Hospitality Features

restaurant style

All Day Restaurant Dining

Pull up a chair, grab a menu, and order expertly crafted nutritious and delicious food. Dining is meant to be an experience from tasting the food, savoring the smell, to the stimulating conversation surrounding the table. Each of our communities features elegant dining rooms, as well as casual places to grab a bite to eat. Our professional dining team includes chefs and waiters ensuring you have an incredible dining experience at every meal.

Our specialized memory care dining menu and service greatly benefit seniors with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. We carefully design our dining experience for individuals with cognitive or physical limitations who may have difficulty enjoying a meal. A few ways we optimize the dementia dining experience is through creating easy to swallow meals, preparing finger foods, providing visual cues, and helping with utensil use. Our dedicated service is here to help you or your loved one dine with dignity while getting the nutrition you need.

nutritious chef prepared meals

Nutritious Chef-Prepared Meals

With unwavering standards and a partnership with Sodexo, our dining initiatives are a vital part of what makes us rise above – far above – our competitors.  Every meal is prepared by passionate chefs who carefully curate seasonal and regional culinary experiences with their dining team. If you’re worried about limited availability and five-week-cycle menus, rest assured, that’s never been our style. Instead, you’ll find nothing but nourishing, creative and tantalizing options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, we have a chef-prepared “after hours selection” for any time dining.

Our seasonal and regional menu ensure freshness and variety. Whether we are crafting your favorite comfort food or a healthy mid-day lunch, each plate starts with high quality, nutritious ingredients. Food is fuel, and dietary needs change as we age. Unbalanced diets in combination with certain medications, isolation, or limited mobility contribute to malnutrition in seniors. Healthy meals rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients mitigate malnutrition and lead to a happy, fulfilling life at any age.



Your ride awaits! Enjoy the convenience of safe and clean transportation for you to travel around your new community in. Need a lift for appointments? A driver will gladly take you to your scheduled doctor visit. Looking for a day of fun out on the town? No problem! You'll enjoy a quick trip to local amenities with your newly made friends. Even suggest a trip! It's all about engaging you with new and exciting experiences.

Studies show that experiencing new areas provides the cognitive benefits of traveling, such as a rush of dopamine. Getting out-and-about is a fantastic way to boost cognition, improve brain health, concentration, memory, and mood. So, whether you're shopping at your favorite mall or exploring a new cafe, being a part of your surrounding community is a great way to stay active and engaged.

Having a safe way to explore new areas or visit popular local amenities is also important for seniors living with Alzheimer's or dementia. Each memory care community provides safe, chaperoned offsite events for your or a loved one to enjoy. Join a group for a day at the park or a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Some of our memory care communities even participate in Meals on Wheels and other community programs giving back to those in need. It’s all about creating a fulfilling life with meaningful experiences.

So, hop in with some friends, your offsite adventure awaits!


Dedicated Concierge Service

Each main entry to our communities has a dedicated concierge service, just like your favorite hotel! Our personable and passionate concierge is always there to greet our visitors and residents with a warm, friendly smile. Our concierge ensures all parties that call, visit, and work at the community are left with a pleasurable experience. Having a dedicated and knowledgeable concierge at every community provides a personalized level of service and enhances safety. In addition to always having someone monitoring the front door, they have viewing access to the live security cameras throughout the community.

housekeeping + maintenance

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Our communities are complete with a full-service housekeeping and maintenance team lead by a passionate director.

Remember wasting a summer day mowing the lawn? Or having to climb up a ladder and change the buggy lightbulb? Or even fixing a leak in your faucet? Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all of those pesky maintenance tasks are taken care of for you. Our dedicated maintenance team will repair anything you need, so you don’t have to. It’s all about worry-free living letting you take advantage of the resort-style life.

Leave all those time-consuming household chores behind! Our communities feature attentive housekeeping services so you can experience a carefree style of living. It’s refreshing to come home to a clean, and well-maintained apartment. Having a well-kept living space has many advantages, especially for seniors. It reduces stress brought on from clutter and lessens the risk of a fall. Most importantly, our seniors have more free time to craft an inspired life of wellness, engagement, and happiness through events and experiences.

So get out and enjoy the day! You’ll rest easy each night in your freshly cleaned, perfect oasis.