These 6 benefits are on par with healthy aging.


Putting is one of golf’s most important skills, but it takes real practice to hone your putting game and knock strokes off your scores. Beyond making you a better overall golfer, practicing your putting game brings you many other physical and cognitive benefits you might not have realized. Here are six key benefits you can get from regular putting practice.


1. Good Cardiovascular Exercise

Putting practice gets you up, walking, balancing, swinging your putter, and bending to pick up your ball. All of this activity gets the blood flowing and improves your cardiovascular health, which provides many benefits from lower blood pressure to reduced risks of heart disease and beyond.


2. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Putting is all about hand-eye coordination. Honing these skills regularly enhances balance and motor skills, which helps make almost any day-to-day task easier and more natural, no matter what your age.


3. Challenge & Healthy Competition

Every putt is a different challenge, and embracing this challenge is a great way to add more purpose to your daily life. What’s more, golf is a social game, and practicing your putting with friends is a fun way to spend time together that could even encourage a little healthy competition.


4. More Patience & Mental Focus

Being a good, consistent putter is a “zen” practice that requires patience and a quiet mind. This meditative aspect of putting is perfect for honing your mental focus and concentration, which is excellent for cognitive health, mood, and overall feelings of well-being.


5. Fun in the Outdoors

Putting practice is the perfect excuse to spend time outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying that warm summer breeze. Plus, it’s well-known that being outdoors is great for your physical health and cholesterol levels as well as your mental health.


6. Everyone Can Do It

Putting is a low-impact activity that people of all ages and physical conditions can enjoy. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never played golf before! If you can swing a putter, you can take part in this fun, social, and physically beneficial exercise.