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Something to Wag Your Tail About

Something to Wag Your Tail About

Pets provide amazing emotional support and love to everyone, especially seniors.


Our beloved pets are a great source of companionship and emotional support, but these effects are especially important for seniors living in assisted living and memory care communities.

In fact, a study published in 2013 showed that people living with dementia who got only 11 weeks of dog-assisted therapy saw improvement in their depression and mood scores when compared to those who got only human-based therapy. Another study released in 2015 found that therapy dogs in hospitals gave people with cancer measurable improvements in emotional well-being with just 15 or 20-minute visits per day. It’s very clear that animals give people real emotional benefits and make their lives noticeably better every day.

This is why we’ve worked to make our communities as pet-friendly as possible with amenities like outdoor walking trails, off-leash dog parks, and more. We love seeing furry friends making our residents happier every day!

Here’s How You Can Support the Cause

Animals provide many positive benefits for seniors, and there are countless ways that you can help make everyone’s tail wag a little more. These great organizations are a perfect way to help support:

  • Wags for Hope is a non-profit that helps volunteers bring their pets to nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living communities, and hospice.
  • Silver Muzzle Cottage works with shelters and pet owners to bring therapy dogs who are in the later stages of their lives to nursing homes, which improves the lives of residents and the dogs alike.
  • Pet Partners believes in the power of the human-animal bond helping seniors living with Alzheimer’s, veterans who have PTSD, and many more.
  • Canine Assisted Therapy has over 120 volunteer teams that bring their dogs and provide companionship for people who live in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and hospice in the South Florida area.