Our Inspired Living at Sugar Land Executive Director, Mario Gutierrez, rescued Karen’s son-in-law after being told to evacuate.

Karen, our Sales Director at Inspired Living at Sugar Land, wrote in tonight to tell us an awesome story about our Executive Director. We are so proud and honored to have them both on our team.

Karen’s Note:

How blessed am I? To have the privilege to work with a man who is a true servant leader. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Today, Mario’s grandma Maria turns 103!! This is what Mario posted on his Facebook page about his grandma; “Today this beautiful lady is 103!!! This pic is from last year. Gramma Maria is always mindful to pray for her kids, grandkids, even her great-great grandson on her lap. We love you, grandma. Thank you for the example of a virtuous woman.”

Let me tell you a bit about my amazing boss, Mario—On Tuesday, August 29th, my son-in-law was told that he needed to immediately evacuate his apartment. My daughters and I were literally flooded in and couldn’t reach him. Who did I call? Mario! Mario said he would do whatever he could do to help out. Mario had just returned to Katy after going to pick up his brother and a neighbor, who was also being evacuated. To add to this story, please note that Mario has opened his home during this crisis – including to a perfect stranger who is 78 that they are now calling Aunt Betty.

Mario, his brother, and 2 others began the journey through the very dangerous high water to get Zach to safety. Eventually, my daughters and I were able to get out of our subdivision and reunite him with our family. My family and I are so very grateful to Mario, who never hesitated or wavered in his mission to evacuate my son-in-law from the rising waters. We really don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t jump-in. Mario is not only my boss, he is a friend and my brother.

Mario has continued to reach out and serve wherever he can. Thank you, Mario, for being the amazing soul you are. The one who is fine being in the background and shining his bright light—quietly and yet oh so brightly!!
I’d like to end with the two quotes from the new Facebook friend’s pages:

Zach’s Post:

“Today I evacuated with our guinea pig in tow. I’m a 33-year-old man and never thought I’d ever utter those words. We have a lot of amazing people in this city. Thank you to everyone who helped me get to safety especially Karen’s boss Mario, and his family. I love you, Houston.”

Mario’s Comment Back:

“My pleasure Zach. Just a family thing.”