Update #2

Good afternoon residents, families and staff. This is Daniel Ritter, the Executive Director of Inspired Living Kenner again. I wanted to inform everyone that I did spend the night at the community last night with other members of management and staff, and I am happy to report that last night was a very uneventful night at Inspired Living. We had very limited rain and just a bit of wind. We did not lose power at the community and everything is currently, “business as normal” for us here at the community. We are expecting heavy rainfall later this afternoon, but we remain prepared with adequate staffing, food, back-up generator power, and programming throughout the day. If you are in the neighborhood this morning please join us for Bible Study with Emma, or “Coffee Talk” with yours truly as we will re-cap hot topics and trends in the news this week.  This evening LaShondra will be teaching everyone to play “Mexican Train Dominoes”, and don’t miss Bingo Bonanza at 3pm in the dining room. Everyone stay safe and dry and I will continue to send updates throughout the weekend!