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Ways Adventuring Through Nature Keeps You Healthy

Ways Adventuring Through Nature Keeps You Healthy

Natural ways to stay healthy and active, with some quality time in the great outdoors.


Nature has a natural way of boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The benefits are even greater when you mix walking and adventuring through the great outdoors! In doing so, it helps keep you healthy, fulfilled, and living longer.


Walking Outside Is Good Exercise

Physically, walking is a great exercise for seniors, as it strengthens muscles, bones, and joints while improving balance and coordination and boosting cardiovascular health. Spending time in the sun also improves cholesterol while boosting vitamin D levels in the body. Plus, it’s increasingly clear that spending time in nature boosts immune function and reduces the impact of chronic and short-term illnesses and injuries.


Being in Nature Is Good for the Mind & Spirit

Not only is exercise great for brain health, mood, and overall feelings of well-being, Mother Nature has a proven calming effect that reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Simply being outside among nature’s beauty and tranquility is good for the body and mind, and adding the exercise benefits of walking supercharges the mental and emotional benefits, especially for seniors. It also helps seniors maintain their concentration and memory and helps slow the onset of cognitive decline and dementia like Alzheimer’s.


Outdoor Adventures Improve Health for Longer Lives

All the health and wellbeing benefits of walking in nature are proven to help you live longer. A recent Harvard University study found that people who live surrounded by vegetation live, on average, 12% longer. The same study showed that people who are surrounded by plants and trees had a 34% lower death rate from respiratory problems and even a 13% lower rate of death due to cancer.

So, get outside, walk through nature’s beauty, savor the adventure, and enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life!