Gardening is a great way to relax, exercise, and get some quality time in the sunshine.


Gardening is a fun, creative way to spend time outside, but it actually offers seniors more benefits than you might expect. Here’s a list of five great advantages you can get from a little regular gardening, including some that may be surprising.


1. Healthy Sunshine

Spending time outside is healthy for many reasons. One of the main benefits to being outdoors is getting some healthy sunshine. It gives the body healthier vitamin D and lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol.


2. Exercise, Stretching, & Coordination

Gardening involves digging, bending down, carrying, and many other physical acts that make for great aerobic exercise as well as good stretching for flexibility and coordination-boosting motor-skill work.


3. Social Fun

Gardening is a community-building activity that brings people together. It’s the perfect excuse to gather and build something collaboratively while chatting and enjoying quality time spent with friends.


4. Cognitive Health

Outdoor activity is proven to help stimulate the mind, making it great for brain health. It’s especially great for seniors, as proper stimulation in the great outdoors is shown to help slow the onset of dementia, like Alzheimer’s.


5. Happiness & Stress Relief

Gardening combines outdoor exercise, healthy mind stimulation, and social fun, which work together to lower stress levels and give seniors better overall feelings of happiness and well-being.