When it comes to adrenaline rushes, Georgina surely tops the list celebrating her 100th birthday skydiving, and coming face to face with a Great White Shark


Georgina Harwood isn’t your typical thrill-seeker. In fact, she’s had the time of her life in her nineties and beyond, pursuing adrenaline rushes through adventures that few people half her age would attempt. When Harwood turned 100, she not only accepted her status as a centenarian; she celebrated it. She wanted to do something she had never done before and experience something memorable and exhilarating. She also wanted to set an example for her family and others about living life to the fullest and never slowing down. And she even tied a philanthropic piece into these activities.

On her 100th birthday, Harwood went skydiving in order to raise funds for life jackets for the National Sea Rescue Institute. Then two days later, she went shark diving in South Africa. Accompanying her to the dive location were many close family members, including her great-grandson. Not only were the temperatures of the water Harwood dove into in Gaansbai frigid, but, once submerged, she also found herself inches away from a great white shark (considered one of the most dangerous creatures in the world).

When asked about the sharks, Harwood shared a touching sentiment of empathy, saying:

“Sharks are having a hard time in the sea” as a result of overfishing. And when asked about the dive itself, she marveled that it was “a special experience in my lifetime” and that she couldn’t “compare it to anything else.”

This fearless woman decided that age wouldn’t limit her, but instead let it empower her to seize new opportunities and take new, invigorating leaps while giving back to others. Now that’s really living!

Photo Credit: Marine Dynamics Shark Tours and SkyDive Cape Town

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