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Why Being Outdoors is Key to a Long Life

Why Being Outdoors is Key to a Long Life

Natures way of prolonging life through exercise, fun while soaking up the sun, and socialization all in one.


The great outdoors’ are a place where almost everyone loves to be. But, did you know spending time outside can actually help you live longer? It’s true! Seniors who spend time outside have higher vitamin D levels, get more exercise, and even heal more quickly. Being outdoors is also proven to improve brain health, concentration, and mood. It’s also a great way for seniors to stay social.

Here’s more about how spending time outside helps our residents live longer, better lives.


Healthy Exercise & Enjoyment

Spending time outside encourages seniors to be active, whether it’s gardening, swimming, fishing, bird watching, or just going for a stroll. In fact, a study found that spending as few as five minutes outside can improve self-esteem and mood. No matter what seniors choose to do outside, it’s a choice to be active rather than sedentary, and it’s no secret that healthy exercise is great both for physical and mental health, especially as people age.


Soaking Up the Sun

Getting regular sunshine is good for your mind and your body. Spending as little as half an hour in the sun, three or four times a week, helps seniors produce vitamin D naturally in their body, and evidence suggests this helps with everything from heart disease to cancer, osteoporosis, depression, memory, and beyond. It also improves serotonin levels in the brain, which is directly linked with feeling better and happier. Not only does soaking up the sun make people feel better physically, but having a healthy tan can be a great self-confidence boost as well. That means it helps outdoor-living seniors experience better overall feelings of wellness, key to a longer, healthier life.


Spending Time with Friends

Outdoor activities are a favorite way to spend time with friends, especially among seniors. Having an attractive, engaging, and accessible place to enjoy the outdoors encourages seniors to get together and spend more time outside. This helps reduce feelings of isolation many seniors experience, helping reduce cognitive decline and the onset of dementia by as much as 50%. It’s clear that spending time with friends and family is key to a longer, happier life, and spending time outside is an important way for seniors to stay social.