National Director, Memory Care & Training
AJ Cipperly

Why did you get into senior living?

It was a natural fit. I spent a lot of time growing up with my grandparents and have always gravitated to relationships with those older than myself. My husband was the person who first motivated me to make the “leap” into senior living. At the time, I thought it was a crazy idea and now here I am… he saw something in me and knew it was a good fit. I owe him big time!

Who truly inspires you?

Its a long list… Personally, I would have to say my grandfather. He’s 83 years old and competes in the Senior Olympics and Senior Games all over the country in Basketball and Track and Field. You’ve heard the term, “Aging gracefully”, he’s “aging dynamically” and that inspires me! Professionally, Teepa Snow is a constant inspiration. Her passion, knowledge and energy inspires me to continue to improve my skills.

Thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I was homeschooled. My Mom bravely decided to teach 4 children at home and she chose to do it so we could have more time together as a family. I’ll always be grateful for that as our family is extremely close and I believe it would be very different if we had attended traditional schools. I think I turned out pretty decent.

Beatles or Elvis?

That’s a toughie. Both!

How did you wind up at Inspired Living?

A former colleague and mentor of mine recommended me when Steve Benjamin was first putting together Inspired Living and looking for a memory care programming specialist. I had worked with Steve when he was at Horizon Bay so there was a connection there.

What do you want your legacy to be?

That I imparted knowledge and skills that helped people with dementia and their care partners continue to have meaningful and purposeful lives.