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Please use this form to send mass plain text emails. These emails will be sent directly from your personal email account and you will receive all of the replies. This submission form is not for mini-campaignsevent invitations, (We send these out in series on your behalf) or your personal outreach efforts. So, if you have a VIP list of 30 that you would like to extend a personal event invitation to etc. You can do this from your own outlook limiting to 10 email addresses per email. This is a company policy and VERY important. 

Please Note: This email content will be copy and pasted exactly as you submit it. These emails are sent from you personally and will not be proofread, if you need help crafting the perfect message, please reach out directly We look forward to supporting all of your efforts.

Mass Emailing Examples:

  • Personal Email to Entire Database from ED
  • Personal Email from Sales Professional to All Professionals 
  • Email from Team about a Community Update

Email Submission

  • This is the email address that the recipients will see and reply to. Just as if it were coming from your outlook.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.