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7/14/2019 2:55 PM – Update from Daniel Ritter, Executive Director of Inspired Living at Kenner

Update #3

Greetings families, residents and staff of Inspired Living Kenner. This is Daniel Ritter, your Executive Director. I just wanted to give everyone another update regarding our status with Tropical Storm Barry. Myself & other members of our team stayed at the community again last night and we again, had a very uneventful night. We did not lose power or any services for that matter and we were fully staffed. I think it is safe to say that the worst is now behind us, and the city should resume most normal services by later today or tomorrow. Things here at Inspired Living will remain “business as normal” however, as they have throughout this storm, with a full day of activities and programming for our residents. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and have lunch or dinner with us. The menu items look amazing today, and make sure that you try Ernesto’s Cream of Corn bisque today….it is delicious!

Additionally, I would like to personally thank all of our staff who stayed here with us during the storm, their families for allowing them to be here with us during this crucial time, and to our associates who braved the wet and windy roads to make it here and keep their commitment to our Moms and Dads.

And on one last side note, to all of our families and residents, I would like to offer you a one time special on this rainy day. For any resident who signs up for recurring automatic rent payments on Rent Café’ (our new online billing portal), by July 31st, I would like to give you a $100 credit towards your August rent. Please see myself or one of our concierges for more information regarding this one time incentive.

Thank you again for trusting us with you or your loved one’s care, and I hope to see everyone soon at the community! Stay safe if traveling on the roads today! Thanks!

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7/13/2019 1:25 PM – Update from Daniel Ritter, Executive Director of Inspired Living at Kenner

Update #2

Good afternoon residents, families and staff. This is Daniel Ritter, the Executive Director of Inspired Living Kenner again. I wanted to inform everyone that I did spend the night at the community last night with other members of management and staff, and I am happy to report that last night was a very uneventful night at Inspired Living. We had very limited rain and just a bit of wind. We did not lose power at the community and everything is currently, “business as normal” for us here at the community. We are expecting heavy rainfall later this afternoon, but we remain prepared with adequate staffing, food, back-up generator power, and programming throughout the day. If you are in the neighborhood this morning please join us for Bible Study with Emma, or “Coffee Talk” with yours truly as we will re-cap hot topics and trends in the news this week.  This evening LaShondra will be teaching everyone to play “Mexican Train Dominoes”, and don’t miss Bingo Bonanza at 3pm in the dining room. Everyone stay safe and dry and I will continue to send updates throughout the weekend!

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7/12/2019 1:00 PM – Update from Daniel Ritter, Executive Director of Inspired Living at Kenner

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we are prepared for Tropical Storm Barry. While we will NOT be evacuating for this storm, I can assure you that we have taken all of the necessary precautions regarding food, shelter, safety, backup power, and staffing for the weekend. Designated members of the management team and our staff have been identified to stay here at the community in the case that flood waters rise. Again, we do not anticipate evacuating for this storm, and we have adequate staffing, food, water and backup generators for worst case scenarios.

Please have peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will be safe with us during this tropical disturbance. I would like to share a few additional cell phones numbers also, in case we lose our land lines. First floor nurse on AL is (504) 442-1044. Second floor AL nurse is (504) 442-4085. MC nurse phone is (504) 442-4957. Campbell McClure’s cell phone is (504)201-4616. My cell phone number is (504)330-4395. We will continue to send updates as needed and we will certainly be keeping our eye on this disturbance every hour throughout the weekend. Thank you for trusting us, and please be assured that safety will remain our number one priority. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.

Daniel Ritter

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