You might just enjoy that cup of joe a little bit more with all the health benefits it brings.


Many people love a good cup of coffee to help get the day started—64% of Americans have at least one cup per day. But how might it affect your health? Could coffee actually offer health benefits beyond the energy boost you get from caffeine? It turns out there are many scientific studies showing that regular coffee drinking leads to longer life, reduced risk of certain diseases, better heart health, and even slower cognitive decline in seniors.

Just don’t spoil the party by adding too much high-calorie sugar and cream to your favorite brew! Of course, consult with your doctor before enjoying a cup of joe in the morning.


Coffee Helps You Live Longer

A 2015 study showed that coffee leads to an 8%-15% lower risk of death. Another study performed in the United Kingdom recently revealed that people who drink coffee are 17% less likely to have a premature death, 18% less likely to get cancer, and even 19% less likely to pass away due to heart disease than people who don’t drink coffee. Yet another study suggested that one cup of coffee per day lowers risk of death by 12%!


Coffee Is Good for the Heart

A recent study from the American Heart Association suggests that coffee helps protect your heart and circulatory system. The study showed that just one cup of coffee you drink can reduce your risk of heart failure by 8%, stroke by 7%, and coronary heart disease by 5%. This may be true because coffee contains antioxidants such as “flavonoids”, which are proven to be good for cardiovascular health and the flexibility of blood vessels.


Coffee Lowers Your Risks for Diabetes, Liver Disease, & More

Studies have suggested that regular coffee drinkers develop type-2 diabetes 11% less often. This could be because coffee contains substances that are good for metabolism. Other studies show that regular coffee drinkers have healthier livers and lower risks of developing liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. There’s even evidence to suggest that coffee fights health problems like kidney disease, gout, uterine cancer, and many other issues.

One thing’s for sure: coffee is better for your health than many people think!


Coffee Is Good for Your Brain Health & Cognition

Another health benefit of coffee that’s especially great for seniors has to do with the brain. Generally, people’s cognitive function begins to slow down and decline between the ages of 60 and 80 years old. Now, a recent study has shown that seniors who drink coffee had a slower rate of cognitive decline, and many other studies back this up with similar data and results. Coffee drinking is also associated with lower rates of depression in seniors.

So, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning helps you wake up, keeps your brain healthy, and helps you feel happier overall. Now that it’s proven to slow cognitive decline and reduce risks of developing dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, coffee should taste a little bit sweeter to seniors everywhere.

It’s also why we’re proud to feature gourmet coffee bars and our self-service bistros at our senior living communities. We love that our residents have great places to get together, socialize, and enjoy a great cup of coffee with friends.