Our innovative Grate Eats! program embodies the Inspired Living mission – to take care of, champion, and empower moms and dads. Grate Eats! is expertly designed for individuals with cognitive or physical limitations, who may have difficulty using utensils to eat.

One of the most difficult and emotional aspects of aging for many seniors is the loss of independence. When it comes to eating, some seniors lose the ability and opportunity to eat their favorite meals or dine with others, relying on smoothies for their meals, mashed and pureed fruit and vegetables, or someone to cut their food into small pieces and feed them. This can happen due to a loss of cognitive function or impaired motor skills that make using a knife and fork difficult or impossible. Seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are particularly affected by this.

Inspired Living has crafted an innovative new program that turns traditional, large plated dinners into upscale finger foods. We take popular entrée foods like chicken, salmon, and steak, along with well-loved sides, and transform them into bite-sized appetizers and beautifully plated finger foods.

The hors ‘d oeuvre-like pieces allow seniors to dine with their friends and family in the residential dining room or easily on-the-go. What’s more, our dieticians review and approve every menu option to ensure it’s giving the moms and dads in our care optimum nutrition. This stand-out program is one-of-a-kind and goes a long way in providing our residents with dignity – and delight.