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Diving into How Aquariums Benefit Seniors

Diving into How Aquariums Benefit Seniors

Aquariums are known to reduce stress and relieve anxiety through their beautiful and relaxing ambiance.


Aquariums are living decorations that bring color and life to any room. They’re especially great for seniors, bringing tons of amazing benefits, including some that might be surprising. From stress reduction and health advantages to mental stimulation that may even fight dementia, there are many reasons why aquariums are beneficial in any senior’s life.

Let’s dive into all the outstanding advantages seniors get from having aquariums in community living environments.


Aquariums Reduce Anxiety & Stress

With vibrant colors that are always in-motion, aquariums bring a beautiful and engaging aesthetic to any indoor space. That’s why we’re proud to feature a sea-life lounge in every one of our senior living communities, complete with a large aquarium and a massive deep-sea mural for residents to immerse themselves in.

Studies have proven that spending time looking at an aquarium is a great way for seniors to relax, lower their blood pressure, and reduce stress. They have a mesmerizing quality that’s shown to calm seniors in as few as five minutes.

A slower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure resulting from being around an aquarium bring clear benefits for seniors’ heart and cardiovascular health. A study has even shown that people who have had heart attacks actually live longer if they have a pet in their home. Aquariums combine the benefits of pets with soothing sights and relaxing sounds, which can lead to a longer, less-anxious life.


Fish Boost Attention & Memory While Fighting Cognitive Decline

Caregivers everywhere marvel at how aquariums create positive environments for seniors who have dementia. In many cases, these fish tanks keep memory care residents’ attention for up to 30 minutes! It’s because of the combination of random movement, color, and soothing sounds helps people with dementia focus and hold their attention, longer.

Another valuable benefit is that seniors who live with Alzheimer’s are more engaged, talkative, and happy when they’re able to spend time enjoying an aquarium regularly. This means that aquariums are surprisingly beneficial at slowing the effects of age-related cognitive decline and even delaying the onset of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease.


Aquariums Improve Quality-of-Life

All of these benefits of having an aquarium lead directly to better quality-of-life and more positive outlooks. Seniors with fish tanks in their community report being more relaxed and stimulated with greater overall feelings of happiness.

In fact, a study proved that seniors living with Alzheimer’s who spend time around aquariums were clearly more relaxed and happier while eating as much as 21% more healthy foods. Aquariums also make a great social gathering place for seniors. This allows them to sit back and relax, while watching the fish, and engaging in creative storytelling, giving them names, and making up stories about their lives. Seniors might even reminisce about their own aquatic experiences, connecting with each through the ocean-themed ambiance.

With all the relaxation, stimulation, and social benefits seniors get from aquariums, it’s clear to see why they’re so beloved by our residents.