Inspired Living Featured Reviews

Reese Veerkamp – Tampa

My mother has lived at Inspired Living in Tampa for almost three years. Among the memory care facilities in the Tampa Bay Area, Inspired Living is a shining star. Not only is their facility fresh, well-maintained and spacious, but they have genuine concern for the well-being of their residents and their family members. Their philosophy of keeping their residents engaged with activities, outings and even just conversation has a natural consequence of a better daily disposition for those dealing with dementia and Alzheimers disease as well as avoiding sun-downing. The residents are clean and well-kept and the food always smells and looks delicious (especially the desserts)! They frequently have outside entertainers and instructors visit the facility for the resident’s enjoyment and a local church even has a nondenominational service on Sundays for those who are interested. They have always addressed the few issues or concerns that we have had in the past in a timely manner and their communication is prompt and personal. Really, what makes Inspired Living of Tampa more of a home than a facility is the administrator, Charlie, and his staff. It is clear that not only does he care for the residents, but he also takes care of his staff. As a result, there is very little turn-over. Navigating the care of someone you love can be a daunting task, but they do all that they can to parter with you along the way. I am very, very thankful for ILT.

  Reese Veerkamp

Rebecca Thorne – Tampa

Inspired Living has demonstrated that what they say, and who they say they are is very true. They have returned respect and dignity to my father who has lived a long life, and now faces challenges that no one ever plans for when they dream of retirement. This past year, two different facilities over medicated my father to make him fit in their world. Then we discovered Inspired Living on Kelly Road, a place that lets my dad create his own world. Beautiful large outdoor space, highly trained and focused staff that show compassion and caring. They watch out for my dad in so many ways, It has returned my peace of mind. If you have a loved one that has Alzheimer or other memory issues I highly encourage you to tour this home away from home. The cost is market competitive, and offers so much more.

  Rebecca Thorne

Tamara Tate – Tampa

Inspired Living Tampa is a beautiful facility. We are always greeted by Dee who is kind and helpful. The administration and staff, Charlie and Yuni, always treat my grandmother as if she were their own family member. As difficult as it has been having a loved one with Dementia, they always dignify her and have been supportive every step of the way. We are always impressed with their amazing activities director, Soraya, as well. The activities are appropriate and stimulating for memory care patients. It warms our hearts to see the residents singing and dancing, if able, with smiles on their faces.

  Tamara Tate

Bryan Brundell – Alpharetta

Inspired Living is a nicely appointed 5 Star Resort style Senior Community. What sets this Senior Community apart from others in the area is that it is tucked away from busy & noisy streets but conveniently located in the hub of Alpharetta. The staff are caring, friendly & respectful and I would not hesitate choosing this Senior Community for a loved one / family member.

  Bryan Brundell

James Kuzilla – Sugar Land

I can’t say enough about how much I love this community. From the staff to the amenities – this is a 5 star establishment. Mario, the executive director is phenomenal and his entire staff is caring and engaged. Highly recommend.

  James Kuzilla

Erin Greene – Ivy Ridge

Ivy Ridge is 1 of the nicest memory care places in the area. It is a very clean building with lots of activities going on. The staff there do a great job of taking care of seniors. I have no doubt that the people who live there are taken care of and treated as they should be. As I look on Facebook and when I’m there I see so much fun happening with smiling faces all over the place. Overall very happy with Ivy Ridge and Validus.

  Erin Greene

Nick Noelte – Tampa

Inspired Living is an excellent place for that special care of your loved ones. The staff and administration are caring, respectful, and detail oriented. As a frequent visitor, I always notice the staff spending one on one time with the residents. They are attentive and respectful to everyone! Not only do they have amazing facilities, but they always bring in entertainment and exciting activities for the residents to enjoy. If you’re looking for a place for a loved one with special needs, this is the place to visit!!

  Nick Noelte

Leslie Michalek – Ivy Ridge

Great facility with a family atmosphere, caring staff, delicious food and a strong management team. They are always fine tuning their services and enhancing their enrichment activities for the residents. At the end of the day, I know my loved one is in excellent hands.

  Leslie Michalek

Julie Grass – Palm Bay

I recently moved my mother to Inspired Living and I am amazed at how caring and compassionate the staff members are to each and every resident. They take the time to stop and listen to each one of them not only caring for their needs physically but emotionally as well. So happy that we made the decision to move her here.

  Julie Grass

Alyce Bowers – Kenner

The southern flex rehab team would like to recognize our plants operation assistant and hero Scott Gill. We rely on him to assist and install all apartment modifications and recommendations to improve the quality of life for Inspired Living’s residents. He is always happy to help, eager to assist and he is a vital part of the day to day operations at Inspired. In the community, we depend on him for all our handy man and tool related needs. We order the necessary equipment and Scott gets it done. We truly could not provide optimal therapy service without him. He prides himself on his service to residents and families.

  Alyce Bowers

Ron Charboneau – Bonita Springs

Beautiful facility. It doesn’t look or feel like a medical facility but rather an upscale apartment/condo building.

Grounds and buildings were impeccably clean. Staff was happy and seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

Patients were laughing and having fun exercising.

Caitlin was amazing. Well informed and answered all my questions with empathy and understanding.

I recommend Inspired Living to anyone.

Great place!

 Ron Charboneau

Donna Yoder – Sarasota

Love the staff at this facility. They are kind and considerate to each resident, always looking for ways to honor and give value to every individual. Everyone is happy and seems to enjoy their work.

 Donna Yoder

Julie LeBriton – Bonita Springs

Inspired Living is a beautiful community. The building is perfectly located with large windows overlooking the water making you feel like you’re on a cruise ship. The decor is upscale but also inviting and cozy. I had the opportunity to volunteer and provide an essential oil relaxation experience for a group of residents today. The residents that joined me were well cared for and happy. This is what Memory Care should be like!

 Julie LeBriton

Jim Cape – Alpharetta

My wife and I started looking in the Buckhead/Brookhaven area where Sarah had lived for most of her life in Atlanta, and we finally ended up just 20 minutes north of there, off 400 at the Old Milton Parkway exit.

Inspired living at Alpharetta is a beautiful area, set on 65 acres that feels more like a secluded mountain resort than an independent living, assisted living, and memory care community. From the two-story entrance lobby with a piano located on the open balcony on the floor above, to the comfortable elegance of the adjoining dining room overlooking the pool and dog park below (yes, pets are welcome), we were sold before we began. Smiling faces and friendly people in both the staff and the residents created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Marilyn, another resident, was introduced to Sarah, and told her, “you’re going to like it here. I guarantee it.” Sarah thought she was too old to make new friends, so we’ve been delighted to see the new friendships she’s developed with other residents, including Marilyn. She never eats alone.

Completed in December of 2017, the building has all the latest features for Sarah’s security and safety that we could find anywhere. Every resident has a bracelet that serves as their door key and makes it possible for the staff to find them (and other staff members) instantly wherever they are, using monitors located in strategic spots on every floor. For security, every visitor registers in and out electronically at the concierge desk in the lobby.
One of our greatest concerns was how much the monthly rent would escalate over time. Many other housing providers increase prices annually; and as Sarah’s needs for additional services are required-the price goes up.
“Forever Pricing” is a unique option that we found only at inspired living at Alpharetta. It’s a brilliant solution that promises the monthly rent will not increase for any reason as long as Sarah is in assisted living. Other places we considered had add-on pricing for this-or-that, so it was hard to compare one facility to another. To their credit, inspired living at Alpharetta has an all-in monthly rent that includes everything needed to live comfortably without any add-ons.

Included for no additional charges are:
three meals a day with food and snacks available from 7:00am til 7:00pm by the full-time chef. Sarah’s guests at meal time are charged only $10.00 per person.
Weekly in-depth apartment cleaning by staff.
Dirty clothes are picked up, washed/dried, folded and delivered back to her apartment once a week.
They have full-time maintenance staff for small jobs such as hanging pictures and small maintenance and repair.
Basic Comcast cable tv is included.

 Jim Cape

Nikki Schweinbeck – Alpharetta

My studio apartment is spacious and comfortable. I have enjoyed making friends here at Inspired Living! I like the meals that they offer us, and I love the activities that are included. My favorite activity is the daily exercise class.

 Nikki Schweinbeck

Jim and Ellie Lyall – Alpharetta

I would like to take a few moments to acknowledge several of the employees. My name is Jim and I am the husband of a resident of Inspired Living. My wife moved in about 3 months ago and with the new management we have been very pleased. I also stay with her in her apartment for around 10 days a month, so I truly get to see firsthand how this community works.

Care Givers:
Usually my wife is greeted in the morning by Nixa, she does a great job above and beyond expectations. Denise when she’s my wife’s care giver also steps up and does a great job also occasionally when Ebony cares for her the same job well done applies. In the evening usually, it’s Aika who is very efficient and does her job well. Also, occasionally Dwight has helped. It’s obvious these staff members enjoy caring for people and have a great attitude which I’m sure helps the residents feel more at home. In addition to the above-mentioned care givers others when called upon have exemplified the same standard of care.

Several of the staff assisting me with medications are Cheryl, Dianne and other staff members in the evening and early morning. Also, a marked improvement since Linda Burney the health and wellness director arrived, she has an open-door policy and is a straight shooter and the staff has conveyed a great respect for her. Things have improved!

Both Joel and Maurice do a great job. Maurice has given us many ideas and suggestions to make the apartment more comfortable. Maurice has also assisted with setting up furniture, great attitude valued employee.

Front Desk:
The staff is courteous and very helpful, included finding places around this area and recommendations. We are new to this area and they’ve been very helpful.

Finally, the dining area, that all starts with Kim. She is very courteous and helpful and cares for the residents making people feel like this is home.

What these staff members have in common is they enjoy caring for people and display a positive attitude which is refreshing.

 Jim and Ellie Lyall

Greenwauld St. Jean – Alpharetta

We did a tour with Rajae the other day. She was so professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Rajae was exceptionally informative and we truly enjoyed our tour. Thank you so much Rajae for your help and for being so kind and patient with us. You were a delight.

 Greenwauld St. Jean

Bill Winter – Alpharetta

As a former Healthcare Administrator, I can appreciate a facility that offers a comfortable environment in very pleasant surroundings. Here at Inspired Living Alpharetta, the staff is responsive to my needs, the food is tasty and nutritious and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. My family is very happy that I am enjoying living here.

 Bill Winter

Monnie Berry – Alpharetta

I would like to acknowledge all of the extra attention that Kim in the dining room gives to the residents who need extra help. She is very caring and attentive to their needs and she needs a pat on the back for all she does and the care she gives. We have a wonderful dining room and the food is amazing and I want to make sure everyone knows how great it is. I am a resident here at Inspired Living and truly love living here.

 Monnie Berry

Marilyn Schmitz – Alpharetta

My son helped me to find Inspired Living. He toured many communities as he is a fireman and is used to going into senior housing. He said that Inspired Living had a family atmosphere and he felt that the staff truly cared for the people living there. Since I moved in a year ago I have come to feel the same way. The food is wonderful and the residents here are active. I would recommend my home, Inspired Living, to anyone looking for a warm, inviting and caring environment.

 Marilyn Schmitz

Racquel Chang – Alpharetta

My mom has been at Inspired Living for the past 6 months and our experience has been awesome! One of the most important things to me and my family is that my mom is happy and every day when I visit she tells me that is is so happy and that she enjoys the activities. Thank you Inspired Living!

 Racquel Chang

Amy Lander – Ivy Ridge

Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge is absolutely the most wonderful facility. I visited from out of town to tour for my mother who has dementia. The staff was so wonderful. I was invited to stay for lunch and the food was absolutely amazing – everything was fresh. I also observed the caregivers and their involvement with the residents. They are truly caring people. The residents were involved in activities throughout the day. I can’t say enough and if I lived in the area, this is the place I would chose for my mother.

 Amy Lander

Jim Tesoriero – Bonita Springs

This is a top notch 21st Century facility, one of the best in the Ft. Myers/Naples area. Everything is brand new and clean, and the staff is very outgoing and friendly. I would have no problem or issue with one of my own family members living here.

 Jim Tesoriero

Katie Singer – Sarasota

Inspired Living is a wonderful place for folks with memory difficulties. As difficult a decision as it can be to have a loved one away from you, the compassionate care they provide is unmatched. The staff members are patient and professional. They are very attentive to people’s individual needs and preferences, such as music and exercise. They really seem to get to know their residents well. They encourage participation and make activities fun. They have a daily schedule of things to do, including field trips and entertainment. The activity directors are stellar (Hi Chami and Maggie!), as are all the nurses, caretakers, kitchen staff and administrators. The schedule and structure is very helpful for those with cognitive decline. The facility is lovely and clean, and the rooms are spacious. The Mediterranean diet-based food is healthy and also very good. The grounds are well maintained and there is a extensive outdoor area where residents can freely and safely walk and relax outside as well. Memory loss can be a very difficult process. We are so glad to have Inspired Living of Sarasota to help us try and make it easier.

 Katie Singer

Kim Mills – Sarasota

I was looking at options for my father in law, and I found Inspired Living to offer a lovely interior, creative activities and engaged staff. I was impressed by their advanced tracking capabilities to that can pin point a resident’s location at any time. I was especially pleased by the staff’s understanding of the progression of dementia and how to engage people at every phase in a way that maintains dignity.

 Kim Mills

Pat Shoemaker – Bonita Springs

I had visited several memory care facilities looking for a place to provide short term and long term respite care for my 90 year old mother while I’m traveling. I was most impressed with Inspired Living’s facility and staff. When I made my decision to choose Inspired Living, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

 Pat Shoemaker

Adrienne Krueger – Palm Bay

I cannot say enough good things about Inspired Living. It’s hard to have a loved one go into dementia care- the disease itself is hard to understand and the options are not always attractive. However I can say that after being at Inspired Living at Palm Bay for only a short time, my dad is already lighter and happier. The staff is so upbeat and attentive, they laugh and joke with my dad, who’ not very intelligible. The sparkle in his eyes has come back around a group that understands and truly cares for him. I moved my dad from NY down to Palm Bay and I was very unsure how we’d make the trip succesfully. James at Palm Bay flew up to help us with checking my dad out of his former facility, and to get his successfully through the plane ride. He kept him calm and entertained, knowing just how to manage the disease during what could have been an extremely stressful environment for my dad. There’s no way we could have made this transition without the caring folks at Palm Bay- they were in constant touch every step of the way and unbelievably accommodating. I feel so confident that we’ve made the right choice- it is just head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen out there.

 Adrienne Krueger

Ted Cuz – Bonita Springs

Inspired Living is a highly regarded Memory care assisted living facility. It is modern, clean, the staff that I’ve met are great and very dedicated.
I would feel comfortable if I had to put my mother there.

 Ted Cuz

Steven Wolinsky – Sarasota

Inspired living activities staff is the best I’ve worked with. Seems the staff and management team have changed for the better. I’m impressed just how friendly the staff is. I’m the residents music therapist and I’ve been working with them for many years. I can see the positive change in the residents and there care.

 Steven Wolinsky

Jose Bees – Bonita Springs

I have been an employee at Inspired Living for over a year and half and have enjoyed every day of it. Inspired Living has been a home away from home. My coworkers have been like family to me and the moms and dads living here are very special to me. I have become attached to many moms and dads and their families as well. I am happy to have been able to become so close to the many family members that have come and gone, throughout my time here. They have been able to confine and trust me and my fellow coworkers and entrust the people they hold dearest. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say we are appreciative for the opportunity to know, care and love them. Vanessa Flores, MedTech.

 Jose Bees

Wenda Bergeron – Kenner

I recently attended an event at Inspired Living Kenner. The staff is very professional and the facility is beautiful and they offer a lot. I would consider moving my loved one to Inspired Living if there were a need.

 Wenda Bergeron

Wymberly Steele – Lewisville

My husband and I made the difficult decision a little over a month ago to place my father in law in memory care. Inspired Living of Lewisville was our second tour of the day and it was our last. We knew it was the place for him. The first place we visited was so depressing and everyone looked drugged sleeping on the couches and we walked out thinking wow that was depressing. Then we arrived at Inspired Living. I thought we had walked into a 5 star hotel. The entire atmosphere was entirely different. The facility is just beautiful and the people are amazing. I have been a nurse for 24 years and I felt completely comfortable having the staff there taking care of my beloved father in law. I am quite picky and my trust has to be earned. It didn’t take long. Gina, Whitney, and Rolly were amazing. They became part of my family. They are excellent nurses. I trusted they were taking excellent care of my loved one. I didn’t get to know the aides names but they knew me and always greeted me as did the house keeper and Reagan at the front desk. My father in law unfortunately recently passed away. He was very happy in his new home his last days and that gives my husband and I peace knowing we made the best decision. We appreciate everyone at Inspired Living for all of their compassion and care of our loved one. We know that he wasn’t just a number there, he was loved. Thanks so much to everyone. I highly recommend Inspired Living of Lewisville.

 Wymberly Steele

Mary P. – Ocoee

The most caring and experienced Assisted Living facility in Orange county, Fla. Their staff are hand selected to fit the needs and desires of all the residents. Each resident is treated with the highest respect and love if I had to rate Inspired Living on a scale if 1 to 10 definitely “10” !

 Mary P.

Lanete Kaiser – Palm Bay

What an amazing team at Inspired Living at Palm Bay! Michele and James have been so extremely helpful throughout this process. It is difficult to make decisions for a loved one when they reach a particular point in their lives and Michele and James guided us through each step with love and patience. My father’s move went so smoothly. The maintenance crew (Cooper and Eli) were extremely helpful and even helped hang all the pictures. My father’s nurse (Corrine) was so kind and made him feel welcomed. Francesca has such a kind heart and helped him become more comfortable with his new home. Every staff member has a smile on and are so extremely helpful. We are so grateful for everyone at Inspired Living and feel at peace that my father will be receiving the best! Thank you to everyone at Inspired Living!

 Lanete Kaiser

Susan Holman – Kenner

I could not be more pleased with this facility. Every aspect of my father’s care is addressed with professionalism and care. I am so thankful I was able to find them at this difficult period in my Dad’s life.

 Susan Holman

Glenn Johnson – Sarasota

I visited 6 memory care facilities in April and Inspired Living topped the list to meet the needs of my ailing wife. It’s a beautiful, well maintained facility. I especially liked the walking park in the back, complete with a large gazebo where we take our visitors and loved ones for a pleasant evening chat.

What’s most interesting is the Executive Director’s leadership approach to running this facility. Ms. Crumley makes everyone feel welcome and treats her residents as if they were family. She has been special to my wife, eaten breakfast with her, and prayed with her multiple times. How special is that?

Her staff is equally attentive. It’s a total team effort. They have a tough job to do and they give of themselves to insure your loved one is properly cared for. If you have an issue, voice it, and it will be solved.

You won’t find Ms. Crumley hiding behind a desk. She will be out on the floor, assisting her staff where needed and providing guidance when the going gets tough. And believe me, some days provide those challenges. I’ve seen her put in 14 hour days and she’s still smiling at the end.

The Activity director is young, vibrant, caring, and creative. There are plenty of fun activities, celebrations, and trips each week. She just got through hosting a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for one couple. It was simply first class. It’s wonderful to see her and her entire staff in action. Her uncommon talent is a rarity in today’s society.

The food is great. The menus offer variety and fill the nutritional needs of your loved one. I would give it an A.

It’s worth your while to visit this memory care facility. I highly recommend it and I think you will find it’s the right place for your family needs. I had some tough decisions to make recently and entrusting my wife to someone else’s care wasn’t easy for me. But when it became my highest priority, I wanted something first class. I’m glad I chose Inspired Living.

 Glenn Johnson

Dave & Ann Auker – Hidden Lakes

My mother and I are very pleased with the care Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes is offering my father. The staff is caring and accessible both weekdays and weekends. Their Recreation Director is very good and offers different activities for engagement by the residents. Inspired Living offers a support group for family to share experiences and offer help / support. The food is very good. And finally, the entire staff is very friendly, helpful and cares about our needs as well as my father. Five stars! (out of five).
Dave & Ann Auker

Dave & Ann Auker

Jacqueline Jones – Sarasota

This is a lovely place with a well thought out plan for memory care patients. I was looking at many places so that when the time comes, I do not have to do the long days of searching for the right place. My mother will be joining Inspired Living when the right time comes. My searching days are over.

 Jacqueline Jones

Brittany Moore – Sugar Land

My father has been living at Inspired Living for almost 6 months. It has been great! The community is beautiful and the staff is amazing! Karen and Mario have been truly supportive during this difficult transition. I highly recommend Inspired Living Sugarland to anyone that is looking for accommodations for their loved one.

 Brittany Moore

Marla Garrity – Kenner

My experience with Inspired Living has been wonderful. Even with my many difficult situations, I was guided and assisted to make the entire process less stressful. Everyone there was/is friendly, professional and helpful beyond measure. I would like to recognize Angela Dorvin in particular, for her continued help and support.

 Marla Garrity

Janet Jarzyna – Sarasota

Staff very welcoming and hospitable. We were able to see community rooms, model rooms, gardens, and enjoyed a lovely lunch. Our marketing gal Stephanie was especially knowledgeable with all the aspects or the center and gave us a great amount of time. The staff seemed to have a very good rapport with the patients. It was a most enjoyable and informational experience for my husband and myself.

 Janet Jarzyna

Matt Carli – Ocoee

Luxurious! Definitely a five-star senior living community with all of the amenities one would want. The staff is always welcoming and attentive. Brandon in dining services creates beautiful meals that always exceed my expectations, even down to a good old fashion burger and fries.

 Matt Carli

Sherin – Sugar Land

Thanks to Karen, Sales Director at Inspired Living for helping me locate a facility suitable for my husband. Even though I did not select Inspired Living, Karen took the time and effort to send me a list of referrals near my home.


Mike Miccio – Kenner

We are so happy that we selected Inspired Living at Kenner for my mother. The facility is beautiful, there are many activities, the staff is very professional and caring and they also bring my mother to her doctor appointments. My mother told me that we could not have found a nicer place for her to live.

 Mike Miccio

Andrea Shonkwiler – Ocoee

I had a very enjoyable stay at Inspired Living. The staff were very accommodating and helpful. If I ever have the need for this type of care and service again, I would certainly come back. My children found this community for me a they did a great job.

 Andrea Shonkwiler

P. Swartzfager – Kenner

The staff at Inspired Living Kenner welcomed my mother back from a long hospital stay with such joy and caring! This was especially wonderful since she was disoriented and unsure. I value the caring staff and the comforting atmosphere!

 P. Swartzfager

Betsey Fazzina – Hidden Lakes

It was a difficult decision to have my mother go to live at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes, but Whitney and Shannon were so kind and caring that we just knew we were doing the best thing for her. She has adjusted well and we couldn’t be more pleased with the staff and facility.  Betsey Fazzina

Rick Hilleary – Bonita Springs

Entertainers performing at such facilities get a close-up view of the treatment afforded residents, and I’ve noticed that activities director Nancy, and staff consistently demonstrate engaged professionalism while creating a loving, caring and uplifting environment for all. I always enjoy my time at this comfortable establishment.

 Rick Hilleary

Beth Vandenberg – Palm Bay

I had preferred Inspired Living upon research of local memory care facilities for many reasons but that impression was confirmed by friendly calls checking to see when they might be needed. When the moment arrived James was there 100% to assist our mom’s transition in an emergency situation. His constant communication with all concerned family members is exemplary.

 Beth Vandenberg

Karin Mann – Palm Bay

We made a very hard decision to put my father in memory care. He was transitioned into another place and it was a horrible experience. We ended up moving him to Inspired Living and things turned around. James Brassard was great to work with – he gave me his cell phone and was in touch on weekends and after hours. Not only did he really seem to CARE about my dad, he understood dementia. The staff has been incredible taking my calls from home & spending as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. I really can’t say enough good things about Inspired Living. I just wish I had heard about them first!

 Karin Mann

Lisa Sackett – Kenner

Inspired Living is a beautiful new place, run by a professional, caring team. The grounds and building are kept pristine, just the way it should be as a home for the residents to be proud of. The dining room is elegant, restaurant-style with quality food. This is a first class way of life for independent folks, and for those in need of special memory care. My mother lived here in a safe, dignified manner.

 Lisa Sackett

John Allegra – Palm Bay

Our family member lived at Inspired Living for quite some time prior to his passing. We were comforted by the staff at the community. They are angels and helped our family through an incredibly difficult time.

 John Allegra

Jill Reed – Palm Bay

We placed our loved one at Inspired Living earlier this year and have been truly impressed. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that not only our loved one is taken care, but we are as well. The transition was much easier than anticipated and I would highly recommend anyone looking at options to visit this property.

 Jill Reed

Nancy Matchett – Palm Bay

Wow! Everybody has gone out of their way to be the most helpful and informative and caring people in a very stressful time and made it all so easy and it’s a beautiful state of the art facility. We couldn’t be happier.

 Nancy Matchett

Theresa P. – Lakewood Ranch

We moved our parents from a different local care facility to Inspired Living to improve their care. It was an excellent decision. The caregivers in the assisted living area and the memory care area have been caring and compassionate. The food, environment and activities are very good. We have gotten to know Kim and Trish who lead each area and are impressed with their care for their employees and the residents. We are grateful for the quality of care and attention given to our parents.

 Theresa P.

Dianne Sosa – Palm Bay

From the first call I made to Inspired Living, James Brassard has been in constant contact with me addressing questions and providing valued information. He has taken the time to understand my father’s situation and made recommendations for consideration. His support has been invaluable during our decision process. I am very much looking forward to having my father at Inspired Living. I feel that the level of communication is outstanding especially since I live in another state and depend on the staff to keep me informed on how my Dad is doing.

 Dianne Sosa

Trudy Baily – Lakewood Ranch

Inspired Living staff worked so well with me. I was hired by a resident’s daughter to take her mom shopping once a week. Staff treated me as part of their team. The concierges were always so friendly, especially Diana. Thank you for your open arms as the goal is always the residents.

 Trudy Baily

Nancy Hebert – Ocoee

I cannot say enough positive things about Inspired Living. The staff is very friendly and they welcomed my aunt with open arms. The community is very clean food is delicious and there is a lot of activities. It’s like being on a cruise and never leaving Ocoee. I know God was with us in this move because everything went smoothly. Thank you, Staci and staff.  Nancy Hebert

Sarah Garcia – Ocoee

I had the opportunity to tour recently. The community is beautiful, utilizes the latest technology to deliver excellent care, and the food is fabulous! You can tell that the staff at the community take pride in what they do!  Sarah Garcia

Rebeca Vizcarrondo – Palm Bay

James at inspired living is amazing…he’s truly empathetic and kind and very informative!? My family was so blessed to be able to work with such a great person that not only helps you with all the information you need about inspired living but also with community information that may help the family. Once again thank you James for all you have done and continue to do.

 Rebeca Vizcarrondo

Ken Pointer – Lakewood Ranch

I have to say I’m so glad to call Inspired Living my home. I have people who truly care about me. With the loss of my wife recently Janette the executive director arranged a celebration of life for me. It was the most beautiful service that I needed for my grieving process. My family and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

 Ken Pointer

John Kuder – Tampa

Inspired Living came highly recommended by the assisted living staff where my mother lived previously. We visited several and it stood out to us as well. The care my mother received there was excellent and the staff who assisted her were very kind and attentive. I’m happy we chose this facility.

 John Kuder

Shawna Green – Hidden Lakes

From the moment I walked into Inspired Living I couldn’t believe the sense of warmth I received just walking in the door. I had been to many different facilities before stepping into Inspired Living and let me assure you the difference was shocking. The facility is beautiful and well maintained and the staff is very caring. From my experience, Inspired Living has been a blessing in more ways than one.

 Shawna Green

Diane Goldstein – Bonita Springs

Inspired Living is a wonderful place for memory care. The facility is top notch. My husband stayed for respite. The staff was so concerned and caring and answered all my questions and concerns. They made me feel comfortable about my husband’s safety and well being. Even when he became agitated they were very soothing and helped him to relax. I would recommend Inspired Living to anyone who needs memory care for a loved one.

 Diane Goldstein

Rocco DeLuca – Bonita Springs

We did a walk through the facility with Tom on July 16, 2018. Of all the facilities we’ve been through, it was by far the nicest. The staff was great, the content of the residents were very diversified, and we felt would be a great fit for my mother-in-law, who has been living with us for the last seven years, because of short-term memory loss.

It is the first time that we left the facility tour, that my wife was it shaking her head and sadness, but actually said, “I think she would be happier here than home because of all of the people her age and her same situation.”

It’s amazing that this is not the most expensive facility we visited, but it was actually the cleanest, brightest and what seems to be the most technologically advanced that we have visited.

 Rocco DeLuca

B. Taylor – Kenner

Starting with Angela every single person was so wonderful to us. We were greeted as we were part of a family. The facility is very nice and was immaculate. Not only that, the residents were also very polite and seemed happy.  B. Taylor

Lynn D. – Kenner

My dad’s stay started as respite care and turned into a permanent stay. The ambiance is like a hotel and he loves the staff; they’ve been amazing. They all knew him by name very quickly and were looking out for him. At meals they automatically bring him a cup of black coffee, like a hometown cafe you’ve gone to all your life. There are daily activities to keep everyone engaged, not sitting in their room. This big change has been about as smooth as it could be.  Lynn D.

Wendy Leonard – Hidden Lakes

Awesome in every way! The only odor I have ever detected is from the kitchen, and those make you want to pull up a chair. Wow! Friendly! Absolutely. Caring staff? The best. Enough staff? Yes. Do they call you if something happens? Immediately. We have been so pleased!

 Wendy Leonard

Pennie Thieman – Ivy Ridge

Making arrangements for my dad to be cared for at Ivy Ridge went smoothly and I was treated very well in the process. We were impressed with the facilities beauty, cleanliness and organization upon admitting my dad. Their chef must be really good as my dad really enjoyed his meals from the start and the nurses kept in touch with me as to any issues. It was sad and unfortunate that my dads stay was very short, Ivy Ridge was more than fair in all that took place. I recommend Ivy Ridge for others that are in need of a memory care facility.

 Pennie Thieman

Paul Hays – Kenner

Inspired Living has far exceeded my family’s expectations. The staff and caregivers provide exceptional care and monitor my Dad closely. I live in Atlanta and I have great communication with the staff regarding the well being of my father. My family visits and has dinner with my Dad in the dining area several times a week. The facility is state of the art, clean and well furnished. Inspire Living caregivers and staff provide a very caring, patient, safe and positive atmosphere which helps my family know that my Dad is in the best place in New Orleans.

 Paul Hays

Charles Runnels – Kenner

When my sister and I visited Inspired Living before we took my Mom to visit we were both surprised and excited to see a completely different type of place. When we took Mom, she loved it. We visited many other retirement communities both on the southshore and northshore but never found one that felt as good as Inspired Living Kenner. The staff was genuinely friendly and Mom spoke to many residents during our many visits and got very positive feedback from them. She made her decision after a great deal of research and she chose Inspired Living. Now she can’t wait to move!

 Charles Runnels

Sherman F. – Lakewood Ranch

After having Mom in another local memory care unit that she hated it is such a tremendous relief how happy she is! She loves all the staff and has really come out of her shell — she is no longer feeling isolated and “like I’m in a jail” cell. She loves having the ability to walk around the grounds without having to get permission to go outside or on the other side of the building. The staff have started working with her on the Gem stages of memory care and I can really tell a difference! Mom is so much more outgoing and has made friends – all she can talk about is the trip she went on to a local farm and the balloon games she plays (she’s getting exercise without even noticing it). Thank you so much to the staff who truly care about her and make her feel like part of their family! Debbie Dray

 Sherman F.

Patty Kunze Tatum – Palm Bay

This place is wonderful! The staff, from housekeeping staff to the executive director, have such big hearts. The facility is beautiful and the high-tech details are also helpful. When you are looking for a place for a loved one with memory issues, definitely put Inspired Living at the top of your list!

 Patty Kunze Tatum

Marti Taylor – Sugar Land

Impressive!!! Much of the memory care is staffed by Registered Nurses and LVNs. Their technology and electronic charting system is innovative and reduces the risk of medication errors. The caregivers are loving and highly educated on dementia and Altzheimers disease. Our 91 yr old mother will be safe and treated with dignity.

 Marti Taylor

Brenda Stone – Lakewood Ranch

I love going and spending time with my neighbor. Had a wonderful Easter meal! The patients and families trying enjoyed the day. I even saw the Easter bunny!! Thanks for taking wonderful care of the seniors!!

 Brenda Stone

Pamela Green – Hidden Lakes

The team at Inspired Living Hidden Lakes are caring and supportive. I facilitate a monthly Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group there the third Tuesday from 11 am-1pm. Whitney Barkey provides lunch. Caregivers rarely take time for themselves, it’s a real treat not to have to prepare a meal and eat alone, the caregivers report. Kudos to the Inspired Living Hidden Lakes Team.

 Pamela Green

Adele Carson – Ocoee

Inspired Living is a beautiful facility. This review is our impression of the facility and tour as we have not made a decision about future plans quite yet. Sue gave us an amazing tour, showing us all the amenities and room options. She took the time to explain all about the community and to get to know us. This place is beautiful, like the Disney of assisted living!

 Adele Carson

Casey Armanino – Alpharetta

I can’t imagine a more caring and professional community in which to entrust the future of my aging parent. Thank you to the loving staff at Inspired Living for helping us navigate the decisions facing us now. I’m excited to call you home for my Mom. I know that once we get her settled in, we will be a part of your family.

 Casey Armanino

Renee Ann Treece – Bonita Springs

Tom sang for the clients of Inspired Living Memory Care of Bonita Springs on Friday afternoon. We were both impressed with the beautiful and well kept building & gardens. The activity director, Nancy Garcia, and her staff gave individual care to each client and the interaction they shared was genuine. If our parents were alive and in need of care, we would be thrilled for them to be in the care of Inspired Living Memory Care of Bonita Springs! We can’t wait for our next visit there!

 Renee Ann Treece

Fred Cuthbertson – Bonita Springs

I found the staff at Inspired Living Bonita Springs to be professional, courteous and caring while taking care of my wife, Carol. The facility was always immaculate and the food was consistently of high quality. You should be proud of your organization. A job well done.

 Fred Cuthbertson

Sarah Carver – Alpharetta

I am a Registered Occupational Therapist and a daughter of a wonderful senior Mom. Besides being so close to visit, we chose this facility for several reasons (presented in order of importance to my Mom and her family):
1. Fixed Pricing (inflation proof) and fixed care costs (no levels which could become very expensive w/ one bout of flu)
2. Restaurant NOT DINING ROOM! 7am to 7pm. So residents are not locked into 3 mealtime windows. Nor thrown out of the restaurant when… just getting into a nice conversation as meal window is closing and we have to set up for next meal window. And health conscious, delicious meals (per Mom and visitors including myself!) Also, open dining hours mean visitors do not need to wake up sleeping Great Grand babies to meet some meal window (which could otherwise result in no visit at all).
3. Has dog park and accepted my Mom’s 2 small/ medium dogs.
4. Has large, high ceiling apartment which can accommodate her electric scooter.
5. Residents wear a discreet electronic sensor watch. My Mom does not have cognitive deficits but does have low vision, severe hard of hearing, COPD and definite fear of being alone since her husband of 64 years and caretaker for last 20 (when she lost much of her eyesight when she was a passenger in an airport bus that crashed) passed away in October 2017.
6. Same sensor affords visitors the advantage of not having to wait around some reception desk while staff try to local resident being visited. This watch sensor affords staff to locate any given resident immediately on monitors on each floor. Per said technology, precious visitors are not deterred from visiting.
7. Facility has own dedicated medical suite including waiting area, physician office, telehealth office, nurses office and medical records office. And my now has a new MD – a gerontologist who comes to the facility and even rounds on his/her clients with facility medical staff! Or resident can keep their own MD.
8. Dignified activities, on and off campus and really compassionate staff (this is your Mom’s home.) Staff very honoring – just right balance between helping her acclimate to her new community and have the privacy we all need and value. And concierge staff – phenomenally helpful and knowledgeable. Have even taught my Mom how to use her new Jitterbug cell phone and helped her read the daily activity schedule- and a myriad of other helpful moments which have really helped my Mom settle into her new home!
9. Can provide transportation, including staying w/ the resident, for specialist MD appts etc. for an additional fee.
10. Maintenance man dedicated 5 hours to my new Mom‚Äôs room, respectfully hanging wall art, shelving etc. to my Mom’s specifications and delight!
Anyway, thanks for doing what you do!

 Sarah Carver

Mark Mandell – Alpharetta

We went 2 times to tour the facility. The executive director and sales director were fantastic at showing us all the features of this new Inspired Living and answering all our questions. We are very excited to have my father move in March. I highly recommend for you to tour if you have a parent who needs to move into independent or assisted living or memory care. You won’t be sorry.

 Mark Mandell

Sowy – Tampa

I have visited Inspired Living several times and have always been impressed by the kindness of the staff, the cleanliness of the facility and the quality of activities keeping the residents engaged!! They treat everyone with respect and dignity and the best part is that you can really tell the staff love what they do and are always finding new ways to help, grow and care for their residents!!


Emma Fulco – Tampa

I have been a visiting Zumba Instructor to Inspired Living Tampa for almost 2 years now. I have to say that it is such a privilege for me to be a part of the magic that goes on there. The staff does a fabulous job of keeping their residents very happy with all the field trips and activities. By the time I arrive there for the dance party, the staff, as well as the residents, all participate. For an hour in time, we are all 21 years old. If I did have a family member that needed their services, I would feel quite confident that they would be in excellent hands.

 Emma Fulco

Peter Hoeve – Alpharetta

This place is awesome! Arthur and his staff are stellar. My Mom has lived at 4 places and this is a quantum leap better than the others. She is in memory care now since my dad passed away recently. The staff handled everything with amazing compassion. The night my dad passed away Arthur sat with us until all the arrangements were made. I can’t say enough about Arthur and his staff. The food is fantastic too. Don’t hesitate to make the move to Inspired Living in Alpharetta!

 Peter Hoeve

Nyda Bannerman – Hidden Lakes

I visited several memory care facilities before someone recommended Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes. From the moment I walked through the doors, I felt at peace. The staff comforted me, cried with me, helped me through the paperwork process and took my mother’s hand and led her to her new life. My phone calls were always greeted with kindness and support. The facility is clean and the residents are happy with all the activities that are available to them.

During the hurricanes, I routinely received phone calls updating loved ones of the situation.

Mom has since passed and the staff, again, cried with me. I will always feel as though the staff was part of my extended family. I would highly recommend Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes.

 Nyda Bannerman

Tim G Klein – Ocoee

They say Home is where the heart is, and after visiting Inspired Living in Ocoee, it’s hard to imagine my parents living in any other community. Sales Director Sue Lesczynski met me with a huge smile. The lobby was bustling with residents on their way to activities, some to catch a quick meal. Walkers and wheelchairs were the norm, but it was if they became invisible. The smiles on faces told me this home is filled with love. I also sensed that safety and service were key …reasons individuals and couples chose Inspired Living as their new home. Sue sat down with me to learn about my parents. She was sincerely interested in their backgrounds and needs. I noticed she knew the names of every resident we encounted during the community tour. When going over safety measures, menus, and programs, she bustled with pride and enthusiam about the staff, and futuristic tools, like 24-hour monitoring. I personally wanted to move in immediately, just to be around such hope and optimism. No doubt, my parents would be in good, loving hands. Many thanks to Sue for opening my eyes to a world that isn’t filled with trepidation or fear, but instead a home with heart, where kindness, comraderie, and compassion fill the days of those who need help the most.

  Tim G Klein

Jen Driggers Cecil – Bonita Springs

Inspired Living has the best energy of any memory care facility I’ve been to, and I’ve visited A LOT of them.

The staff treats all the residents with love and dignity. There is so much warmth there; I always feel like my mom will be very well cared for by each staff member.

Another great thing about Inspired Living is how they have get-togethers where residents and their families can celebrate together. Today was a Valentine’s party, with a musical host named Joy. She kept everyone upbeat and engaged. Great to hear everyone remembering words to old songs.

 Jen Driggers Cecil

Dawn Haynes – Palm Bay

James has been invaluable in helping us through the process of getting our family member set up as a resident there. James has made the process painless, and at times, enabled us to have a chuckle or two. We already consider James a part of the family! Thanks James for all you do!!

 Dawn Haynes

Kathy Knight Bell – Hidden Lakes

I brought my 92 year old dad to Hidden Lakes. I researched several places before making the decision. The service and the staff are great. They are caring and help there residents with there special needs. It takes a special type of person to work in a memory care unit and they have chosen the right staff. They keep the place clean and smelling great. The food is all natural and they have a five star chief that meets even special needs. The one thing that really stands out above all is they treat everyone that lives there with respect. There always there when needed and go around giving hugs which my dad and other loved. If you really care about your loved one go visit Hidden Lakes and see for yourself

 Kathy Knight Bell

Traci Platt – Alpharetta

My husband and I went to tour Inspired Living in Alpharetta. This place is so beautiful!! You could tell the Staff (every single person) loved what they were doing. Mary Kate Flanagan is the director that took us on tour. She spent so much time showing us around and sharing the philosophy of Inspired Living. It was everything we could ask for. Unfortunately for our family my mom has a dog. Inspired Living does allow dogs in memory care but can’t offer any help. Mary Kate tried to help us with researching dog walkers. (She went way beyond what we expected) Inspired Living truly seems to care about the residents and their families. Having someone come a couple times a day at $20.00 dollars an hour is just too much for our family. I wish this place would of worked for us. this is the nicest place in cleanliness, brightness, friendliest and price that we have found. My husband and I have gone to conventions in Atlanta and lectures all over on Alzheimer’s. The philosophy of Inspired Living is spot on with what we have learned is the best way to take care of people with any kind of dementia. I wish the best to this company, they are doing it right!

 Traci Platt

Stephen Dudley – Ivy Ridge

So impressed w how pleasant every staff member is to one another & especially to the residents! The care & concern the staff provide for these residents is amazing! The entire staff seem to love their jobs & it shows!

 Stephen Dudley

Bruce Brokr – Bonita Springs

We visited Inspired Living to inquire about respite care. The Community Relations Department responded to our many questions with both professionalism and extreme kindness! The facility is well kept, clean and inviting. The staff were friendly and interactive. Do not hesitate to consider Inspired Living!

 Bruce Brokr

Paul Hammonds – Alpharetta

We recently toured Inspired Living while searching for an assisted living for a family member. We were blown away. The facility is beautiful, clean and very functional.

We toured with Mary Kate Flanagan who was very impressive. She was attentive and listened very closely as we described our needs. She was very knowledgeable about the facility. Most impressive was her ability to be friendly and informative without being pushy or overly aggressive.

We will be using this facility. We would encourage others to take a look.

This company is reinventing ideas about elder care.

 Paul and Nancy Hammonds

Gina Holzer – Lakewood

My mother has been at Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch for Respite Care and words cannot express how truly amazing the entire staff has been! It was very hard for us to find a place where we felt as if my mother would be happy and treated with respect and the level of care you want to see a family member receive, but everyone went above and beyond. The facility is beautiful and they take pride in keeping it extremely clean! Immediately the staff makes it a point to know the residents name, even if they are only there for a short time. When my mother decides it is time to take that next step, it will be here!

  Gina Holzer

John Sturman – Sarasota

We checked all of the assisted living options in our area and chose Inspired Living. We have not been disappointed. The building is lovely and the staff is attentive and caring. They also have lots of activities to meet the needs of the different leeks of their occupants to help keep them active, healthy, and happy.

 John Sturman

Mark Vance – Sarasota

Great place! The best thing about it is all the activities they have all the time, including going out in the community to see all that Sarasota has to offer. Chami, the Program Director does a fantastic job!

 Mark Vance

Greg Geldart – Sarasota

My family’s experience with Inspired Living at Sarasota has been very pleasant! The members working at the facility provide my Mom with the Best of care. Everyone, including Kathy, Myrista, Margie, Chami, Leah, Mike and all the incredible nurses have shown such kindness, and I hold them in the highest regard. They give me peace of mind knowing they are providing such a wonderful atmosphere for my Mom with extra detail to her specific needs. I am so happy to have found the perfect fit for my Mom and am grateful to all the caregivers.

 Greg Geldart

Julie Pickett Levy – Sarasota

Inspired Living Sarasota was a blessing for our family. The staff is warm and welcoming, and the facilities are top notch. Chami, the Program Director, is amazing! She is truly a gift. It is so apparent how much she cares for each and every resident, and their families as well. It is clear that she was called to do this work, and we are thankful every day that she came into our lives. Although our mom’s stay here was relatively short, it gave us peace of mind to know that she was in such good hands.

 Julie Pickett Levy

Kim Geldart – Sarasota

My experience with Inspired Living at Sarasota has been very pleasant! The members working at the facility provide my Mom with the Best of care. Everyone, including Kathy, Myrista, Margie, Chami, Leah, Mike and all the incredible nurses have shown such kindness, and I hold them in the highest regard. They give me peace of mind knowing they are providing such a wonderful atmosphere for my Mom with extra detail to her specific needs. I am so happy to have found the perfect fit for my Mom and am grateful to all the caregivers.

 Kim Geldart

Sandra Green – Sarasota

Inspired Living of a Sarasota is one of the best Memory Assisted Living Communities in Sarasota! The building is beautiful and always very clean. They have a wonderful Program Director who keeps the calendar full of fun events and activities for their residents and they also have a great chef who prepares delicious food for the community! Not to mention a lovely outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all that you for your residents!

 Sandra Green

Michael Jordan – Sarasota

Inspired Living of a Sarasota is one of the best Memory Assisted Living Communities in Sarasota! The building is beautiful and always very clean. They have a wonderful Program Director who keeps the calendar full of fun events and activities for their residents and they also have a great chef who prepares delicious food for the community! Not to mention a lovely outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all that you for your residents!

 Michael Jordan

Sandi Sutton – Alpharetta

After visiting 8 places for my Mother’s Memory Care Home, I decided upon Inspired Living because it is the only place I felt I could trust with my Mom’s care. The staff is passionate about ensuring that each resident thrives, and gets the best care available. Mary Kate is awesome in every way, and she never tired of my numerous questions. The difference is in the details, and this place is special. All the others fall to the wayside in comparison.

 Sandi Sutton

Wade Fleming – Palm Bay

I love this facility the staff is incredible. The head nurse is willing to go far and beyond to make sure that your loved one is taken care of. The executive director is also very good at her job I highly recommend this place for anyone that has a loved one that needs to be cared for

 Wade Fleming

Susan Frawley Mccune – Palm Bay

Inspired living treated my stepmother with kindness and dignity. They got her doing more than her previous two assisted living facilities combined. She arrived there a handful and left earth there happy and peaceful. I would hands down recommend this care facility as the best this county has to offer. love and hugs and god bless all of you to all the staff!!!

 Susan Frawley Mccune

Steven Alqueza – Palm Bay

This is strictly a Memory Care Facility for Dementia and Alzheimer’s residences. After a year here, I can tell you that the staff takes pride in their work. They are here to provide care to your Loved one in all stages of this horrible disease. Karlene had a private room that was in my budget which allowed for her privacy. Rooms are available to share with other residents but I elected to go with a private room. Inspired Living of Palm Bay has trained staff that I saw personally every day and provided the care and love that I wanted Karlene to have. The nursing staff are committed and dedicated to their job and ensuring proper attention to the needs and requirements as directed by her doctors. They constantly have activities throughout the day. I could go on and on but I will say I could never provide the stimulation to Karlene that the ladies did each and everyday. I will close with this in mind. You want to have peace of mind when you leave a loved one at ILPB. You won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

 Steven Alqueza

Katy Reid – Bonita Springs

Another great event at Inspired! The White-Out Party was a fun and entertaining time. Thank you Pollie, Nancy and the Inspired staff for including the families, and putting forth the effort to make a positive experience for all.

 Katy Reid

Jeanne Hunter – Bonita Springs

Various activities during the day for various cognitive and physical abilities, often with events which include family members and loved ones. For example, yesterday’s White Out After New Year’s party with refreshments, a singer encouraging movement and sing along. Though my Dad usually prefers not to be an active participant, he is not forgotten, such as on Sundae Sunday’s when a staff member brings ice cream to his room.

 Jeanne Hunter

Paula Henneke – Tampa

I cannot say enough regarding the leadership and staff at Inspired Living. They went above and beyond in the care of my mom. My family will be forever grateful for their kindness and care.

 Paula Henneke

Jeannie Spencer – Tampa

What a wonderful experience visiting Inspired Living.
There was such a warm welcoming by Mr. White and Johanna. The care and love from the staff to the residents will melt your Heart.
It’s a blessing to have this place in Tampa.

 Jeannie Spencer

Lee Ryder – Tampa

I am so pleased to have found Inspired Living. When it became obvious mom needed to be at a Memory Care facility I did a lot of research and visits to ALFs. Upon my first visit to Inspired I knew I found THE PLACE‚ warm, friendly, clean, open, bright.
My mom is outspoken, independent, and sometimes cantankerous but she can be herself here and it’s okay. The staff are what makes Inspired wonderful, everybody here wants mom to have a good day and try very hard to ensure her safety and happiness.
This is THE PLACE.

 Lee Ryder

Caryl Harris – Tampa

A truly invaluable community of caring and care. Living far away makes things a little complicated and challenging. However, the staff at Inspired Living do so much to ease my mind, keep me well informed and care for my mom much better than I could. Mom is so active now and has discovered new interests. Thank you Inspired Living.

 Caryl Harris

Pam York Stotts – Ivy Ridge

At Ivy Ridge the staff treats the residents like it was their family. I love the atmosphere there. So many awesome activities for them to do every day!! So grateful that my husband is in this wonderful environment!! YOU ROCK Ivy Ridge staff!!!!!

 Pam York Stotts

David Reese – Tampa

Great place with exceptional staff. Mom has improved since moving to Inspired Living. The staff keeps her active and involved in activities. Only negative is activity area is too small as the staff usually has most residents involved. Food service is great. She has shown improvement since moving here.

  David Reese

Thomas Stevens – Tampa

This is simply a fabulous residential facility for your loved ones! The staff is outstanding in the compassionate care provided in a comfortable at-home atmosphere. Activities are innovative, numerous, and very engaging for the residents. The 3 full sit-down meals a day plus snacks are delicious and nutritious. I am very impressed with the high quality of health and medical care provided. So, I give Inspired Living – Tampa a 5 star rating and kudos to CEO Charlie White for his expert leadership.

 Thomas Stevens

Lonnie Witkoff – Tampa

I am extremely pleased with Inspired Living at Tampa. My mother was in a previous assisted living facility that ignored her health concerns and social needs. Inspired Living is the complete opposite. Since she entered the facility about 2 months ago she has gone from probably 6 months to live to completely thriving with probably many years more to enjoy. The staff at Inspired Living including Misty Ryden, the director of Nursing and Charlie White, the director of the facility are extremely detail oriented, know details about every resident there, and are passionate about what they do in the care of my mother. The culture of the facility is to keep all of the resident active all day long with great engaging activities and very good food. I would highly recommend Inspired Living at Tampa to anyone looking to find a memory care facility in the Tampa area.

 Lonnie Witkoff

Maria Spelleri – Sarasota

My aunt has THRIVED in the month she has been at Inspired Living after staying at 2 other places over the past year. It’s a lovely place but nice decor is nothing without love. I am there a lot and I see the compassion and attention all staff at all levels give to the residents. They smile, they say hello, they put a hand on a resident’s shoulder when walking by. I am amazed at the attitude of ALL who work there as I compare them with the staff I’ve seen at other places. It is also designed with the need of the resident at heart: chairs that are easy to push, glasses that are narrow enough to comfortably hold without dropping, no disturbing overheard florescent lights in the units, and more. I’ve heard the nurses check on residents during the night with flashlights so as not to wake them! Truly a caring place!

 Maria Spelleri

Paula Halling – Sarasota

My Dad was at Inspired Living for almost a year till we moved him to Ohio to be closer to mom… what a phenomenal place! The quality of care was beyond our expectations…The staff became fast family to him and myself!!! Every staff member goes out of their way to make you feel at home …Dad was reluctant to be there at first ;as most elderly are with Dementia, but once he got aquatinted with the staff, care, activities and made friends among the residents he changed his mind! …we were so lucky and relieved to find Inspired Living! Dad is near mom now but the facility he is in is nothing compared to Inspired Living! We are very grateful for the time Dad had there. Inspired Living is forever in our prayers!!

 Paula Halling

Jill Kendall – Sun City Center

Finding a place to care for a loved one with Dementia is a very hard thing to do. I knew the minute that I walked through the doors of Inspired Living at Sun City Center, this was the place my mom would call home. The facility itself is absolutely gorgeous. It looks and feels like a home. The dining hall looks like a fine dining establishment and the food is well presented and very tasty. The rooms are spacious and the additional living areas between every few rooms are very cozy and have well thought out pieces that the residents find comforting.

The staff are amazing! I cannot say enough good things about them. They know their residents not only by name but they know their families as well as what is “normal” for them. I received a call once stating my mom was not acting as she normally did and they felt she needed to go to the ER. Sure enough, mom had a fever and spent a couple days in the hospital. With this disease there are some “bad” days. When my mom was having a rough day they knew that chocolate would make her smile and would make sure that if I had not restocked her drawer yet, they would find something to make her smile. As my mom started to take her final journey, I watched these ladies care for MY mom as they would take care of their own. When my mom passed away, they grieved right along with me. She was never a “patient” or a “resident” to them, she was Dolores, widow of John, mother of Jill and grandma to Robin and Greg. They loved my mom, this is what sets them apart from other facilities.

It is a very hard decision to make when your loved one needs care, but this place is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

 Jill Kendall

Tina Fischer – Ivy Ridge

I am so thankful to all of the staff for taking such good care of my Mom! For the first time in her life, I think Mom has found a community that is welcoming and inclusive and she is very happy here. I love how everyone goes out of their way to recognize the differences and abilities of each resident and know how to care for folks with memory issues. I’m also very appreciative of the active communication we received during Hurricane Irma. It was definitely one less thing I had to worry about as I felt confident in their ability to care for my Mom. You guys rock!!!!

 Tina Fischer

Glenn Rhodes – Palm Bay

I’ve always been impressed with the courteous and professional staff at Inspired Living (Palm Bay) but when Hurricane Irma was approaching, I was especially pleased to be receiving constant updates on their plans during and after the storm. I couldn’t think of a safer place for mom… Thanks 🙂

 Glenn Rhodes

John Pearson – Tampa

I’m writing this review in the wake of Hurricane Irma and reflecting on all the help I received before, during and after the storm. The Inspired Living at Tampa staff and Director Charlie White are at the top of the list.

If you are reading this you probably have a loved one that is suffering from dementia and know that traumatic events and disrupting their routine can have negative results. This was just one of my concerns in the days leading up to Hurricane Irma, along with what to do with my family, boarding up the house and pitching in to help the neighborhood.

Charlie White and the Inspired Living at Tampa staff put my mind at ease, when it came to the issue of what to do with my mother. They had a well thought out plan, tracked the storm and communicated with me on a daily basis, before, during and after the storm. Knowing that my mother was in good hands allowed me to focus on getting my family and neighbor out of harms way. I can’t thank the folks at Inspired Living enough for their professionalism and dedication. These staff members left their families in a time of need in order to ensure the safety and well being of their residents. Again, a big “Thank You” to the staff of Inspired Living at Tampa!

My mother is going on three years at Inspired Living and I can’t say enough good things about the level of care, cleanliness and professionalism she receives there on a daily basis. If you are searching for a Memory Care Unit that will treat your loved one with dignity and go the extra mile to provide them with the best quality of life possible, I highly recommend that you look into Inspired Living at Tampa.

 John Pearson

Phil Nash – Hidden Lakes

I would like to express my gratitude to Wendy, Marsha, Michelle and the rest of the staff for allowing me to stay with my family member throughout the harrowing ordeal of Hurricane Irma. The entire crew showed remarkable dedication, lack of distress and excellent care during what could have been a much worse situation. Times of emergency can bring out the best and the worst, and I only saw the best. Thank you to you all.

 Phil Nash

Elke Amenda-Spirakis – Ivy Ridge

Living so far from my dad communication is critical during times such as we just went through with Hurricane Irma. I was impressed with the numerous updates via telephone, and loved the posts on the facebook page and being able to see my dad. I am grateful and impressed by the effort put forth by everyone.

 Elke Amenda-Spirakis

John Hunter – Bonita Springs

We are grateful for the wonderful staff at Inspired Living at Bonita Springs who weathered Hurricane Irma sheltering in place with the residents and some family members. Since we do not reside in FL, we appreciated the periodic voicemail/text messages from director Pollie Little. The facility’s generator kept everyone comfortable temperature wise and well fed. We thank everyone for planning and implementing their storm plan.

 John Hunter

Gisela Mcginley-O’Neil – Palm Bay

I wrote a letter before… the staff did a fantastic job taking care of my husband. it was so good to know he was safe and well taken care of. The daily updates from Michelle helped a lot. I would recommend Inspired Living to all. THANK YOU…everyone did a great job.

 Gisela Mcginley-O’Neil

Kathy Flora – Lakewood Ranch

While we sent our mom to Indianapolis to stay with my sister while we evacuated from a Zone A residence to Georgia, I was so impressed with the entire team at Inspired Living in their storm preparation and their care for the residents. I felt particularly positive about the daily updates that Keri left for all family members to keep us apprised of the status as the storm moved through. I am certain that those who sheltered in place were well cared for, and that the residents weathered the storm well. Thank you, Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch team for your utmost professionalism and compassion before, during and after the storm.

 Kathy Flora

Linda Silver – Lakewood Ranch

My dad was the first resident at this facility. The staff are very caring. During the storm my dad was well taken care of and they provided us updates every step of the way. While it was tough to go through the hurricane I never once worried that my dad would not be safe.

 Linda Silver

Michelle C – Hidden Lakes

The team at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes pulled together during Hurricane Irma. Not only preparing for the storm to ensure the comfort and safety of the residents entrusted to their care, but the team also stayed throughout the storm, providing comfort, care, entertainment and nourishment throughout the storm and the following days. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this group, truly Inspiring!

 Michelle C

D Carver – Ocoee

Mom has been a resident for almost 3 months and I have been very impressed with the facility, the food and especially the outstanding staff. However, during the approach and aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Inspired Living, under the direction of Michael Sparks, truly proved what an outstanding facility it is. Under the most trying circumstances, everything from communications, to staffing, to caring was absolutely stellar.

 D Carver

Brittany Moore – Sugar Land

I am so impressed and so excited about this new community! I am looking for a new memory care facility for my father and Karen came to my rescue. My experience with her was overwhelmingly comforting. She took the time to explain the community to me and educated me on many areas of Alzheimer and Dementia. Karen truly made a big impact on my decision! The community is brand-new will have a swimming pool and a pond stocked with fish so that you can fish with your loved ones. I cannot wait to move my dad in, he is going to absolutely love it! If you are looking for a new place for your parents I highly recommend visiting this community.

 Brittany Moore

Lynn Rosa – Hidden Lakes

My mom has been here for a year. Although her dementia has progressed I know she is well taken care of. The staff is fantastic! If you have a loved one you need a facility for this is the place.

 Lynn Rosa

Michelle Barry Langner – Tampa

I visit Inspired Living once a month to teach the residents Dance Lessons. It’s so rewarding to see their faces light up. The facility is always spotless clean and the staff are always on top of everything and very welcoming!

 Michelle Barry Langner

Mary Crino – Tampa

My mother has been a resident of Inspired Living for over a year. After touring all of my options, I knew immediately that Inspired was the right choice. The facility is clean and inviting. It does not have an institutional feel at all, as did so many other memory care facilities that we toured. The resident rooms are large and well laid out, and the common areas are very comfortable and homey. The employees are kind, patient, professional and truly engaged. We have been very impressed with the level of personal care. My mother is doing well; she is happy and engaged. Knowing she is safe and well cared for, gives us great peace of mind during a very difficult time. Without hesitation, I would recommend Inspired Living of Tampa.

 Mary Crino

Leah W – Hidden Lakes

My husband’s dementia progressed to the point of placement 11 months ago. Putting him in a facility was a difficult decision for me, but it has been eased significantly by the Hidden Lakes community. Everyone who works in the building is so kind and helpful to us. Administrative staff, nursing, food service, housekeeping and maintenance personnel all demonstrate compassion and concern for both the client and family members. They understand the special problems caused by dementia related illness and the pain it inflicts on those involved. The facility is very nice, very clean, the atmosphere is friendly and reassuring, the care is gentle and the meals are nutritious, home cooked and tasty. The kind people who work here make me feel like part of a supportive and loving family.

 Leah W

Patricia – Palm Bay

We selected Inspired Living, it was extremely impressive, and the staff appeared to be very competent and friendly. The leadership seemed to know all the residents’ names, and it was very personal. All their services are under one price, so it’s all-inclusive. The rooms and building are extremely clean, and the residents are happy, and very pleased with the care. They have a system that allows the residents freedom, everybody is trained to deal with memory care, and their understanding of the issue is exceptional. They have a nurse available on site 24/7. They treat people with respect, they help them maintain their dignity, and they help people have a purpose. That’s why my husband is going there.


Shaun Oloughlin – Tampa

Inspired Living of Tampa is most likely the premier facility in Tampa for memory care. The care level is unsurpassed. If you’ve ever had a loved one in a memory care facility you know the level of care and expertise is THE most important requirement. I think it’s fantastic that children come and visit with the residents! The care level, the activities, the building, the food just all around everything you could ask for in a memory care facility!

 Shaun Oloughlin

Danielle R. – Tampa

Inspired Living of Tampa is a beautiful community. Activities are fun and the staff are very upbeat and caring. All of the residents are well taken care of. Menu is great- lots of options. Would highly recommend.

 Danielle R.

Danielle Mullins – Tampa

I’ve had the pleasure of touring several Inspired Living’s and they are all wonderful. Inspired living of Tampa is the best I’ve seen! Not only are the residents physically active they are mentally engaged. The Activities Director is always hard at work preparing daily activities and outings for the residents. The food is amazing, very creative. I loved seeing the residents decorate the birthday cake. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun.

 Danielle Mullins

Dawn Fisher – Tampa

We moved my mom in 6 months ago and have been very happy with the level of care she receives. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. We visit several times a week and find mama involved in some activity. When we ask for something to be done we can rely on the staff to follow through. I would highly recommend ILT.

 Dawn Fisher

Cindy H – Sun City Center

Recent circumstances have allowed my dad, Charlie Simmons, to join your pristine community of Inspired Living.  His new home is cozy and comfortable with a great view of the beautifully landscaped courtyard.  In the past I worried about his eating habits, but now he enjoys 3 delicious meals daily, choosing between 2 dishes at each sitting.  Frequently he even grabs an evening snack!

Although the daily calendar is filled with fun activities, the atmosphere at the community is very relaxing.  Dad loves people, but before joining the community he rarely participated in activities, preferring to remain in his apartment.  Since arriving at Inspired Living, he has participated in many various group gatherings.  He especially enjoys the ‘Oldies but Goodies’ live music!  At the men’s outing to Buffalo Wild Wings, Dad attempted to finish his huge burgers and fries!

I have noticed that every single employee at Inspired Living is both pleasant and helpful, with a genuine caring spirit for all the residents.  I know that God lead Dad to his new home with a specific purpose in mind…to share a smile and possibly a hug, and he seems to be energized with that assignment!

Thanks so much for inviting us into your family!

Cindy H.

Joseph Seivold – Tampa

Inspired Living at Tampa has done a terrific job caring for my father, who suffers from significant cognitive decline and non-Alzheimer’s memory loss. He is treated kindly and with respect, and is well known by the staff, despite his penchant for reclusiveness. Speaking of staff, the resident/staff ratio is very good. The facility is exceptionally clean, and they keep up dad’s room very well. I’ve toured a dozen facilities in town, and dad was in one other prior to ILT – ILT is the best.

 Joseph Seivold

Ruth Conney Adrian – Tampa

I am so thankful for all the people at Inspired Living. They are all so welcoming and friendly. They all call him by name, treat each person individually and are very professional in their care. He truly feels at home and I feel very comfortable in his care there. Many activities are offered, including bus trips twice a week, and I feel another big bonus is the outdoor spaces with the many porches and park to take a walk and never feel closed in. It is just a wonderful place!

 Ruth Conney Adrian

Adnolaz – Tampa

I visit Inspired on a weekly basis and the place is beautiful. The residents are always so well dressed and appear to be very well taken care of. This is the only memory care place I have seen with such a huge outside area for the residents to spend time in. The kids that come are great too! Smiles galore!


Brenda Mo. – Ivy Ridge

My mom, Irene, has been at Ivy Ridge for over four years now and I can’t imagine her being anywhere else. I visit regularly and it’s obvious there is a lot of love between the residents and their caregivers. I took care of my mom for about four years before she was placed in an assistant living facility and believe me, it was an awakening I will never forget. I myself went through many stages of denial with my mother having Alzheimer’s/Dementia searching for a reason this was happening to her. As time went on, I came to the realization she needed more than what I could give her. Ivy Ridge offers just that….activities , music, social time..all geared toward the needs of the residents….things I could never have given her. I also love the fact that Ivy is very family oriented and family members are always included in several activities. When I walk through the door to see my Mom, I am always greeted with a smile or hug from the staff. I feel like family. I know how hard it is sometimes dealing with my mom…she has good days and bad days and on those bad days can be very difficult. I am so fortunate that the staff knows my mom so well and they know she is a sweet, loving lady and loves to give hugs and kisses. I know she gets a lot of love in return. So to all the staff at Ivy Ridge, my family and I just want to say Thank You. We rest easy knowing my mom is in good hands and we are thankful every day for the care and love given her. ❤️

Brenda Mo.

Dinah Callahan – Ocoee

My aunt has been in Memory Care for 6 months and it has been wonderful! The biggest problem I have is catching her in her room to visit! At 98, she is most often out of her room from breakfast until after supper- enjoying one activity after another! When medical needs arise, they are treated promptly and exactly as the doctor orders! She is extremely happy, which I think is a direct reflection of how much enthusiasm and happiness she is surrounded by daily. The Inspired Living Team gives it their all – it shows and is greatly appreciated!

 Dinah Callahan

Suzi Dixon – Tampa

My mother has been at Inspired Living since it opened two years ago. Staff is very friendly, responsive and she is well taken care of. There are activities throughout the day, seven days a week. Local schools have children come and do activities such as art with the residents and she enjoys the interaction with the children. She is very happy and comfortable at Inspired Living which is most important at this stage of her life.

 Suzi Dixon

Samantha Mirabella – Tampa

Inspired Living of Tampa is a beautiful, warm and loving home with a wonderful staff who genuinely care about their residents. I have been thoroughly pleased with the amenities and activities they consistently provide for my loved one. The facility is well maintained and clean, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and the residents are well cared for.

 Samantha Mirabella

Josh Norris – Lakewood Ranch

This community is amazing. I play karaoke with my 10 year old daughter some Saturday’s and we look forward to spending time with the residents. I have been in several communities and nothing compares to the activities offered. I see happy residents and families. This place is amazing.

 Josh Norris

Josh Norris – Validus Senior Living

This place is so full of fun and you can tell the residents are very happy. I see them smiling all the time. I sing Karaoke with my daughter on some Saturday’s and we look forward to it. The staff are very helpful and kind. Anna, the Program Director cares very much about the resident’s there. When I heard “we care for mom and dads” it choked me up. That certainly is what happens at Inspired Living Lakewood Ranch.

 Josh Norris

Cindy – Lakewood Ranch

My mother lives at Inspired and I would rate it Fantastic. The employees really care and go above and beyond to make the residents feel important. They have a lot of activities and great food. I have experienced other ALF and they don’t come close to the services at Inspired. They have exceeded my expectations and I am very glad we moved there.


Maureen Fitzgerald Easy Reflections – Lakewood Ranch

Unbelievable! This place is not only beautiful, it is beyond obvious that the staff are highly trained, well equipped and ready to serve! I have been doing music for entertainment here for about half a year now and Lakewood Ranch is one of my favorite places to go. They have top notch activities/program folks that are willing to do what it takes for the residents to have a great time. So much kindness and compassion is involved in every aspect I have seen. Anna is wonderful with the residents as well as with the entertainers. Now Blue, you just have to know Blue! He is a wonderful passionate young man that just loves what he does and is not afraid to do anything to show it. Then there is sweet Melanie, I just love her! I just don’t know how they find these folks and get them all working under one roof and seem to have a wonderful working relationship as well Keep up the great work Lakewood Ranch and thanks for letting me be a very small part of what makes the residents happy! When you walk into a place that is doing it all right, it makes doing my job so much more fun!

 Maureen Fitzgerald “Easy Reflections”

Maureen Fitzgerald – Ivy Ridge

I just have to take a minute to say that Ivy Ridge is an amazing place to hang out. I have been doing music for entertainment there for a few years now and the staff is just amazing with the residents. It is one of the warmest places we play. The residents are always happy and attended to. They are encouraged to participate with kindness and compassion. The program director is one of the sweetest people I know and it is easy to see that her heart is in what she does. She has done and excellent job training others to love what they do and do what they love. I have not seen one staff person there that seems to be just “doing their job”. They all seem to be doing what they love! I am proud to be a small part of this amazing place!

 Maureen Fitzgerald “Easy Reflections”

Capt. Steve Alqueza – Palm Bay

It’s a hard decision to make when deciding to take this step with a family member. It was for me. I had met with the office staff, who were friendly, considerate and knowledgable. After considering all the variables, I chose Inspired Living in Palm Bay. Cost is a major factor, especially when I looked at other memory care facilities. Private care is expensive, but Inspired Living in Palm Bay met my budget with a private room. The facility is clean and the staff helpful. I met with the chef and he sat with me to discuss diet and any special needs. Rooms are secured. Residents can’t sneak out. Every resident has a locator bracelet to help locate your family member on the facility mapper. I visit once or twice a week to ensure good care is provided. There was some adjustment time for her to learn her new surroundings, but after a few months has settled in. She has Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Care is provided 24/7, 365 giving me peace of mind when I’m not there. There is no easy answer in these trying times, but I think I made a good choice in choosing Inspired Living of Pam Bay.

 Capt. Steve Alqueza

Lisa Zezulka – Palm Bay

I researched numerous communities for my mom as my dad could not care for her any longer due to his health. I had the pleasure of working with James B through the entire process, it was a long one has my dad did not want let mom leave home. James answered all my calls, emails, texts no matter the day or time. He really goes out of his way to make this transition as easy as possible. Can I give 10+ stars?

 Lisa Zezulka

Crystal Rothhaar – Lakewood Ranch

My girl scout troop sung Christmas carols here and has also gone to sell cookies to the residents. It is so apparent that the people who work here love, respect, and take great care of the residents, and the residents seem so happy and engaged. Anna, the program director, works so hard to provide the best activities for the residents. A friend of mine had his mother go here, she was not on board with leaving her home, but he asked her to give it 30 days…and now she never wants to leave. He says she does activities every day, has so many friends, and it really brought her back to life. My girl scouts love visiting. Highly recommend.

 Crystal Rothhaar

Patricia O-Inspired Living

The quality of care that my Mom is receiving at Inspired Living is wonderful.  The staff is very attentive to her needs.  She is so much happier than in her prior assisted care facility.  Everyone at Inspired Living helped her and our family through the transition.  We had so many concerns with changing her routines and taking her away from familiar surroundings.  To our amazement and relief, she adapted within days.  Thank you Inspired Living!

Patricia O.

Private-Inspired Living

Inspired Living has made a real turn around for my Mom!  Prior to moving here, my mom was always sleeping in a chair in front of a TV, very little activities.  Now…she’s walking all around the beautiful facility, going outside in the gazebo and porch areas, getting the beautiful sun rays and lots of activities for their minds (including baking cookies!) The staff is amazing, they are well trained in all depts.  The food is top notch in my book!  Chef K is always there with a smile on her face for all the residents and visiting family members.  I only wished you opened up sooner (like two years ago).  But so happy she’s here now! Thank you for caring for my Mom.

Private-Inspired Living

This facility is truly wonderful. My mother is here and as difficult as it is to accept that she has this horrible brain disease, I truly believe she is safe and cared for better than I could have ever imagined was possible. The facility is new, state-of-the-art, and employs a wonderful staff. They are kind and caring and compassionate people. The variety of food on the menu and how incredibly healthy it is – a commendable feat to the entire program and people involved. It’s a real team and they all have each other’s backs. I honestly couldn’t find any fault with the community, the employees, or facility!

Pamela-Inspired Living

I have placed my father in Inspired Living, and I was very impressed. It’s a brand new facility, so everything is clean, nice, and orderly. The rooms are a little smaller than I hoped, but they’re still OK. The reason that I decided to move him there was because the residents have electronic bracelets issued to them that allow them to go in and outside a courtyard on their own, if they wish, without being stopped by staff or finding out the doors are locked. They have a good security system that tracks them throughout the building. They have motion detectors in the ceilings of the rooms so that at night if they get up and fall out of the bed, it is evident that they have done so. Everyone there seems to be very cheerful and upbeat. I also recognized five of the staff members from previous places that father had lived, and they were excellent staff members, so I was very happy to see them at the new facility.


Marjorie C-Ocoee

I’d like to say thank you to everyone at Inspired Living. The entire staff has been incredible! There are not enough positive adjectives to describe their professionalism, loving care, positive attitude and the individual attention that they have given Mom and me. I need to additionally mention that Nurse Cookie has been wonderful with mom when she had health issues and just when she needed some TLC.

Marjorie C.


We put a deposit on a room at Inspired Living at Windermere. It’s brand new. That’s one of the main reasons I like it. The rooms are going to be furnished with the resident’s furniture. There was no furniture in the place when I last saw it, but when people move in, they bring their own furniture.



This is a brand new community and they have two activities directors that are working to grow the activities offered. They have fresh vegetables. The food choices are healthier and more diverse than they were at mom’s previous community. Housekeeping does a fine job of keeping the community clean. The entire staff knows all the residents names and they treat them with respect. The nurses are very caring and are quick to answer my questions. I would recommend this community.

Pamela – Palm Bay

I have placed my father in Inspired Living, and I was very impressed. It’s a brand new facility, so everything is clean, nice, and orderly. The rooms are a little smaller than I hoped, but they’re still OK. The reason that I decided to move him there was because the residents have electronic bracelets issued to them that allow them to go in and outside a courtyard on their own, if they wish, without being stopped by staff or finding out the doors are locked. They have a good security system that tracks them throughout the building. They have motion detectors in the ceilings of the rooms so that at night if they get up and fall out of the bed, it is evident that they have done so. Everyone there seems to be very cheerful and upbeat. I also recognized five of the staff members from previous places that father had lived, and they were excellent staff members, so I was very happy to see them at the new facility.


Kathy – Palm Bay

Inspired Living was brand new. They had the best hi-tech tracking system. On a wall, they had this tracking board for the residents to make it tell where anybody is at anytime. So it was really cool. The bathrooms and everything are made just perfectly, and you walk into the shower. It had everything — every amenity — to make life easier; it was a state of the art place. Another thing that’s very nice was that they have an extended license. In the other ones. they had one part for the memory care, so it ‘s only one part. You come in assisted living, and then if you can’t take care of yourself anymore, then you go to the memory care unit. In this place, they are licensed to keep everybody in the same bed, so that you don’t move to another area in the building. You stay right where you are.  The rooms were beautiful; they were actually gorgeous — homey, nice, and you can bring your own stuff. They didn’t have refrigerators and stuffs in the rooms, but they had snacks. You could go to these huge dining halls — they had two dining halls — and they eat their meals in there; if you don’t like what they were serving, the cook could make you something. They had little tables and big tables, so you could eat by yourself or eat with everyone else. It was very nice, and they had a little kitchenette there. But if you wanted to have people, or if you have family coming to visit and have a birthday cake or something, you could use that part of the facility; it was really nice.  They were doing something when we there. It was like a game, but it was more about current events and things to the past and things like that. Of course, if you want to go shopping, they have facilities to take you shopping, and you can still have your own car there if you wanted to. It was a little more expensive than the other ones like $100 or $200 more expensive, but the service for what they offered was well worth it. They work with the insurance companies. The lady was very well-versed with the policy I had and what she was saying was exactly what my insurance company said, so it was like she knew what she was talking about. Another thing I liked was that we were not met by the sales people, but we met with the actual manager of the assisted living place.  The security was top-notch. The only way to get in and out was by this one door. The entire area and the huge courtyard in the back was absolutely gorgeous. It was a big property — bigger than all the other ones — and the doors don’t open unless you had a code to go out. If you have a special bracelet, then you can’t get out, but if you are not one of the patients that need to be monitored, then you have free will to come and go as you like.


Gavin – Palm Bay

I visited this facility on August 4, 2016 with my husband and from the moment that we walked through the door you could just feel the love. The entire staff from James, Michelle, Jill, and Debbie just to name a few opened up their hearts with caring, understanding and patience for my husband’s father. Through this difficult time to reassure us that his father would get excellent care and that this would be the right place for him at this point in time. His room is amazing and we decorated with all the comforts of home for his father. That you all for what you do it truly takes Angel’s like your staff to care for loved one’s when family is to far away in another state. Another thing that keep’s us close to my husband’s father is that they have a Facebook page and they post wonderful picture’s of his father periodically which shows us how he his enjoying his time at Inspired Living facility.


Sondra – Palm Bay

I chose Inspired Living at Palm Bay for my dad. It’s a new facility with a state-of-the-art computer system. They have 24/7 GPS on the residents, so they know where they are at all times. That was the reason why I chose it. My dad is allowed to go anywhere inside the building as well as outside, so he can have independence. The staff was fabulous. They know all of the residents, and the place is set up like a small family. They have two dining room where they can eat out and a couple of places where they can watch TV. They do activities every day and post a calendar of events. They have a birthday party every month and some kind of outing for their residents.


Jaon – Palm Bay

I liked Palm Bay. They were very accommodating. The director called me 10 times just to find out how my search was going, which was just very nice. They had a nice area outside. It was a clean, well-run facility. However, I wanted a small, homey facility. There was nothing wrong with them.


Private – Palm Bay

I’m very comfortable. I only have one small suggestion. They should have accessibility to a telephone. A community phone would be nice. The facility is very clean. The staff is very friendly.

Private – Palm Bay

This facility is truly wonderful. My mother is here and as difficult as it is to accept that she has this horrible brain disease, I truly believe she is safe and cared for better than I could have ever imagined was possible. The facility is new, state-of-the-art, and employs a wonderful staff. They are kind and caring and compassionate people. The variety of food on the menu and how incredibly healthy it is – a commendable feat to the entire program and people involved. It’s a real team and they all have each other’s backs. I honestly couldn’t find any fault with the community, the employees, or facility!

Ed R – Palm Bay

After vetting several other homes for my wife, this one was the best recommended by far. It specializes in the treatment she needs and the personnel are vary caring and thoughtful. From first blush to placement everyone I had contact with were professional and responsive to our needs.

Ed R.

Private – Palm Bay

My tour of this community went very well, and I was very impressed. My tour guide was very sweet and informative. It is a very nice place with kind people. My only issue was that this is only a memory care facility. If my father improved, like we knew he would, we would have to move him to other community for assisted living. They were great with their follow up’s. Everyone was very kind to my family and I.

Private – Palm Bay

We were impressed with the property and felt like Mom would be treated like family if she were able to afford living here. The family felt like it was a bit farther away from them and from her doctors and hospital.

Private – Palm Bay

They really helped us with a very difficult set up, coming from out of country. They really went over and above, if we have any concerns they are right there with us, keeping us in the loop. They are very communicative. We don’t have any complaints, he isn’t thrilled with the food but that’s just his opinion, we haven’t tried it. They have lots of activities, and they are pretty varied for all different interests, and abilities. They really have a ton of stuff to choose from and do.

Private-Bonita Springs

Inspired Living has made a real turn around for my Mom!  Prior to moving here, my mom was always sleeping in a chair in front of a TV, very little activities.  Now…she’s walking all around the beautiful facility, going outside in the gazebo and porch areas, getting the beautiful sun rays and lots of activities for their minds (including baking cookies!) The staff is amazing, they are well trained in all depts.  The food is top notch in my book!  Chef Karen is always there with a smile on her face for all the residents and visiting family members.  I only wished you opened up sooner (like two years ago).  But so happy she’s here now! Thank you for caring for my Mom.

Patricia O-Bonita Springs

The quality of care that my Mom is receiving at Inspired Living is wonderful.  The staff is very attentive to her needs.  She is so much happier than in her prior assisted care facility.  Everyone at Inspired Living helped her and our family through the transition.  We had so many concerns with changing her routines and taking her away from familiar surroundings.  To our amazement and relief, she adapted within days.  Thank you Inspired Living!

Patricia O.

Catherine S-Bonita Springs

The facilities for Inspired Living at Bonita Springs, Florida has recently been completed.  The construction and the layout of the building and the grounds indicates very good planning and the quality of the interior furnishings shows that the cost was not compromised.  The interior I well-lit and electronics are used for opening doors so that the residents living in the facility always have their privacy and their belongings safely secure.  The courtyard was well planned with flowers, shrubs, palm trees, and there are attractive wooden containers with herbs and small flowers that add to the beauty.  A large, beautiful pond exists outside the courtyard and to top it off a putting green and a large, screen gazebo were added.  Like any organization, it must be run by people.  The employees are eager to do their jobs well and make sure that they do their best to render their services to each occupant.  The personnel are well dressed with the clothing furnished by Inspired Living.  To handle people with a wide range of emotions, the workers must show the “patience of the job”, which is displayed daily by the employees.  It is a great relief to know that when I am not there, I can trust them to take good care of my wife.  The management has recognized the importance of activities to keep the residents in a good frame of mind and well-being.  The activities include short trips, bingo, balloon toss, bowling, movies, trivia, etc… Each resident is encouraged by employees to enter into activities to the best of their physical and mental abilities.  These activities are well supervised by the employees and they are spirited in getting the residents involved.  The cooks and servers are very engaging in the dining room.  The atmosphere adds to the enjoyment of the well-prepared, attractive and tasty dishes of food.  Generally, they present two main courses.  The plates of food are of great quality and presentation, along with plenty to eat to satisfy one’s appetite.  I would highly recommend Inspired Living to anyone who wants best for their loved one!

Catherine S.

Walter R-Bonita Springs

Management at Inspired Living is top echelon and top tier.  There is a smile and a very friendly manner that radiates 100% of the time.  Staff workers circulate, especially during the meal hour, and chat with each house guest, proving they are approachable and an extremely gifted group.  The nursing staff is second to none.  They monitor and dispense all required medications to patients.  Nurses are visible in addition to being in constant contact with family members.  They are highly trained professionals.  The working staff is comprised of young people who are very enthusiastic about their duties.  The staff is friendly and always conscientious of their duties.  When it comes to the guests, they are attentive and perform each duty with kindness.  The cleaning staff’s motto is ‘spick and span’.  The entire building is spotless including the areas and furnishings. They take pride in keeping everything sanitized and clean.  The chef and staff are wonderful cooks.  The meals are outstanding.  Two entrees are offered at each mealtime.  The desserts are incredible.  Many staff workers circulate during mealtime to ensure each person is accommodated.  They are pleasant and helpful. If I were to give Inspired Living a score or ranking, it would be a plus 10!

Walter R.

Paulette K-Bonita Springs

Thank you and your team for everyone’s compassionate, understanding approach in dealing with Dad (and me/Chris).  This was exemplified today when Daniel contacted me regarding the latest changes in Dad’s behavior.  Daniel couldn’t have been more appropriate or more considerate in how he handled a very sensitive topic.  And then Melanie Makar followed up as well with additional information in other areas, I’m so appreciative.  I interact with the nursing staff mostly via Daniel, Darla and Melissa, and occasionally with Shannon – and it is obvious the team has really come together in just a short year.   I feel they respect and know Dad, are candid and helpful with us,  and, in combination with the other caregivers, identify things on Dad’s behalf beyond what Chris and I could recognize. There are so many on the Inspired team, I fear leaving someone out.  But  from the kitchen, to housekeeping, to the reception area, and of course Alexandra and the social team, we truly value the Bonita Springs staff… especially the efforts to not give up on Dad when his social engagement seems to wane.    Every day our first prayer of thanks is that Dad is in your care. We’re looking forward to Dad’s sister-in-law and niece visiting us in a few weeks to see Dad… when we introduce them to Inspired… they will be so impressed!  Again, our sincerest gratitude.

Paulette K.

Barbara M-Bonita Springs

I checked my husband into Inspired Living today. He had such a warm welcome! Greg met us at the front door and stayed with Walt till he got settled in. This staff is amazing!!  Such warmth and laughter!!! I know he will do great here. Thank you to Kristen also for making him feel very special!!

Barbara M.

Karen W-Bonita Springs

I can’t Thank You (the staff, Chef Karen) for the excellent care and food you have given my mom, Trudy. What a change I have seen in her since being here!!! Being able to go outdoors and having activities has really improved her health. I only wish you opened up sooner (like 2 yrs. ago). But, so happy she’s here now. The staff is unbelievable fantastic and well trained! Thank you for caring for my mom.

Karen W.

Private-Bonita Springs

I am very pleased with our choice of this community, our apartment is spacious with a beautiful view of the lake and lots of natural light. The complex is brand new with the latest technology and they offer a variety of activity programs. Every service we need from counseling to around the clock nursing is available to my loved one and I on campus. I am very pleased with this facility and would highly recommend it.

Elvira T-Ivy Ridge

Beautiful and perfect for the people that they need to have the elderly in a good condition I really liked, I know 2 friends in there. Happy Holidays to all, God bless.

Elvira T.

Brenda M-Ivy Ridge

My Mom has been at Ivy Ridge for a little over a year and I love this facility. The staff and management are absolutely wonderful. Seeing my Mom happy and content in her environment gives me such joy, and I know I made the best decision for her and the family selecting Ivy Ridge. I could never begin to thank each and every one of you for the care and love you have and continue to display toward my Mom. You all deserve five stars!!

Brenda M.

Sue Scanlon – Ivy Ridge

My first visit August 28, 2015, to see my aunt who’s a relatively new resident at Ivy Ridge. I didn’t know what to expect, and presumed “typical” care facility sights, sounds, and smells. I was so wrong. From the moment I got out of the car all my senses said resort. It’s light, bright, active, energetic, fresh, and lives up to its name Inspired Living. My aunt is so happy and her cognition has improved greatly – all of it has to do with not only the facility around her, but also (and most importantly) because of the staff. They go above and beyond to create a warm and loving environment that is chock-a-block full of inspiring stimulations. A visitor just glancing around cannot easily see that it’s a secure care facility – truly it feels more like a resort! That makes a difference to the residents AND to their families. Thank you Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge!

 Sue Scanlon

Julie K-Ivy Ridge

Very nice! My Mom has Alzheimer and is a resident here. They specialize in Alzheimer. But, have residents that do not have Alzheimer. Everyone that works there is very attentive to the residents living there. The facility is secure with inside and outside areas for the residents to navigate around. There are always activities for the residents to be involved with. The residents rooms are decorated with their personal items which makes them more comfortable and feel like home. Very light and airy through out the facility.

Julie K.

Linda B-Ivy Ridge

Our mom has only been at Ivy Ridge for two months – at first is was very difficult – but the Ivy Ridge Team of professionals have guided us as a family all the way — she is acclimating and thriving — we can now know she is safe and being givien excellent care !! This is our new normal and hers!????? She actually has said how nice everybody is & she’s never going to a nursing home??

Linda B.

Private-Ivy Ridge

Our Mother has been a resident at Ivy Ridge since March after a hip replacement, she has dementia and has thrived since being a resident there. It is beautiful, the utmost clean place for anyone to live I have ever seen. Check the food the staff and how happy and engaged the residents are. AWESOME PLACE!!!!!!!

Private-Ivy Ridge

My husband has been living in Ivy Ridge for a couple of months. The facility is brand new. He has a beautiful, airy and light room and I just feel like that’s where he needs to be. They really care about the people. Some of the residents can play cards and bingo and some people always sleep but my husband is kind of in the middle and he walks a lot. They have TV and they do music and different things.

Private-Ivy Ridge

My mother lives within Ivy Ridge and LOVES it….. The living conditions are impeccable. I sometimes feel like she has adopted the caregivers as her own children and grandchildren, They treat her just like family. I would recommend Ivy Ridge for family or friends.

Private-Ivy Ridge

I am early stages of dementia and know one day I will have to live out of my home. So I went to several Memory Care assisted living and found Ivy Ridge to be one of the most family oriented of the others. I went in the evening to see the real deal and the blonde went out of her way to help me and my daughter, she stopped giving medication to answer our questions and get us a water.

David-Ivy Ridge

Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge is one of four places that our lawyer recommended. It looked pretty good, and everything looked OK to me. I didn’t see anything wrong. The rooms looked very nice. The person that was touring me around knew all the patients that were there and said hi to them, and the staff seemed friendly too.


Private-Ivy Ridge

Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge was nice. It looked like a nursing home but it did have free access outside to the walking trails. I like that they have motion sensors to tell them when the residents are up. The facility was larger and it had more residents. The dining room area was very large.

Private-Ivy Ridge

My family member has been here for a year now. I love the staff and how they provide a loving, safe, and happy and meaningful life to the residents. The place is small, the rooms are smaller, but the quality of life and peace of mind is immeasurable. The programming is fantastic and the line staff to the director all know and love the residents. Most highly recommended.

Judith-Ivy Ridge

I was very impressed by how knowledgeable there were at Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge. They’re strictly memory care, and what was nice was they broke the memory care into 2 groups so the higher-functioning ones could be together and the lower-functioning ones could be together. My aunt would have the opportunity to talk to people, but there are too many people, and she gets overwhelmed with that.


Maria-Ivy Ridge

Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge was great. I enjoyed it because it was all memory care. I got a good tour and good information from Ms. Dawn who guided me. It seems pretty reasonable, and there are lots of activities. I really thought it was a good place for the future. It seemed very secure, and the rooms are spacious and great.


Private-Ivy Ridge

We chose Ivy Ridge Living Center for several reasons, first – the price was right, second – it was neat, clean, bright, and very appealing from when we first walked in. There were no bad smells, they do laundry everyday which I really liked. The people there are very friendly they answered all my questions. The staff addresses any issues or problems right away and even change their process if they find a better way of doing something. They have a very progressive dementia unit, every resident has their own room and wears a bracelet that can only unlock their door. The doors automatically lock and they just installed lights with motion sensors so the lights automatically come on if my mom heads to the bathroom at night. Throughout Ivy Ridge there are no ridges or rugs for residents to trip on and walkers easily slide on their floors which I really like. It is very bright and cheery, they did a study and found dementia patients respond better to bright colors so they painted part of the facility yellow and part green in an effort to help better orient the residents. Ivy Ridge is fairly new and has only been open about a year. A friend said there were 14 residents in January of this year and now there are 38, so it is filling up quickly. The staff does a good job with answering questions and discussing financial options. Also, the social director updates us on how my mom is doing and will take a handful of residents on outings for dessert. Her nurse speaks to me directly and is on top of the medications and medical needs of the residents. I also really liked that there is a locked courtyard that residents can access as they please. It doesn’t allow them off the grounds so they are safe within the facility but they can still go outside when they want. They even can even put a GPS chip in resident’s bracelets for residents who tend to wander off. My mom did not need this but it was nice to know Ivy Ridge has the technology and will use it if needed. Everyone treats my mom with dignity and respect. They also have a very nice dining experience, there’s no rushing the residents through a meal. They sit about four to a table and offer residents seconds and keep checking on them which I really appreciate. I toured about 30 other places and I knew right away that Ivy Ridge was our first choice for mom.

Private-Ivy Ridge

Wonderful, wonderful Place. Dad is extremely happy and so are we. Actually, we brought him from TX, and he is 93, so we were really concerned about him adjusting. The staff is so caring and loving and made an effort just like they said they would. They put someone with him all day long until he adjusted. They were there for him because he is legally blind and now he is really comfortable. They helped us get furniture and home health for his knee, something that wouldn’t have been available at his previous community.

Private-Ivy Ridge

Eric was great! Clean. Smells wonderful. Ron Rogers was very helpful discussing transitional stages. Day care might not be best to slowly start acclimating. new facility brightly painted walls. Beautiful double occupancy room.

Private-Ivy Ridge

I was able to take a full tour throughout the facility and everything looked great. Each room and adjoining restroom were in good condition and it appeared that all of the residents were very well cared for. All staff were friendly and extremely helpful throughout the tour. This is one of the better facilities that I’ve experienced in the Pinellas County area.

Private-Ivy Ridge

They were incredibly diligent with what they say they were going to do from first point of contact, was tops very professional. Hope was excellent in the transitioning of my mom to the facility.

Basya S-Ivy Ridge

You guys, this really is a five star place. If memory care is what your loved one needs, this is the place. I can not express my gratitude enough to the staff. They are kind, generous, thoughtful, and dedicated. They really do go the extra mile. I live in Chicago, and am thankful every day, knowing and trusting that my dad is safe and happy in his home in Florida. The residents are clean and well groomed, their lives are filled with fun, laughter, and meaningful activities. The rooms are on the smaller side, and the community itself is simple. There are two lovely enclosed out door areas, and a dedicated van for regular outings, as well as doctors visits etc. Please see their facebook page for pictures, videos and additional information. Highly highly highly recommended.

Basya S.

Gloria C-Ivy Ridge

Being in the health care field for 31 years in pinellas county, I have had the opportunity to visit many facilities. Dawn Gretter at Ivy Ridge really helps my families feel comfortable about making the hardest decision of their lives. In my recent experience with the staff there, all of them from maintenance, dietary and care givers have gone above and beyond to ensure my residents have a positive adjustment. The secure outside area offers my residents a feeling of freedom, something that can be of great importance to them. Debra Castro the executive director has been available to me and my families if needed. Sheri Derry the program director is wonderful, I myself held this position for 17 years out in the community, so I am very particular on this subject. I rarely stop at Ivy Ridge when something meaningful, appropriate and fun isn’t taking place with great attendance. I never see residents in recliners placed in front of the television and calling it an activity. No facility is perfect, but I appreciate one that is trying to be.

Gloria C.

Private-Ivy Ridge

This is a great community and they are trying their best to care for my mother. They keep the community very clean, everything looks nice and neat. The staff has been very helpful and kind. They do offer good activities for the residents. The food is fine. I would highly recommend this community.

Private-Ivy Ridge

Mom moved in 2-weeks ago, and so far everything has been 5 stars. We are especially pleased with the number of activities each day, which is important for those with early dementia. The care staff has been very friendly and helpful with Mom’s transition from another memory care facility.

Private-Ivy Ridge

My mother in law was here for a respite stay. It was a good experience. They have a good staff here, they were very helpful and caring. They do a good job with keeping the community nice and very clean. She was cared for well here. She enjoyed playing bingo, and she would do brain stimulating activities with the staff. The memory care they provided her with was good. This is a community I would recommend, it worked out good for us.

Marcia – Sun City Center

Inspired Living is a brand-new facility, so it is beautiful and very safe. I love it. The people seemed very happy. As for the staff, everyone was very professional and looked and dressed nicely. That was impressive. It was also a nice place to bring family members; there was a nice courtyard.


Linda – Sun City Center

Inspired living is a very good community. They have a wonderful outdoor space for people that wander. Our relative is doing great. He adapted very well. They have very good food. They’re just the best I’ve ever seen. They do things daily. They even have a website where you can go and see your relative. The common areas are very comfortable. It’s very clean. They care about their patient.


Lucy – Sun City Center

Inspired Living at Sun City Center was an excellent place. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The dining area was very clean and the atmosphere was very good. They had a whole list of things to do and a variety of programs, like special deals for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. They’re just really top notch and the best I’ve seen. The place was clean, neat, and up to date on absolutely anything, including the amenities for caring for their patients and the security.


Dorie-Sun City

Inspired Living is a great facility. The staff is friendly and very clean, and the nursing care that they have is excellent. The cleanliness is what I like the best. The food is excellent. The dining area setup is beautiful; there’s linen table cloths, china, and silverware. I would definitely recommend them. We are planning on moving him because of the cost; money is running out.


Marsha – Sun City Center

My friend is now at Inspired Living at Sun City Center. It’s new — only a little over a year and a half old. It has a very nice layout; it’s all memory care for 66 residents that’s divided into 2 wings, and they have beautiful grounds and a courtyard in the back. The residents are free to walk wherever they want, and it’s all secure. They have all the latest technology for securing and monitoring their residents to the point that they wear a bracelet, and to get into their room, you either use the resident’s bracelet or the staff members of course have one to get into the rooms so you don’t have other residents roaming in another room where they don’t belong. The staff has been very receptive to her needs, and the meals are very good. They have a nice dining room on each floor and they do have lots of activities. Yesterday I was down there, and they were taking 12 of the residents who are able to go to a baseball game.


Phyllis – Sun City Center

Inspired Living at Sun City Center is clean, the staff is very caring and hands-on, they go over and above to make sure the residents are safe or comfortable, and they will talk to the families about anything that you need to talk to them about; that’s what I was looking for. The best thing is that they actually watch and take care of my mother like I would. Whenever there’s a problem, like when she’s feeling anxious, there’s somebody there to take care of her. They take the residents to baseball games and ice cream socials once a month.


Private-Sun City

The Inspired Living Memory Care Community had just opened when we placed “Dad”. It is a very clean, well-laid out community with 2 primary wings off a main hallway that has 3 screen porches and a very large, secure courtyard. Wall murals showing the staff and residents as “leaves of a family tree” helps guests to identify other residents and caregivers. A Hall of Honor mural for Veterans in residence shows a Flag and American Eagle, with the Veterans photo and branch of service. I know “Dad” really enjoys seeing his photo, name and branch of service on display. All staff members we have met have been helpful and friendly. Inspired Living was chosen for their location, their responsiveness and involvement in the community. They help sponsor seminars and training by Teepa Snow, and we were fortunate to attend one of these seminars. The staff is very good at redirecting a resident to a positive outcome when a situation may cause anxiety. There have been a few minor issues and we are always notified promptly. If we have had a concern, a simple email receives a fast response and the issue is immediately resolved and we know we can call any time.

Private-Sun City

My father has been at Inspired Living at Sun City for about two months and everything has been great. The nurses and all the people at Inspired Living at Sun City are all very kind to everybody. They have good activities and do different things on a daily basis. They are very people focused and really friendly. They know all the people by name, know what they need, and the nursing staff is just excellent. It is a very safe and secure place as well. We have been very pleased.

Private-Sun City

The staff at Inspired Living at Sun City is incredibly friendly. The really have bent over backwards to help us. They have met all of our needs and then some. We have been very very pleased.

Misty R-Tampa

I am absolutely thrilled with our team here at Tampa. If you look around, there is love everywhere. Of course we all have our days, and our bad moments, but there is more love then not.  Josselyn is helping out in every department, even feeding residents sometimes when my team is a man down or if we are just a little overwhelmed. Today she was just hanging out with Mary Lou Ryder, out on the patio looking at pictures. It was like two buddies sitting there hanging out. It was VERY cool. I could see that Mary Lou was truly in a happy place at that moment. The dining services department-those ladies/gents are great. Maria, down in the country kitchen is awesome. She is so helpful, her and the nursing team work together so well instead of against each other. Maria gets right in with the residents and communicates with them very well-she just “gets it”.  Marcia is really taking onto this building well and gets things done with no delay really and is happy to do so. The communication is there-that’s key. I love how I can just yell out across the hall to Mindy and we laugh at stuff together all day-it’s just FUN! Stephanie of course as bored as she is in her department, HAHAHA-manages to crack me up on occasions and her heart is huge. Andrew has stepped it up a ton and is super duper helpful and is just great to work with. Johanna-awesome at reeling them in too. I came here and we had I think 36 residents. Great job and truly it starts with you and Charlie and the greatness just trickles down.  All though MOST of the residents can’t thank us, the family members do and it just feels so damn good! THANKS TEAM TAMPA! As corny as it is-I am PROUD to work here. Of course we all have our days-but NOTHING WORTH ANYTHING IS EVER EASY!!!!!!

Misty R.

Louise L-Tampa

I am so grateful and blessed that I found Inspired Living for my husband. I know he is safe, well cared for, treated with respect and love. It has become my community where I am supported and understood as every day becomes more challenging as this disease advances.

Louise L.

Joanne T-Tampa

My husband was at Inspired for a short time before passing away. After only 2 short months, I am missing the entire Inspired family. I made friends at Inspired who will never be forgotten –Everyone from Administration, nurses, CNAs, therapists, activity directors, kitchen workers, residents and resident families–I thank you ALL for the help and love you shared during Joe’s final journey on earth.

Joanne T.

Samantha E -Tampa

The facility is beautiful, the staff is exceptional! A warm, caring atmosphere for your loved ones with tons of engaging activities. The director, Charlie White, goes above and beyond for the residents and their families. Thank you for making my mother’s move there smooth and for literally welcoming her with open arms. We are grateful for the wonderful care she receives at ILT!

Samantha E.

Tricia B-Tampa

Thank you to the entire staff at ILT for treating me like family while I was there for a long weekend visiting my mother, Rosie. My mom is so happy there, because she is not only treated with kindness and respect, but she is also loved and genuinely cared for by the entire staff. Every day she keeps busy and has fun in all of the coordinated activities, and she sleeps well at night! We had a great weekend together!

Tricia B.

Leslie I-Tampa

I couldn’t be more thankful to have found Inspired Living at Tampa for my dear uncle. The last thing we wanted to do was move him from his home but at Inspired Living, we found a beautiful place for him to live with warm, friendly, upbeat people who care for him. I selected his apartment for it’s view of the garden walkways out back but mostly for the gorgeous marine reef ecosystem (aquarium) and outstanding underwater scene mural (by Ron Berman) positioned outside his front door. WOW! These amenities are truly inspired. During the holidays I was delighted to accompany my uncle to an abbreviated performance of The Nutcracker and on another day, Inspired Living was hosting a holiday disco and dance party. The groove and the mood were uplifting and as a frequent visitor there, I appreciate the thoughtful attention to details and programming. Thank you Inspired Living at Tampa for providing a safe, beautiful and positive environment for my loved one.

Leslie I.


The one that we ended up liking the most was Inspired Living. When you walk in, it is a really pretty lobby, which is kind of like walking on a cruise ship. It was really pretty and well-appointed. The people were very nice and hospitable. The place had just opened up in September, so it is new and has a really nice pool area with a nice big covered bar where they do cocktails and stuff at night. They also have a really nice dining room, which is open the whole day, so there is no time that you have to be down there except for meals that might be in-between or what they call the all-day dining, but you don’t get the meal of the day or the choices that they were serving, unless there is stuff left and then you can get it. You don’t have to worry about getting down there at a certain time, which I thought was really nice. When they show you the apartments, they were all decorated really nicely, so that helps to be able to see what kind of furniture would fit in there. The assisted and the independent living are combined, and then they had a separate wing for the memory care. If it hadn’t been that the rest of my siblings lived a lot farther south and they just really thought that it was too far for them to come, my mom would have been there. We really loved it.



My father was one of the first residents in this community. The facility is so clean and well appointed I wanted to move in. The staff are always friendly and willing to help. Well worth every dime!


The food was nourishing and was a balanced diet to promote good health. The LPNs are all very knowledgeable in the treatment of Patients with Dementia and any other memory problems. I would feel comfortable recommending Inspired Living especially the one in Tampa. My wife has actually started to improve in ADL’s and takes part in most activities. The living quarters are spacious and kept clean. The whole staff is very giving and very nice to all the patients.


The community was very organized. I received enough information about the community from the advisor. I also received a proper tour of the whole community. The staff there were all very nice and attentive. There were many common areas and activities. The community also offered Housekeeping and Laundry service / dry cleaning.

Susan-Lakewood Ranch

I visited Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch. I liked the programs offered and the staff. They had activities. They engaged the residents to use their skills. They had balloon bounce, wheelchair activities. There were actually jobs for people to use their skills, for example, folding napkins, delivering mail or different things to make them feel they were contributing. It was top shelf. It is brand new, but they do not accept Medicaid upfront. The neighborhood was under development. It was secluded. It was near the interstate. The grounds were beautiful. There was a lake and a fountain. It was meticulously landscaped. There was a putting green and a swimming pool with an assistant that would help you get into the water. The memory-care unit was part of the facility. It had hot water aquarium and granite countertops in the units. It was just very nice. They had beauty salon and restaurant.



Everything is going great here. We are really pleased with them. The staff has been doing a great job with mom. She enjoys the food as much as she can and she likes that they have a big open field for her to be able to walk around.

Private-Lakewood Ranch

What we liked about Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch was their pool and that it was gorgeous and bigger than any of the other places we’ve looked at. My dad likes to swim, and it’s the only exercise he likes to do. The furniture and the common areas were beautiful. They obviously had someone with very good taste picking out the furniture. They had a lot of nice sitting areas throughout the property. The staff was very warm, friendly, and welcoming. It seemed that they knew the residents really well. I liked their security feature. For instance, if he goes to a walk, he could just press the button and they would know where to find him on the property.

Private-Lakewood Ranch

My father was a resident here for only a few months before he passed away, but his experience was a most positive one. The staff were all extremely friendly, warm and caring. They took the time to get to know him and his needs (personal and medical), They were all were very patient and accommodating of his need for independence, as well as when he needed assistance. We family members were always kept in the communications loop when the situation called for it, The facility itself is also very nicely equipped and well cared for, and the food was just excellent. We are very thankful that Inspired Living was our father’s home.

Darlene-Lakewood Ranch

Inspired Living was a very nice, beautiful facility with very accommodating staff. It’s very nice and clean. My mom needs surgery, and we were thinking she might need assisted living, but once she doesn’t, she does move back to her independent living. We were considering this as a place for her. It was large, queen size bed in the bedroom, and the bathroom was beautiful. it was very handicapped accessible. It has nice living space and beautiful interiors.


Private-Lakewood Ranch

The staff at Inspired Living LWR is phenomenal! They are very caring and genuinely interested in providing for the specialized needs of each resident. They make family members feel welcome and plan activities to make us feel involved. The brand new facility is lovely and spacious and cleaned and maintained very well. It has state-of-the art technology that allows staff to know immediately if a resident needs assistance. They also have a beautiful, heated pool with a lift chair that not many facilities provide.

Kathy F-Lakewood Ranch

This week, we moved our mom into Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch. She is soon to be 91, is legally blind and hard of hearing, so you can imagine our concern about moving her. Yet, the experience for mom and our family has been far, far better than we could have ever imagined. From the moment I walked into the facility months ago to attend a caregiver education program, through the research of other local facilities, signing of the lease, and the move itself, I have been impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the warmth of everyone we have met. When we finally got mom into her newly designed room, she was HOME! Staff members continually stopped by to introduce themselves, there was assistance at ready to acclimate her to the facility, and they made sure she had someone to sit with at meals so that she did not feel quite so alone. I have to praise Nadine and her wellness and caregiving staff, Hope and the sales team, and the concierge, the meal staff, the chef, the General Manager; all have been as welcoming, warm, and polished as one could possible hope. What a relief to find such a safe, welcoming home for mom. Our family is grateful that mom is now somewhere where she is able to receive the assistance she needs to live as full a life as possible, for as long as she lives. So glad that we found Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch!

Kathy F.

Mary W-Lakewood Ranch

Inspired Living is perfect if you’re looking for Assisted Living that looks and feels like an upscale hotel. Great location and the staff is excellent. We choose them for the above reasons and they have a nice staffed fitness center.

Mary W.

Private-Lakewood Ranch

My mother so far is doing very good here at this community. Everything is working out pretty well, and we are pleased. It is a nice and clean community, they do a good job with keeping everything well maintained. She is comfortable with the staff, they are caring for her well. They do have activities available. She is pleased with the meals. We know she is safe and being cared for well at this community. I have already recommended it to many people, it is a nice place.

Harvey H-Sarasota

Chami and all of the Team at Inspired Living Sarasota have provided an incredible environment for our mother. She is thriving, having fun, meeting new friends and now seems to have joy an purpose in her life. Our family is so grateful to you for that. Thanks so much.

Harvey H.


Inspired Living is awesome. We just took my father on a plane ride this morning in Venice set up by them. They have pizza parties. We go to Myakka, we go to car museums. They bring in groups that sing, and then they play the older, ’40s music. They bring people in who do kind of a more formal jeopardy game. There’s a bus ride every Saturday afternoon. They go to Fiesta Key; they go to the national cemetery. There are things going on there all the time. They have a chef, and the food is outstanding. Everything is nutritious, and they have fresh vegetables and fruits.  My father has a bracelet to get in and out of his room, so residents cannot wander in and out of his room. He wears a GPS bracelet so that I can go in there and push his name on one of the screens that are located all over and see exactly where he is. He has a motion detector. When he gets up at night, the nurses know.  It’s all memory care, but it’s clean. It’s totally locked down. It is the only place I would recommend. These people are not drugged; these people are alive, and they’re doing things. The director, the head of nursing, and their program director are over the top. They give respect to Alzheimer’s patients and what they’re doing. The staff is caring; they treat him with great respect. We feel so blessed that we found them. There’s nothing that compared to this.



Excellent – always attentive – loving – many activities inside and outdoors – good meals – upper staff always there and attentive – excellent housekeeping.


Excellent!! 5 stars. So much better. The food, services, staff — what can we say, it’s all outstanding! To all the wonderful people here. Thank you, thank you!!



Inspired Living was a very nice facility. The grounds were beautiful, but they were very close to the Tamiami Trail. I think it would have been noisy for mother-in-law. The rooms seemed very nice too.


We have been so fortunate to the staff at Inspired Living. Chami always has fun trips planned and my mother always enjoys the activities. The building is clean and the courtyard is beautiful!

Kendra C-Sarasota

Although, I could not afford for my mother in law to reside at this beautiful and accommodating community I appreciate that they help place my mother in law in an affordable community. I love that Inspired Living at Sarasota is dedicated to caring for all seniors and for me that speaks volume on who they are and they honor their core values. They truly take care of moms and dads! Superb community!

Kendra C.


Inspired Living at Sarasota is beautiful. When you walk in the door, it’s like going into The Hilton. The living room has a huge aquarium. They have so many activities, so Dad was hardly ever in the room. They made him do lots of different things, like exercises.



The staff at Inspired Living at Sarasota has been extremely accommodating and helped in many ways. The place itself seems to live up to what it proposed to do. My uncle is getting lots of attention in terms of activities. I think it’s a very nice place. Just like anywhere, the cost is high, but that’s the way it goes. The food seems to be excellent. In fact, my uncle has gained a few pounds. I go and visit most of the time in the afternoons and always find my uncle engaged in a group activity, sometimes verbal, sometimes physical. The administrative staff has been marvelous. They have outdoor and indoor places to go.


My husband has only been at Inspired Living at Sarasota for a week, and so far, it has been good. We like the place, and they treat him very well. The people are very helpful and accommodating. I searched nine assisted living places but this is the “memory care only” place in Sarasota. One of the reasons why I picked it is because the residents have a GPS in their arm and the staff could tell where everybody is at all times. They also have this thing on their arm that unlocks the door to their own room, so no one else goes inside their room. The place is shaped like a horseshoe. There’s a lot of men, and my husband likes that. He has a private room, and they had all-inclusive pricing, which is not cheap.


My family and mother had a wonderful experience at Inspired Living at Sarasota. The community director and care staff were very attentive regarding mom’s individual needs. The community is well maintained and mom loved the ability to get fresh air in the courtyard. As a family we also enjoyed visiting during holiday times and participating in the various events. Very grateful for the care that was provided.

Sue M-Sarasota

I am impressed with the community as a whole. The staff for the most part is very patient with the residents. I have only experienced one time when I was not happy with the support staff. Meals are of a good quality and the outdoor area is exceptional. Residents are encouraged to participate in activities and not left to sleep away the day. This was very important to me and my family. The residents are treated like productive people and not just looked after. The care services are a great value as compared to previous experiences. I especially liked the guarantee that there will not be a yearly increase.

Sue M.


It was refreshing after visiting several places to walk into Inspired Living.  The receptionist was super friendly and we found the rest of the staff to be the same.  I am happy knowing there are so many activities and outings that my father will enjoy even with his dementia.


This is a great community for my father.  He is very happy here with the care and the staff that are just wonderful .  The food is great and my father likes the variety of difference choices.  He is offered a lot of activities to choose from to help keep very active.  I have recommended this community to many others for outstanding care for their loved ones.


The Inspired Living has been a great community.  The building as well as the rooms are always very clean and maintained well.  I like the attention the caregivers are able to give.  My mother is going on all of the outings.  We are happy with this place so far.

Jane-Hidden Lakes

My uncle lives here and it has been a great choice for him and our family. The place is very clean, the staff is very friendly and he always has lots of interesting activities and entertainment. And the food is so good we eat with him as often as we can when we visit. I highly recommend Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes to anyone.


Gail-Hidden Lakes

The staff and management are wonderful. We have had our Dad there for 8 months and are ecstatic over the care and all of the new management!! Hats off to a great place.


Private-Hidden Lakes

I was very impressed with Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes. My mother is doing well, and I am as happy as I could be. I think it’s an excellent place, I really do. I went down there not knowing what to expect, knowing my mother was in there, and I came away feeling like I am so blessed that my mother is there. The staff couldn’t be more helpful. There was an abundance of them. I mean, I felt like they were watched very carefully. There wasn’t anything that I found negative, nothing, not even moderate. It was just tip-top. Everything was very clean and well thought out for passageways and the things that they’re doing. I’m just very impressed. The murals that they’re doing on the walls for the residents — that’s wonderful, and the residents are part of it. They’re doing like honors for some of them who have got veterans in their family. They’re having a space for that resident to honor their veterans and have their pictures up. Then they’re doing an aquamarine mural. It’s just amazing. I can’t wait to see when they get finished. It’s really cool.

Private-Hidden Lakes

The staff was very friendly at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes. The facility was open and cheerful. I like the way that the residents looked well-taken care of. It’s probably the best one I’ve seen. Their rooms are very nice. I met the chef, and the food was very good.

Paula-Hidden Lakes

Inspired Living is a wonderful place. It’s assisted living, but its all memory-care. It’s brand new, and they have everything they need there. The administrative people are wonderful, and it was a very easy process. They have activities from 8AM to 8PM


Nancy-Hidden Lakes

Inspired Living really cared about the individual. The location was closer to me. They had a man cave, and they had a pool table. If I have to put my husband there, I feel like they would make sure he had all he needed as a person


Dana C-Hidden Lakes

So far we are having a very good experience.  They really seem to understand patients with dementia.  A horrible disease that anyone who is experiencing it with a loved one knows.  The whole atmosphere and the staff are perfect for patients with memory problems.  I am a critical care nurse and have never been on this end until now.  Our experiences have been less than I could ever imagine.  I think we found the right fit for our family member to live out his days in a safe environment with staff that really understand and care.  Thank you to all the staff for what you do!


Private-Hidden Lakes

I have looked to a lot of places and found this Hidden Lakes to be the best of all.  I like the cleanliness of every room and hall.  I am very impressed with the bright cheerful colors of the rooms and halls.  I have looked to many places and found that I could have paid more and sometimes less but I am sure you get what you pay for.  I am very satisfied with Hidden Lakes Bradenton.

Private-Hidden Lakes

We’re very happy with how things are going at Hidden Lakes Living!  It took a bit of time for my loved one to settle in, but now she is participating in activities and has met a friend to spend her time with.  She is fitting in well and seems very happy!  The staff have all been very friendly, professional, and patient and they do a great job of handling any issues she has without confrontation.  Really the only issues we’ve had is that when she moved in they told us that the residents are able to walk out into a secure outside area whenever they like, but this has not been the case so far.  Apparently due to hot weather they are restricting outside access until is cools down.

Private-Hidden Lakes

They do an absolutely wonderful job at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes!  I’d give them higher than 5 stars if I could! The staff here is unbelievable.  The CNAs do a great job looking after residents, and the activities directors are excellent!  The facility itself is nice looking, and always very clean.  I’ve been there at all different times of the day, and it seems like they’ve got someone out 24/7 making sure messes get tidied up quickly.  I highly recommend this place!

Private-Hidden Lakes

The food tastes good at this community.  They offer a variety of choices.  The community is kept clean and it is a good healthy environment.  The staff work well with my mom and answers questions we may have.

Private-Hidden Lakes

My mother spent her last three years in Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes with dementia, among nurses who cared about her and cried at her death.  She was not an easy patient, but the staff treated her with tremendous respect and kindness and I am very grateful.  They made her last years comfortable and she became extremely fond of her them, and they did of her.  The whole experience was positive and I can highly recommend this facility if you are unfortunate enough to be in the position of needing to find good care for your loved one with memory problems.

Sound Traveler Band – Lakewood Ranch

We are professional musicians who visit many senior living communities, and we believe Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch is one of the best anywhere! The activities staff led by Anna is wonderful – they are always spirited and upbeat, and they treat their residents with love and respect. They work hard to create an activities program that will keep your loved ones entertained and engaged with a great variety of fun things to do. The facility is also beautiful and it is consistently well-maintained, clean, comfortable, and stylish. When you are looking for the perfect home for you or a loved one, be sure to pay Inspired Living a visit – we are sure you will love it as much as we do!

 Sound Traveler Band

Nancy Kunze – Lakewood Ranch

This is a beautiful facility – it looks like an elegant hotel with a spacious yet comfortable lobby, attractive dining room, and beautiful pool deck. The staff is always friendly and attentive. Whether you are looking for a place with assisted living or memory care, look no further than Inspired Living. They even have a high-tech feature that allows you to easily locate your loved one using touch screen technology. There are nice outdoor spaces and gardens too so your loved one can easily go outside. It is such a nice place, and I really recommend it.

 Nancy Kunze

Louise Lembo-Kuhnle – Tampa

I am so grateful and blessed that I found Inspired Living for my husband. I know he is safe, well cared for, treated with respect and love. It has become my community where I am suppoted and understood as every day becomes more challenging as this disease advances.

 Louise Lembo-Kuhnle

Harvey A. Holton – Sarasota

Chami and all of the Team at Inspired Living Sarasota have provided an incredible environment for our mother. She is thriving, having fun, meeting new friends and now seems to have joy an purpose in her life. Our family is so grateful to you for that. Thanks so much.

 Harvey A. Holton

Leslie Joy Ickowitz – Tampa

I couldn’t be more thankful to have found Inspired Living at Tampa for my dear uncle. The last thing we wanted to do was move him from his home but at Inspired Living, we found a beautiful place for him to live with warm, friendly, upbeat people who care for him. I selected his apartment for it’s view of the garden walkways out back but mostly for the gorgeous marine reef ecosystem (aquarium) and outstanding underwater scene mural (by Ron Berman) positioned outside his front …door. WOW! These amenities are truly inspired. During the holidays I was delighted to accompany my uncle to an abbreviated performance of The Nutcracker and on another day, Inspired Living was hosting a holiday disco and dance party. The groove and the mood were uplifting and as a frequent visitor there, I appreciate the thoughtful attention to details and programming. Thank you Inspired Living at Tampa for providing a safe, beautiful and positive environment for my loved one.

 Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Linda Chirichella Blume – Ivy Ridge

Our mom has only been at Ivy Ridge for two months – at first is was very difficult – but the Ivy Ridge Team of professionals have guided us as a family all the way — she is acclimating and thriving — we can now know she is safe and being given excellent care!! This is our new normal and hers! She actually has said how nice everybody is & she’s never going to a nursing home.

 Linda Chirichella Blume

Joanne Thresher – Tampa

My husband was at Inspired for a short time before passing away. After only 2 short months, I am missing the entire Inspired family. I made friends at Inspired who will never be forgotten –Everyone from Administration, nurses, CNAs, therapists, activity directors, kitchen workers, residents and resident families–I thank you ALL for the help and love you shared during Joe’s final journey on earth.

 Joanne Thresher

Samantha Emiddio Mirabella – Tampa

The facility is beautiful, the staff is exceptional! A warm, caring atmosphere for your loved ones with tons of engaging activities. The director, Charlie White, goes above and beyond for the residents and their families. Thank you for making my mother’s move there smooth and for literally welcoming her with open arms. We are grateful for the wonderful care she receives at ILT!

 Samantha Emiddio Mirabella

Julie King – Ivy Ridge

Very nice! My Mom has Alzhimer and is a resident here. They specialize in Alzhimer. But, have residents that do not have Alzhimer. Everyone that works there is very attentive to the residents living there. The facility is secure with inside and outside areas for the residents to navigate around. There are always activities for the residents to be involved with. The residents rooms are decorated with their personal items which makes them more comfortable and feel like home. Very light and airy through out the facility.

 Julie King

Marquelle Hendryx – Bonita Springs

This is a beautiful, state of the art building! The staff are amazing! Friendly, professional and warm! The chef here prepares 5 star meals worthy of a fine dining establishment! I cannot say enough about how wonderful this place is! You have to tour it, to see it all!

 Marquelle Hendryx

Private-Hidden Lakes

The Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes was a nice place. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The memory care unit was depressing and we felt like we were not ready to have my father there yet, so we ended up moving him but from the short period of time that he was there he enjoyed his stay.

Brenda Maugeri – Ivy Ridge

My Mom has been at Ivy Ridge for a little over a year and I love this facility. The staff and management are absolutely wonderful. Seeing my Mom happy and content in her environment gives me such joy, and I know I made the best decision for her and the family selecting Ivy Ridge. I could never begin to thank each and every one of you for the care and love you have and continue to display toward my Mom. You all deserve five stars!!

 Brenda Maugeri

Trista Contorno – Hidden Lakes

Absolutely beautiful community with loving, caring and dependable staff and Management!! Can’t thank all of them for all they do everyday! Management has been knowledgeable and has a great love for the people that live there!!

 Trista Contorno