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Mind, Body, And Spirit

Leading a happy life means proactively nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Imagine the impact of an environment that regularly focuses on your intellectual, social, physical, purposeful, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Making choices that benefit your wellness can be a challenge at any age in life. Achieving wellness can be especially difficult for seniors dealing with emotional, healthcare, or dementia related challenges. Remember, wellness and happiness is not the absence of challenge; It is the presence of proactively nurturing your mind, body, and spirit.

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Mind: Intellectual and Social Wellness

A healthy mind means intellectual and social wellbeing. We have many senior cognitive fitness programs and activities that stimulate the brain utilizing memory and critical thinking skills. From fun group activities like Family Feud to organized special speakers, you’ll always find something compelling to keep your mind active. A healthy mind extends beyond the intellectual into social wellness. People need people! Staying social keeps your brain healthy, boosts your immune system, and increases feelings of happiness. We have a wide array of onsite social events from happy hours to bingos. In addition to the bustling community events, we plan regular offsite events. All offsite events are scheduled with caregivers and associates to ensure you are safe and have an excellent time.
  1. Themed Parties
  2. Happy Hours
  3. Offsite Outings
  4. Organized Games
  5. Lecturers + Guest Speakers
  6. Cognitive Fitness

Body: Physical Wellness

A healthy body means a strong, active body at any age. The regular usage of your muscles, joints, and body retains your skills. This is critical for seniors to preserve their independence. You’ll find regular programming aimed for physical fitness and have access to our amenities for personal or guided programs.
  1. Yomenco
  2. Yoga
  3. Gulf Putting
  4. Water Aerobics
  5. Guided Workouts

Spirit: Purposeful, Emotional + Spiritual Wellness

A healthy spirit means healthy self-esteem, meaningful relationships, giving back to others, and spiritual health. You’ll find an array of programs aimed to nurture your spirit at our assisted and dementia care communities.
  1. Faith Based Programs
  2. Laughter Therapy
  3. Animal Programs
  4. Intergenerational Programs
  5. Aromatherapy + Senses Therapy
  6. Occupational Therapy
  7. Relationship Building Activities
Having regular access to these experiences reduces feelings of isolation, boosts mood, sharpens memory and concentration. Wellness is even shown to slow down the effects of cognitive decline. This is especially important for seniors living with or without memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s.

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