There’s nothing like a hard laugh with a lifelong friend.


There are tons of benefits to being social for seniors. In fact, seniors with strong, active social lives are proven to be more physically active, sleep better, and enjoy greater overall health and feelings of inclusion and well-being. Here are our top-6 ways for seniors to get more social, meet new people, and feel all the great benefits to a strong social life.


1. Jump on Social Media

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular among seniors, and for good reason. In fact, it’s fairly easy to create a profile, and immediately connect with family and friends, or even reconnect with people from your past. You might be surprised at how many people share similar interests and how easy it is to strike up a conversation with family and friends. With any online activity, always take into consideration privacy settings to ensure your safety while online.


2. Join a Club, Society, or Group

It’s always important to have beloved hobbies, and they are a great way to stay social. Try to nurture and maintain hobbies and interests that get you out of the house and interacting with people. Join a club or social society related to your interests to take advantage of regular excuses to get out and spend time socializing. Being part of a group will help keep you motivated!


3. Volunteer or Get a Part-Time Job

Most towns and cities have great opportunities for seniors to volunteer. Sign up to help at a local school, library, church, or museum to find more purpose and interact with new people in the process. Volunteer for a charity to help people who need it, feeling good about making a difference while you socialize. You can even consider getting a part-time job to keep you social, meet new folks, and make a little extra money on the side. It’s a win/win!


4. Keep It in the Family

Another great way to stay social is to spend more time with your family. Plan a weekly meal for your local family, and consider a yearly trip or reunion to gather with family members to reconnect. Also, it’s great to spend time with the grandkids, who’d love to learn from your wisdom, hear your stories, and find out what life was like when you were their age. It’ll give you the chance to pass down knowledge and family traditions to instill some of your values towards their success!


5. Get Outdoors

Not only is spending time outside great for your health and wellness, it’s also a perfect way to stay active socially. You could take up a social outdoor activity like golf, tennis, swimming, or fishing while being active and getting some sun with friends both old and new. Also, going for a nice walk in the park gives you the opportunity to spend time with friends and to meet new people at the same time.


6. Try Community Living

One of the best ways to help you keep an active social life as you age is to live in a community environment. Not only will you have tons of opportunities to make new friends, you’ll also be living within easy walking distance of everyone. Plus, you’ll get access to a wide range of scheduled programming, events, and outings that will have you excited to get out and socialize virtually every day.

At Inspired Living communities, we take pride in encouraging residents to be as social as possible. That means scheduling great regular events like summer sizzlers, Hawaiian-themed cookouts, themed dance parties, and much more. We also get residents out on the town with frequent outings to parks, ice cream shops, some sporting events, movies, walks at the mall, and even surprise adventures. All events are properly planned with caregivers and associates there to ensure safety and enjoyment for the residents.

With everything, the goal is to create engagement and ensure all our residents and associate are interacting and feeling like active members of each community. It’s all about nurturing a great social life as we age to enjoy all the amazing benefits you get from spending time with friends.