings of wellness, happiness, and ultimately a longer, more fulfilling life.

It's the perfect spot for a cold, refreshing beverage and a relaxing chat with friends after sunbathing or a dip in the outdoor pool. Spending quality time outdoors in the sun is proven to boost vitamin D levels, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. So take a dip then grab a Pina Colada to sip - It’s all about balance!


community garden

Community Gardens

Flourishing and full of life, our community gardens are truly unique – representing the residents who live there. We have a community known for its delicious, ripe tomatoes and another community that cultivates rows of gorgeous orchids. Whether you are test driving your green thumb for the first time or bringing a specific passion to the table, gardening gives you a natural way to cultivate a healthy, active lifestyle.

Gardening has long been known as a therapeutic intervention improving functions and increasing sensory stimulation for people of all ages and in various stages of health. Our seniors enjoy a wide variety of health benefits including increased feelings of happiness, ownership, and rejuvenation. Seniors that require specialized assisted living services or dementia care dramatically benefit from gardening. In addition to the benefits of the outdoors, the sensory needs met while gardening increase appetite, distract from fixations, and provide a sense of ownership.

Let’s grow together!

outdoor pool with ada lift

Outdoor Pool with ADA Lift

Seniors who need assisted living services can regain and retain their independence through regular, restorative exercises in the water. Water exercises are low impact, safe and gentle on the joints while being an outstanding cardiovascular and muscle-building workout. An aquatic environment is also ideal for seniors to exercise as there is minimal risk of injury from falls or strain. Plus, we make sure to install safe, high-quality ADA-approved lifts. So all of our residents can enjoy a nice, relaxing swim without having to worry about a disability or immobility holding them back. Whether you're swimming laps, doing a guided water aerobics class, or just splashing around with friends, you'll enhance your health, increase your flexibility, and even improve your bone density.

Not in the mood for a work-out? Kick back and relax by floating in the buoyancy of the sparkling, blue water. Floating is another medicinal impact of the pool, providing relaxation, increasing circulation, reducing pain, stress, and anxiety. Floating provides natural decompression of the spine and joints all across the body, soothing aches and improving pliability.

Inspired? Get in the water! You’ll find a wave of opportunity to physically and mentally thrive!

beauty and barber shop

Beauty and Barber Shop

Enjoy the convenience of your new on-site beauty salon and barber shop. You can schedule regular haircuts, shaves, manicures, and pedicures. Whether you are relaxing to an invigorating hair wash or enjoying some great conversation while getting a stylish new do - every time is a good time - to relax and be pampered!

There are so many great reasons why we're proud to bring the beauty and barber shop right to you. Getting yourself a stylish new hairdo is a confidence booster that ensures feelings of happiness and confidence. When you look and feel well-groomed you feel re-energized and more motivated to socialize with friends or get more active in the community. Having a beauty and barber shop also acts as a way for you or your loved one to relive fond memories. Conversing with your friends as you let your hair dry or talking about the no-hitter at last night’s game; it’s all about having you look and feel your best in our beauty and barber shop.

fitness center

Fitness Center

Active aging is key to leading a healthy and inspired life. That’s why we provide an onsite fitness center for you. Having access to an onsite fitness center allows seniors to develop regular exercise routines. Regularly exercising increases mobility, helps maintain independence, and elevates mood. Not only does exercise lead to these benefits, but frequent trips to the gym are proven to improve sleep, reduce stiffness from arthritis, and help mitigate cardiovascular health concerns, such as high blood pressure.

The benefits of safe, routine exercise even go far beyond the body. Research has proven that regular physical activity also improves brain health, concentration, and memory while helping slow cognitive decline.

Each piece of our state-of-the-art fitness equipment is designed for ease of accessibility and highly specialized for seniors. Whether it's some light weight-lifting, resistance training, guided rehabilitation, or even a group class in yoga; you’ll be inspired knowing you are stretching your life, one step at a time.

pet friendly

Pet Friendly

Pets are affectionate friends who are always there to put a smile on your face. Having a pet provides many health benefits from lowering stress, to increasing feelings of companionship and wellbeing. Caring for a pet improves social interaction, slows cognitive decline, and correlates to increased appetite. Pets even help their senior owners develop daily routines which strengthen short-term memory and provide feelings of fulfillment for seniors. The comfort of a pet is even shown to reduce feelings of agitation and anxiety in residents with dementia or memory impairments.

Pets are family – and your family is our family! Our community is great for two-legged and four-legged friends. Your furry friend can enjoy a walk in our secure courtyard or a midday cat nap in your comfy apartment. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get outside for a leisurely walk taking in a breath of fresh air or experiencing the sights of nature. Contact your local Inspired Living for pet policy details. We can even help you arrange for a local dog walker to lend a hand with care needs.

nutritious chef prepared meals

Nutritious Chef-Prepared Meals

With unwavering standards and a partnership with Sodexo, our dining initiatives are a vital part of what makes us rise above – far above – our competitors.  Every meal is prepared by passionate chefs who carefully curate seasonal and regional culinary experiences with their dining team. If you’re worried about limited availability and five-week-cycle menus, rest assured, that’s never been our style. Instead, you’ll find nothing but nourishing, creative and tantalizing options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, we have a chef-prepared “after hours selection” for any time dining.

Our seasonal and regional menu ensure freshness and variety. Whether we are crafting your favorite comfort food or a healthy mid-day lunch, each plate starts with high quality, nutritious ingredients. Food is fuel, and dietary needs change as we age. Unbalanced diets in combination with certain medications, isolation, or limited mobility contribute to malnutrition in seniors. Healthy meals rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients mitigate malnutrition and lead to a happy, fulfilling life at any age.