Life-Changing Care In A Resort Style Environment

Successful care models, within any discipline, take a multidisciplinary approach. This holds true for senior care and dementia care. Your care must extend beyond the clinical aspect to encompass your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Our healthcare services, care plans, and teams successfully balance pharmaceutical, clinical, preventative, psychological, therapeutic and rehabilitative facets. Most importantly, wellness is a personal journey that must be thoughtful, collaborative, empowering, and deeply personalized.

Inspired Living provides adaptive, proactive, and multidisciplinary care that is centered on each individual senior and grounded in science. We expertly balance comprehensive personal care services with empowerment, so our residents can achieve a state of inspired living. Our life-changing senior care takes place in resort style environment that maximizes accessibility, mobility, and promotes healthy interactions.

Key Tactics

We personalize our care plans.
In addition to tailoring your physical care needs with specialized memory care or assistance with daily living (ADL) services, we also take the time to personally get to know each of our resident’s stories, routines, desires, and preferences. This allows us to design a care plan that suits each resident’s individual needs, builds confidence, preserves skill, improves self-esteem, and enhances wellness. You are in the driver seat of your personalized, inspired care. It is our unwavering mission to design personalized care plans that provides you with success and happiness.

We are adaptive and proactive.
A key component of our care philosophy is the understanding that senior and dementia care needs evolve. To keep our residents safe and happy, we make sure to stay in tune with their physical or mental changes. Anticipating evolving needs plays an essential role in the care of both our assisted living and dementia care residents. Our residents receive regular evaluations and we have important protocols if an event such as a fall or behavioral incident occurs. Most of the time, we can prevent future recurrence by staying adaptive and proactive. Regular evaluations are truly a key component to keeping you safe and happy.

We work to preserve skill.
Even the most well-intentioned caregivers can accidentally do everything FOR or AT someone rather than WITH someone. One of the most important things we can do for our assisted living and memory care residents is to preserve their independence. Regular utilization of skills helps retain those skills no matter what your age is. For example, it may be faster and easier to use a wheelchair to get to Bingo, but it’s more important that we take the time to walk together. There is nothing more important than retention of your skills.

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