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Hurricane Irma Update

Inspired Living communities have been diligently walking through our hurricane preparation plans community-by-community, department-by-department, procedure-by-procedure, and most importantly resident-by-resident. We are overwhelmed with the love, camaraderie, and unwavering dedication of our staff.

Our community checklists have over 200 points including:

Resident Plans – Specific plans based on families, personal preferences, medical, physiological, or psychological needs

Accommodations – For our staff, their families, and resident families – Offsite and onsite

Safety – Meticulous protocols for outages, gates, doors, generators, lighting, evacuations, safe zones

Nourishment – Sustainable nourishment and hydration plans that include three days of hot food

Comfort – Carefully staffed caregivers and specially planned programming to keep our residents and children calm, safe, and happy.

We understand that some of our communities may be in or near an evacuation zone but after careful consideration, we still plan to shelter in place. The travel hazards of statewide evacuations cause many concerns for our residents. Our communities are built to withstand major hurricanes. We have medical supplies, provisions, caregivers, and generators to support day-to-day life inside our buildings. We are committed to providing excellent care – before, during and after the storm.

We have implemented a Call-Em-All phone service to update our loved ones quickly; these messages will also be posted on our communities Facebook pages.

We are honored to serve our seniors and stand by vigilantly to make educated and well-prepared decisions.