Expert Teams

Inspired Living takes care to recruit many passionate senior living team members dedicated to assisted living and memory care services. These passionate professionals include caregivers, nurses, med-techs, chefs, groundskeepers, program directors, and more. All bonded in their mission to take care of the wisest, coolest, and most deserving generation of all – our seniors.

Inspired Living is serious about having the best teams in our communities. We are so serious about this commitment that this year we welcomed, Vice President of Associate Strategy, Bethany Brown ARNP, MPH with that very mission… to ensure that Inspired Living communities are the BEST place to work.

We are crafting a joyful culture and focused on empowering our associates – at every level – to lead with clarity, vision, heart, and character. Visiting a community? Make sure to check out our compass boardwalk in action!


Each community has an Executive Director that leads the way from a position of service. In addition to running the day-to-day operations, our Executive Directors make it a point to actively engage in community activities, and serve any need to make you feel happy and comfortable.

Executive Directors are trained in every aspect of community function and are responsible for overseeing all activities and operations. From programming, to third party care physicians; the Executive Director is always there to support your every need. This service-focused leadership approach sets the tone for the Inspired Living teams.

Each community also has a team of specialty directors including a Health and Wellness Director and Memory Care Director, who take the charge for providing care. A Program Director who plans our onsite and offsite events. A Dining Director whose team cultivates a delicious and nutritious dining experience. A Plant Operations Director who ensures your apartment and the grounds are taking care of. And a Sales Director – a trusted, expert advisor to help you navigate the world of assisted living and memory care.

Specialized Team

Each director leads a team of specialized Inspired Care associates. Unlike the common assisted living practice of having “Universal Staff” we design specialty teams under each department. Our teams are at the heart of why Inspired Living creates such an empowering environment for you. Each associate is specifically trained for their department which is distinctly different from many other senior living communities. The goal is to help each associate stick to one specific department and job function rather than having to juggle multiple jobs throughout the community.

24/7 Onsite Nursing

Aside from the CNAs, med techs and specialists that make up our robust care team, Inspired Living communities feature dedicated 24/7 on-site nursing. Rather than having a nurse on-call like many other senior living communities, we understand that care needs are variable and can happen at any time. That is why we provide this unique service allowing us to act quickly should a health care incident occur. We also have nurses in key regional and corporate positions. You will find them providing passionate care working alongside our community team, recruiting top professional nurses, and optimizing experiences for you or your loved one. Nurses are the most trusted profession among Americans and are at the forefront of personalized, comprehensive care. It’s no secret why we take care to recruit this essential and impressive profession.

Onsite Healthcare Partnerships

Each of our assisted living and memory care communities have a dependable network of 3P multidisciplinary medical care providers. Our hand-selected physicians are carefully vetted to ensure legitimacy and if they fit into our culture. These providers become like family, an active voice in our seniors’ adaptive care plans and a fundamental relationship in the community care network. Our onsite partnerships offer an array of medical care services, including x-rays, lab services, immunizations, dental care, vision care, and preventative care.

One of the most important partnerships is our onsite rehab providers. Rehabilitation is a critical part of healing at any age, and especially for seniors. Rehab paves the road to full recovery, independence, retention of existing skills, and long-term health. After surgery or an injury, these services are especially important to keep you healthy, active, and independent. Learn more about our rehab partnership and amenities at your local community.

Did you know one of the most significant factors in senior healthcare is accessibility? Your choice of onsite providers will keep you happy and healthy with the convenience of care that comes to you. Family nights are also held to encourage trusted relationships for you and your family to find the perfect fit. Minimizing the need for offsite appointments is an opportunity for seniors to lead a healthy lifestyle, conveniently. Of course, you are always welcome to keep your current care providers. Our concierge will happily schedule rides to bring you to and from each appointment.

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