Chief Operating Officer
Rebecca Townsend

How did you get into senior living?

From childhood I always involved with Seniors – all four of my grandparents were elderly already when I was a child so I spent a lot of time with them from an early age and participated in their care-giving. I have just always had a natural affinity for being around the past and learning their stories so Senior Living and caring for seniors truly was a natural progression.

Who truly inspires you?

My grandfather – he overcame so much adversity even from a small child and well into his adulthood. He always had a kind word, a generous spirit and a genuine concern for his fellow man. He could not read or write but he could love and praise and patiently teach – he never saw skin color or differences he just saw people and taught me to love unconditionally and have a servant heart.
Thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I overcame my fear of heights by learning to skydive. I have over 100 jumps and no longer have a fear of heights.

Beatles or Elvis?

Um, neither? Both? I appreciate both for their talents and musical contributions but I am more of a Lynard Skynard gal 

How did you wind up at Inspired Living?

Steve Benjamin and I previously worked together at Horizon Bay, and when he started Validus Senior Living, we again found a way to work together. It was a great opportunity to partner with Steve and his vision to be a true whiteboard company where we could build on our combined 50 years of experience to create an environment where fresh ideas are fostered and promoted.

What do you want your legacy to be?

That I left them better than I found them.