Screened-in porches are the perfect way to enjoy all the advantages of the outdoors with none of the drawbacks. You can breathe in the refreshing breeze, hear the birds chirping while keeping out bugs and pests and staying dry in the rain. Plus, you’ll be cooler in the shade during those hot summer days.

Furnishing and decorating your screened-in porch is essential in being your indoor/outdoor paradise—all it takes is the right pieces, the arrangement, and your own finishing touches.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

The first step to furnishing your screened-in porch is to think about how you want to use it. For example, will you want to use it for meals regularly? Or, will you primarily want it to be your cozy reading nook? Are you going to use your screened-in porch for frequent entertaining, or will it be a private getaway just for you and your partner? Maybe it’s a combination of all of those ideas. Answering questions like these will help you decide what furniture you’ll want to get, and how much of it you’ll need.

If your screened-in porch has a wooden deck for a floor, you may want to start with a nice all-weather rug. Having a soft outdoor rug that dries quickly can be a great way to make your porch a little homier.

Next, choose your furniture while keeping the size of your porch in mind. If your space isn’t ample, and you don’t think you’ll be eating many meals there, you could opt against getting a dining table and merely focus on comfortable seating. Your choices will depend on your goals for using your screened-in porch.

Also, just because some furniture is made for the outdoors doesn’t mean it has to be boring, hard, and uncomfortable. These days, patio furniture can be soft, colorful, and quite attractive—with materials and styles ranging from rustic teak woods to wicker, metal with upholstery, and beyond. There are plenty of unique furniture sets to choose from at almost any outdoor living store. Just be sure to find comfortable seating that’s high-quality, so you’ll get years of use from whatever you choose.

2. Arranging Your Screened-In Porch

Arranging the furniture on your screened-in porch will depend on how you plan to use it. If it’s simple seating for a few people, we suggest going with a few comfortable chairs and a sofa. Arrange the chairs facing the couch, and put a nice solid coffee table between them.

If you have a little more room and want a dining table, you might want to create separate spaces. Use a couch or sectional to divide your screened-in porch into an area for eating meals and another area for sitting, chatting, reading, or relaxing. You may also want to consider creating two separate sitting spaces, which can be great for conversations during any cocktail party.

Another favorite option for arranging the furniture on your screened-in porch is to face all your seating out toward the yard. This helps create a perfect getaway for enjoying the great outdoors by yourself or side-by-side with family and friends. Just don’t forget to add enough side tables for everyone to have their favorite beverage!

3. Decorating & Final Touches

Having a covered and screened porch means you can do more with your decor. We suggest starting with proper lighting and ceiling fans to ensure you can use your porch at night and keep the air moving on those muggy summer days. Then, be sure to use an attractive, color-coordinated outdoor rug to tie your furniture together. You’ll also want some sturdy yet inviting doormats to help keep your porch clean and free of mud.

Hang pictures or light fixtures to add your signature touch. Even surrounding your windows with different shutters or heavy blinds makes for a chic rustic look. Plus, since your porch is screened-in, you can think about some light, airy window treatments.

Another great idea for decor on a screened-in porch is Houseplants are always a great decoration on your screened-in porch. They are easy to care for and create an inviting environment to help tie nature in with the decor. Having this combination will bring the comfort of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors— and after all, isn’t that what screened-in porches are all about!