Peace Of Mind

We know that concerns related to safety and security in private family homes are a common reason that many seniors and their families begin their search for assisted living and memory care communities. When was the last time you remember feeling unsafe? Or worried you were about to have an accident? It’s an all-consuming emotion. In order to thrive, at any age in life, it is important to have your basic physiological and safety needs met. Our communities are expertly designed with safety and security as a top priority.

Purpose-Built Design

Our purpose-built communities are designed to increase our seniors’ safety and enhance their accessibility and mobility. For us, purpose-built includes attention to safety in all of our details. Examples of safety features include spacious and unobstructed hallways, bathrooms with roll-in showers and rails, and specialty equipment in our gyms and pools. Elevators are available for easy access to multiple floors. Our open floor plans also are optimized for safety.

Every community is equipped with a live security camera system. This gives instant views of several public areas inside and outside of our communities. Having a live security camera system is unique to our community as many senior living communities do not offer this level of security.

Your safety and security are a top priority for us. That’s why we’ve taken the time to design a safe and secure environment to empower you and your loved one’s independence.

Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness

Our communities are built to withstand major storms including hurricanes and disasters. We have medical supplies, provisions, caregivers, and generators to support day-to-day life inside our buildings – before, during and after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane.

Our dedicated team is trained, and our rigorous checklists cover over 200 points including:

Resident Plans – Specific plans based on families, personal preferences, medical, physiological, or psychological needs.
Accommodations – For our staff, their families, and resident families – Offsite and onsite.
Increased Safety Measures – Meticulous protocols for outages, gates, doors, generators, lighting, evacuations, safe zones.
Nourishment – Sustainable nourishment and hydration plans that include three days of hot food.
Comfort – Carefully staffed caregivers and specially planned programming to keep our residents and children calm, safe, and happy.
Communication – During storms, we implement our Call-Em-All phone service to provide our families and loved ones with updates along the way.

Safety Enhancing Technology

Safety and security are key priorities to enhance your life at Inspired Living. With implemented, cutting-edge technology, each community is dedicated to improving your quality of life leveraging all available resources to keep our seniors safe and secure. This technology is all about you and your loved one’s peace-of-mind.

What Is Skynet, & How Does It Benefit You?

Skynet is a leading-edge system that includes comfortable wearable tech, real-time location tracking, and direct emergency services calling to maximize security.

Skynet’s tracking devices are sleek and modern, enabling you to wear them on your wrist like a watch. These trackers integrate with Skynet’s real-time location system (RTLS) and easily accessible LCD screens throughout the community to track you and your neighbor’s location in real time.

Not only can this system detect falls and allow you to request assistance anytime, anywhere, it also sounds an alarm on-screen if anyone leaves the community, enabling fast response from care associates.

Learn more about Skynet’s location tracking systems here.

Security Camera Systems

Inspired Living Communities have discreet security cameras feeding into monitors for our team members to view a wide array of public places. This enables oversight in common areas such as in all hallways, lounges, and dining areas, it’s simple to keep a watchful eye on everything and ensure that you are safe and sound.

Concierge Coverage

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable concierge at every community provides a personalized level of customer and added layer of security at our doors. The concierge welcomes, identifies, and ensures the safety of anyone coming in and out of the community. With access to a live feed of the security cameras, an appointment calendar to identify scheduled visits of family or friends, and walkie-talkies to quickly notify care teams of an issue inside the community; they are an essential part in keeping the community safe and secure.

Our memory care community lobby’s are secure and provide a personalized level of service. The concierge welcomes you and notifies a caregiver that you have arrived to visit your loved one. Before entering the community, the concierge must allow you access through a keyless entry system. This keeps the community safe from unknown entry and elopement.

Continued Evaluations

A core component of keeping our seniors safe is being in tune with any physical or mental changes and anticipating new needs. This is key to limiting behavioral issues and falls. Understanding that your needs may change rapidly and at any given moment, care associates meet regularly with you to learn more about how they are meeting your needs. Not only does this allow them to tailor your care services it also helps them ensure that they are meeting your needs appropriately whether it’s increasing ADLs or managing medication.

Continued evaluations are unique to Inspired Living which offers another layer of care and safety for you to live your most inspired life. Learn more about our proactive and adaptive care plans.

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