Does Living by Bodies of Water Provide Health Benefits?

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There are numerous ways that bodies of water help you achieve a happier, healthier life.


Almost everyone enjoys spending time by all types of bodies of water like oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds. But could water actually have real benefits for your health? Is it possible that a regular stroll around the pond could do more than just make you feel more relaxed and in-tune with nature?

It actually does! Living by bodies of water is known to give you an abundance of health benefits. This health benefits are critical for all ages but especially important to seniors.


Better Sleep

The soothing sounds of water lapping at the banks with birds chirping tranquilly are proven to provide calming, relaxing effects that help you clear your mind and declutter your thoughts. All of this leads to better sleep each night while being less concerned over daily challenges. As a result, your sleep quality will improve, leaving you better rested, more alert, and happier overall.


Lower Stress

Along with better sleep, bodies of water also lower stress levels. Regular time spent around bodies of water like ponds, streams, and seaside’s is shown to reduce stress and which leads to improved overall health. This means a lower resting heart rate and blood pressure which attributes to better cardiovascular health and reduced risks of heart disease and stroke.


Boosted Immunity

Plants and trees near bodies of water release phytoncides, which helps trees and plants protect themselves. These phytoncides are also known to help our own immune system! Breathing these in, is shown to elevate white blood cell counts in the bloodstream, boosting immune function and helping you fight off infection and illness. That means spending time around water helps you get sick less and recover quicker!


More Time Outside in the Sun

Not only is water great for boosting health, it also gets you outside, where the fresh air and sunshine can also help make you happier and healthier. Getting some nice sun can not only give you a healthy-looking tan, but it also helps lower cholesterol while boosting vitamin D levels in the bloodstream. Combine this with the soothing effects of fresh air, and you’re sure to feel in a better mood with less stress and anxiety. That’s why we all crave a little fresh air when things get stressful!


How Inspired Living Communities Bring Water to You

All these amazing health benefits of spending time around bodies of water inspired us to include beautiful, water features like scenic ponds at our larger, luxury resort-style assisted living and memory care communities. We also surround our ponds with smooth, inviting walking trails, benches, and modern walking piers to give our residents an amazing waterside experience.

In this way, we make it easy for every resident to get out and spend some time by the water as often as they like. It’s another great part of our approach to helping people live inspired at any age or stage of life. So, get up, grab a friend, and enjoy the scenic water features that will leave you happier, healthier and living inspired.

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