Inspired Living at Palm Bay Featured Reviews

Dr. Gary Herbeck – Palm Bay

I placed my 90-year-old mother with Inspirational Living one month ago. I would be a liar to say that I didn’t have some trepidation about the move. She had been in two other Memory Care facilities: both were okay but neither was able to provide the level of care she desperately required. In fact, the last facility literally pushed her out saying, “Inspirational Living is the best place for someone with her needs,” because they “couldn’t deal with her.” It turns out they were right: Inspirational Living is the best place for her.
My mom is a “sundowner‚” she gets agitated when the day is ending and tries to escape the confines of her room (and the facility), sometimes with force. At IL the courtyard is HUGE and she is able to go outside whenever she likes. Knowing she can “get out” at will and sit under the open sky has been very effective in giving her a sense of control and safety. Of course, there is a 12-foot fence to the south that makes escape impossible! The wrist bracelet she wears 24/7 is part of the Skynet location network used to keep track of her inside and out.
Inside the facility, my first impression was “modern” and “clean.” Hallways are wide and well-lit. The building interior is a basic U‚ which makes for three corridors that creates both a feeling of spaciousness and a sense of community as residents interact on their way to their many daily activities. There are memory boxes by each resident’s room door and many reproductions of LIFE magazine and Saturday Evening Post covers are prominent: some residents use the magazine cover wall art to locate their rooms.
Dementia care is one of the most difficult end-of-life services in which to find quality, particularly in the level of staffing. We have been blessed at IL with experienced caregivers who are empathic and professional. They know how to cope with mom’s fragmented memory and are soothing when she becomes confused or agitated. You can tell by the look on mom’s face when they engage her one-to-one that she feels like she is both important and wanted. I was surprised how quickly staff learned her name and remembered enough about her patient history information to have personal conversations with her almost immediately.
One only has to examine the constant stream of photos and videos of the residents that are available on IL’s Facebook and Internet pages to see just how seriously staff members take their jobs of interacting with the residents. I’ve been able to see part of her new life that I didn’t know existed.
I have to give props to a few staff that have stood out in the past month: Eli, who can get ANYTHING hung on the wall of the residences in seemingly seconds; Digger, who is a constant source of sunshine in the lives of our loved ones, keeping them involved and moving; Jill, who pulls some incredible rabbits out of her hat when it comes to planning interesting, engaging activities for the residents; Debbie, who oversees our parent’s medical/health needs; Phil, who works with the kitchen staff to generate food that is both fun and fabulously tasty; Michele, the Executive Director who’s not afraid to get out of her office and dance with the residents; and especially James, who is the first person in ALL of our experiences with my mother’s dementia who knew EXACTLY how to talk to and interact with my mother, giving her a level of calmness and peace that I had not seen since my father died in 2018. He is the main reason that we chose IL as the place where my mother would enjoy her remaining days in safety and peace.
I’m sorry that Kate Midden (below) apparently had a bad experience, but I have not seen an iota of the problems mentioned. In our family’s experience, every facet of Inspirational Living has been exemplary, from the staff to the facility itself.
In closing, I think the finest compliment I can pay them is that if I ever require the level of care that my mom is receiving, I know I will get it at Inspirational Living.

  Dr. Gary Herbeck

Cindy Wilson – Palm Bay

I am so comfortable knowing that my brother is well cared for. James explained things in a way that made sense. He has incredible knowledge, and a heart of gold. He answers his phone at all hours of the night, and is extremely friendly and professional. The staff, understands the disease and how to care for each person as an individual.

  Cindy Wilson

Betty Wilson – Palm Bay

This is fantastic. The people are nice and knowledgeable. The only comparison is the Ritz. James has helped us through the process and made this a smooth and easy transition. He has been a true blessing!

  Betty Wilson

Julie Grass – Palm Bay

I recently moved my mother to Inspired Living and I am amazed at how caring and compassionate the staff members are to each and every resident. They take the time to stop and listen to each one of them not only caring for their needs physically but emotionally as well. So happy that we made the decision to move her here.

  Julie Grass

Adrienne Krueger – Palm Bay

I cannot say enough good things about Inspired Living. It’s hard to have a loved one go into dementia care- the disease itself is hard to understand and the options are not always attractive. However I can say that after being at Inspired Living at Palm Bay for only a short time, my dad is already lighter and happier. The staff is so upbeat and attentive, they laugh and joke with my dad, who’ not very intelligible. The sparkle in his eyes has come back around a group that understands and truly cares for him. I moved my dad from NY down to Palm Bay and I was very unsure how we’d make the trip succesfully. James at Palm Bay flew up to help us with checking my dad out of his former facility, and to get his successfully through the plane ride. He kept him calm and entertained, knowing just how to manage the disease during what could have been an extremely stressful environment for my dad. There’s no way we could have made this transition without the caring folks at Palm Bay- they were in constant touch every step of the way and unbelievably accommodating. I feel so confident that we’ve made the right choice- it is just head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen out there.

 Adrienne Krueger

Lanete Kaiser – Palm Bay

What an amazing team at Inspired Living at Palm Bay! Michele and James have been so extremely helpful throughout this process. It is difficult to make decisions for a loved one when they reach a particular point in their lives and Michele and James guided us through each step with love and patience. My father’s move went so smoothly. The maintenance crew (Cooper and Eli) were extremely helpful and even helped hang all the pictures. My father’s nurse (Corrine) was so kind and made him feel welcomed. Francesca has such a kind heart and helped him become more comfortable with his new home. Every staff member has a smile on and are so extremely helpful. We are so grateful for everyone at Inspired Living and feel at peace that my father will be receiving the best! Thank you to everyone at Inspired Living!

 Lanete Kaiser

Beth Vandenberg – Palm Bay

I had preferred Inspired Living upon research of local memory care facilities for many reasons but that impression was confirmed by friendly calls checking to see when they might be needed. When the moment arrived James was there 100% to assist our mom’s transition in an emergency situation. His constant communication with all concerned family members is exemplary.

 Beth Vandenberg

Karin Mann – Palm Bay

We made a very hard decision to put my father in memory care. He was transitioned into another place and it was a horrible experience. We ended up moving him to Inspired Living and things turned around. James Brassard was great to work with – he gave me his cell phone and was in touch on weekends and after hours. Not only did he really seem to CARE about my dad, he understood dementia. The staff has been incredible taking my calls from home & spending as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. I really can’t say enough good things about Inspired Living. I just wish I had heard about them first!

 Karin Mann

John Allegra – Palm Bay

Our family member lived at Inspired Living for quite some time prior to his passing. We were comforted by the staff at the community. They are angels and helped our family through an incredibly difficult time.

 John Allegra

Jill Reed – Palm Bay

We placed our loved one at Inspired Living earlier this year and have been truly impressed. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that not only our loved one is taken care, but we are as well. The transition was much easier than anticipated and I would highly recommend anyone looking at options to visit this property.

 Jill Reed

Nancy Matchett – Palm Bay

Wow! Everybody has gone out of their way to be the most helpful and informative and caring people in a very stressful time and made it all so easy and it’s a beautiful state of the art facility. We couldn’t be happier.

 Nancy Matchett

Dianne Sosa – Palm Bay

From the first call I made to Inspired Living, James Brassard has been in constant contact with me addressing questions and providing valued information. He has taken the time to understand my father’s situation and made recommendations for consideration. His support has been invaluable during our decision process. I am very much looking forward to having my father at Inspired Living. I feel that the level of communication is outstanding especially since I live in another state and depend on the staff to keep me informed on how my Dad is doing.

 Dianne Sosa

Rebeca Vizcarrondo – Palm Bay

James at inspired living is amazing…he’s truly empathetic and kind and very informative!? My family was so blessed to be able to work with such a great person that not only helps you with all the information you need about inspired living but also with community information that may help the family. Once again thank you James for all you have done and continue to do.

 Rebeca Vizcarrondo

Patty Kunze Tatum – Palm Bay

This place is wonderful! The staff, from housekeeping staff to the executive director, have such big hearts. The facility is beautiful and the high-tech details are also helpful. When you are looking for a place for a loved one with memory issues, definitely put Inspired Living at the top of your list!

 Patty Kunze Tatum

Dawn Haynes – Palm Bay

James has been invaluable in helping us through the process of getting our family member set up as a resident there. James has made the process painless, and at times, enabled us to have a chuckle or two. We already consider James a part of the family! Thanks James for all you do!!

 Dawn Haynes

Wade Fleming – Palm Bay

I love this facility the staff is incredible. The head nurse is willing to go far and beyond to make sure that your loved one is taken care of. The executive director is also very good at her job I highly recommend this place for anyone that has a loved one that needs to be cared for

 Wade Fleming

Susan Frawley Mccune – Palm Bay

Inspired living treated my stepmother with kindness and dignity. They got her doing more than her previous two assisted living facilities combined. She arrived there a handful and left earth there happy and peaceful. I would hands down recommend this care facility as the best this county has to offer. love and hugs and god bless all of you to all the staff!!!

 Susan Frawley Mccune

Steven Alqueza – Palm Bay

This is strictly a Memory Care Facility for Dementia and Alzheimer’s residences. After a year here, I can tell you that the staff takes pride in their work. They are here to provide care to your Loved one in all stages of this horrible disease. Karlene had a private room that was in my budget which allowed for her privacy. Rooms are available to share with other residents but I elected to go with a private room. Inspired Living of Palm Bay has trained staff that I saw personally every day and provided the care and love that I wanted Karlene to have. The nursing staff are committed and dedicated to their job and ensuring proper attention to the needs and requirements as directed by her doctors. They constantly have activities throughout the day. I could go on and on but I will say I could never provide the stimulation to Karlene that the ladies did each and everyday. I will close with this in mind. You want to have peace of mind when you leave a loved one at ILPB. You won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

 Steven Alqueza

Glenn Rhodes – Palm Bay

I’ve always been impressed with the courteous and professional staff at Inspired Living (Palm Bay) but when Hurricane Irma was approaching, I was especially pleased to be receiving constant updates on their plans during and after the storm. I couldn’t think of a safer place for mom… Thanks 🙂

 Glenn Rhodes

Gisela Mcginley-O’Neil – Palm Bay

I wrote a letter before… the staff did a fantastic job taking care of my husband. it was so good to know he was safe and well taken care of. The daily updates from Michelle helped a lot. I would recommend Inspired Living to all. THANK YOU…everyone did a great job.

 Gisela Mcginley-O’Neil

Patricia – Palm Bay

We selected Inspired Living, it was extremely impressive, and the staff appeared to be very competent and friendly. The leadership seemed to know all the residents’ names, and it was very personal. All their services are under one price, so it’s all-inclusive. The rooms and building are extremely clean, and the residents are happy, and very pleased with the care. They have a system that allows the residents freedom, everybody is trained to deal with memory care, and their understanding of the issue is exceptional. They have a nurse available on site 24/7. They treat people with respect, they help them maintain their dignity, and they help people have a purpose. That’s why my husband is going there.


Capt. Steve Alqueza – Palm Bay

It’s a hard decision to make when deciding to take this step with a family member. It was for me. I had met with the office staff, who were friendly, considerate and knowledgable. After considering all the variables, I chose Inspired Living in Palm Bay. Cost is a major factor, especially when I looked at other memory care facilities. Private care is expensive, but Inspired Living in Palm Bay met my budget with a private room. The facility is clean and the staff helpful. I met with the chef and he sat with me to discuss diet and any special needs. Rooms are secured. Residents can’t sneak out. Every resident has a locator bracelet to help locate your family member on the facility mapper. I visit once or twice a week to ensure good care is provided. There was some adjustment time for her to learn her new surroundings, but after a few months has settled in. She has Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Care is provided 24/7, 365 giving me peace of mind when I’m not there. There is no easy answer in these trying times, but I think I made a good choice in choosing Inspired Living of Pam Bay.

 Capt. Steve Alqueza

Lisa Zezulka – Palm Bay

I researched numerous communities for my mom as my dad could not care for her any longer due to his health. I had the pleasure of working with James B through the entire process, it was a long one has my dad did not want let mom leave home. James answered all my calls, emails, texts no matter the day or time. He really goes out of his way to make this transition as easy as possible. Can I give 10+ stars?

 Lisa Zezulka

Pamela – Palm Bay

I have placed my father in Inspired Living, and I was very impressed. It’s a brand new facility, so everything is clean, nice, and orderly. The rooms are a little smaller than I hoped, but they’re still OK. The reason that I decided to move him there was because the residents have electronic bracelets issued to them that allow them to go in and outside a courtyard on their own, if they wish, without being stopped by staff or finding out the doors are locked. They have a good security system that tracks them throughout the building. They have motion detectors in the ceilings of the rooms so that at night if they get up and fall out of the bed, it is evident that they have done so. Everyone there seems to be very cheerful and upbeat. I also recognized five of the staff members from previous places that father had lived, and they were excellent staff members, so I was very happy to see them at the new facility.


Kathy – Palm Bay

Inspired Living was brand new. They had the best hi-tech tracking system. On a wall, they had this tracking board for the residents to make it tell where anybody is at anytime. So it was really cool. The bathrooms and everything are made just perfectly, and you walk into the shower. It had everything — every amenity — to make life easier; it was a state of the art place. Another thing that’s very nice was that they have an extended license. In the other ones. they had one part for the memory care, so it ‘s only one part. You come in assisted living, and then if you can’t take care of yourself anymore, then you go to the memory care unit. In this place, they are licensed to keep everybody in the same bed, so that you don’t move to another area in the building. You stay right where you are.  The rooms were beautiful; they were actually gorgeous — homey, nice, and you can bring your own stuff. They didn’t have refrigerators and stuffs in the rooms, but they had snacks. You could go to these huge dining halls — they had two dining halls — and they eat their meals in there; if you don’t like what they were serving, the cook could make you something. They had little tables and big tables, so you could eat by yourself or eat with everyone else. It was very nice, and they had a little kitchenette there. But if you wanted to have people, or if you have family coming to visit and have a birthday cake or something, you could use that part of the facility; it was really nice.  They were doing something when we there. It was like a game, but it was more about current events and things to the past and things like that. Of course, if you want to go shopping, they have facilities to take you shopping, and you can still have your own car there if you wanted to. It was a little more expensive than the other ones like $100 or $200 more expensive, but the service for what they offered was well worth it. They work with the insurance companies. The lady was very well-versed with the policy I had and what she was saying was exactly what my insurance company said, so it was like she knew what she was talking about. Another thing I liked was that we were not met by the sales people, but we met with the actual manager of the assisted living place.  The security was top-notch. The only way to get in and out was by this one door. The entire area and the huge courtyard in the back was absolutely gorgeous. It was a big property — bigger than all the other ones — and the doors don’t open unless you had a code to go out. If you have a special bracelet, then you can’t get out, but if you are not one of the patients that need to be monitored, then you have free will to come and go as you like.


Gavin – Palm Bay

I visited this facility on August 4, 2016 with my husband and from the moment that we walked through the door you could just feel the love. The entire staff from James, Michelle, Jill, and Debbie just to name a few opened up their hearts with caring, understanding and patience for my husband’s father. Through this difficult time to reassure us that his father would get excellent care and that this would be the right place for him at this point in time. His room is amazing and we decorated with all the comforts of home for his father. That you all for what you do it truly takes Angel’s like your staff to care for loved one’s when family is to far away in another state. Another thing that keep’s us close to my husband’s father is that they have a Facebook page and they post wonderful picture’s of his father periodically which shows us how he his enjoying his time at Inspired Living facility.


Sondra – Palm Bay

I chose Inspired Living at Palm Bay for my dad. It’s a new facility with a state-of-the-art computer system. They have 24/7 GPS on the residents, so they know where they are at all times. That was the reason why I chose it. My dad is allowed to go anywhere inside the building as well as outside, so he can have independence. The staff was fabulous. They know all of the residents, and the place is set up like a small family. They have two dining room where they can eat out and a couple of places where they can watch TV. They do activities every day and post a calendar of events. They have a birthday party every month and some kind of outing for their residents.


Jaon – Palm Bay

I liked Palm Bay. They were very accommodating. The director called me 10 times just to find out how my search was going, which was just very nice. They had a nice area outside. It was a clean, well-run facility. However, I wanted a small, homey facility. There was nothing wrong with them.


Private – Palm Bay

I’m very comfortable. I only have one small suggestion. They should have accessibility to a telephone. A community phone would be nice. The facility is very clean. The staff is very friendly.

Private – Palm Bay

This facility is truly wonderful. My mother is here and as difficult as it is to accept that she has this horrible brain disease, I truly believe she is safe and cared for better than I could have ever imagined was possible. The facility is new, state-of-the-art, and employs a wonderful staff. They are kind and caring and compassionate people. The variety of food on the menu and how incredibly healthy it is – a commendable feat to the entire program and people involved. It’s a real team and they all have each other’s backs. I honestly couldn’t find any fault with the community, the employees, or facility!

Ed R – Palm Bay

After vetting several other homes for my wife, this one was the best recommended by far. It specializes in the treatment she needs and the personnel are vary caring and thoughtful. From first blush to placement everyone I had contact with were professional and responsive to our needs.

Ed R.

Private – Palm Bay

My tour of this community went very well, and I was very impressed. My tour guide was very sweet and informative. It is a very nice place with kind people. My only issue was that this is only a memory care facility. If my father improved, like we knew he would, we would have to move him to other community for assisted living. They were great with their follow up’s. Everyone was very kind to my family and I.

Private – Palm Bay

We were impressed with the property and felt like Mom would be treated like family if she were able to afford living here. The family felt like it was a bit farther away from them and from her doctors and hospital.

Private – Palm Bay

They really helped us with a very difficult set up, coming from out of country. They really went over and above, if we have any concerns they are right there with us, keeping us in the loop. They are very communicative. We don’t have any complaints, he isn’t thrilled with the food but that’s just his opinion, we haven’t tried it. They have lots of activities, and they are pretty varied for all different interests, and abilities. They really have a ton of stuff to choose from and do.

Inspired Living at Palm Bay Reviews