Cultivating wonderful outdoor creations and warm friendly relationships through communal gardening.


Community gardens provide seniors everywhere with the ability to grow fresh, healthy foods, have a fun way to get active outdoors, and come together to cultivate a warm inviting community. From beautiful flowers and hearty bushes to fresh vegetables and beyond, community gardening is uniquely attractive and a great way to engage residents.


Gardening Creates Beauty Everyone Can Enjoy

When seniors living in a community get together to garden, they’re able to treat their gardens as a blank canvas. As a group, we can choose which plants to grow and how to arrange them, adding natural beauty and unique personality to our outdoor spaces.

In this way, community gardening is like a collaborative art canvas were anyone can have a hand in creating and maintaining. Plus, everyone—all residents, staff, visitors, and others—can enjoy the beautiful creation of our residents!


We’re Growing Healthier Foods, Together

As far back as WWII, when the U.S. government encouraged citizens to grow “Victory Gardens”, people were growing as much as 40% of their own food. More recently, since the Great Recession, we’ve seen a 19% increase in community gardening as a great way to get fresher, less-expensive produce.

With the ability to grow and curate gardens, our Inspired Living residents can receive all the benefits gardening has to offer! From being able to grow fresh vegetables, and herbs, to planting beautiful flowers, this allows residents to engage within the community and have a collective say in how gardens should look in our outdoor living spaces.


It’s Great for the Body & Mind

Whether it’s choosing and arranging the plants or working the soil, watering, weeding, and keeping everything tidy, every aspect of a community garden is a group experience. It encourages seniors to spend time together outside, being active, breathing in the fresh air, and honing their gardening skills.

In fact, a recent study proved that people who garden at least 30 minutes per week have a lower body-mass index (BMI). It also encourages seniors to soak up some healthy sun, which is proven to lower blood pressure and boost vitamin D levels.

Not only is gardening with friends great for the body, it’s also amazingly beneficial for the mind. Many seniors find gardening to be a zen-like experience, requiring focus and concentration that keeps brains active and sharp. It’s the perfect way for seniors to stay engaged! Arranging and nurturing plant life is also a great artistic and creative outlet, giving seniors a constructive and social way to express themselves.


How Community Gardening Brings Us Closer to Each Other

One of our favorite things about community gardening is how it brings seniors together. Being able to work together and divide up tasks helps cultivate relationships and an inviting community through gardening. It’s the perfect opportunity to smile and laugh together, swapping green-thumbed knowledge and sharing fond memories.

It’s these connections that are so important. Being social and creating interactive, beautiful gardens together helps form warm bonds, stimulates the mind, and boosts self-confidence. Seniors who garden in groups say they feel more involved in their communities, less stressed, and happier overall.

With all the amazing benefits of community gardening, and especially the relationship-building that makes everyone happier, it’s clear to see why it’s a favorite pastime of many of our community members.