A dose of socializing every day keeps loneliness away.

Have you ever noticed that feeling of extreme happiness you get when sitting down with a friend and busting out laughing so hard that tears roll down your cheeks? Or about a time when you felt warm inside after catching up with a loved one you haven’t seen in a while?

That’s the power of socializing.

Being social and having strong social networks have many proven health benefits for a better, longer life. Seniors, more importantly, benefit from socializing and building close connections with their loved ones.

Ready to socialize about the benefits of socializing? Let’s talk.

Benefits the heart

Research shows that socializing with people is good for the heart. Seniors who stay socially active and keep secure, healthy social relationships are one-third as likely to have heart disease. One study shows that there is a connection between healthy social relationships and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes!

Not having these social interactions can elevate stress increasing inflammation in the body causing elevated blood pressure and the lack of blood flow to crucial organs. Due to stress having a significant impact on bodily function, socializing helps reduce stress caused diseases like heart disease, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.  

Stronger cognitive function and mental health

Getting social limits the decline of cognitive function and lowers senior’s risk of dementia by 40%. Having an active social life not only helps protect cognitive function but also helps seniors reduce stress and anxiety while being able to manage it better too.

When feeling connected to a group, it improves our self-esteem. The feeling of belonging reduces depression, anxiety, and allows us to trust more and be more trustworthy. We even feel more empathy and cooperate more with others when we have healthy social relationships.

Helps seniors immune system

Really? Socializing can boost our immune systems? As a matter of fact, yes. Having face to face contact with another person or group of people acts as a vaccine for our brains. It sets off an explosion of neurotransmitters that increase our ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress is an immune killer and can minimize your bodies ability to fight back infections. Having regular social interactions helps seniors limit stress and agitation.

Improved overall quality of life

Socializing even encourages more positive activities among seniors, like outdoor walks, swimming, fishing, golfing, and many others. When we associate with more positive people, we make more positive lifestyle changes like exercising, eating healthier and being motivated to reach our goals. Having these strong social connections reduces loneliness and isolation which minimizes the amount of stress on the body.

There are many ways to socialize. For example, sign up for a club, join a reading group, or make a plan to walk with friends on a specific day. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy time with loved ones and all the benefits that come along with socializing.